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Snow Run

Winter is Coming

Manifest Destiny

Early Onset of Winter

The Yearling

Crucifixion Cross; All Saints

First Light

Cats rule the world

Survival in a Harsh Environment

Magnetic Flux Density

Moving the Goal Post

Friends at the Pond

Exit Stage Right

I'm learning to fly, around the clouds...

Live to fight another day.

Where did everyone go?

Autumn is always more Vibrant across the Valley

The Serial Monogamist

Alert in the Beaver Pond

Browsing for Zen

Momma Moose gives the Twins some Good Advice



Wildfire Risk Mitigation

The Youngest Member of the Swim Team

To Nurture

The Key Collection

Virga over the Front Range

11,796 feet (3,595 m) above sea level

Gabion Boxes in the Avalanche Zone

The Ponderosa Pine

Fishing in the Big T


In the calmness of the morning...

AI Servo Tracking and Panning BIF

The Diamond Ring

The Sun's Corona at Totality

Lemongrass à la carte

Prominences at Totality

Diurnal Bighorn Flock

Champing at the Bit... Ready for Riders

Walking Water Balls

Run Like the Wind

The Clan of the Cave Bear

A Cautious Venture

Raining Moose

I was God's own drunk and a fearless man And that's when I first saw the bear

Steve McCurry

Recycling a Rainbow

Iridescence flipped

Securing the Soffit

Pre-flight Check List

Moonset over Tyndall Glacier

Evinrude Mood

Solo Journey

Spinnaker view

a coyote's reach should exceed his grasp


Once in a Blue Moon

Black Zimmer Golden Spirit

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Proud Tanager

Goblin Forest Gatekeeper

Fresh Fish for Dinner

Days of Summer Solstice

Ramming Leverage

Prefers Room with a View

Camouflage Master

Bachelors' Group

Full Flow Cascade

Browsing for Water Plants

Covfefe = Грифы; The Russian word for "All the President's Men"

Symbol of Remembrance

My Dad died, before I reached maturity.

Limit Crowd Size; Protect the Wilderness

A Bear Cub's Escape from a Cougar

Village in the Valley

Galactic Perspective

Willow Browser

The Fugitive: Escape from San Quentin

Avoid Distracting Elements

On the brink of a new Ice Age.

The Off-course Migrant

The Windows Antithesis

Mutual Respect

High Country Perspective

The Homecoming Kiss

Close Encounter of the 3rd kind, Laser-eyed Grebe (Western)

The Courtship Dance

Protecting the Owlets

Wood Turned

Determined Migration

89 Who?

A Pause to Refresh

Shining in the Thin Air

Snipe Hunt

A Feather Out-of-Place


Specter of a Scavenger

The Safety of the High Ground

Photographing Wild Birds

Circle of Life

The Y couloir

President Trump‏ Verified account @POTUS Apr 1

Red-shafted Northern Flicker, male


The Mated Pair

The non-indigenous Crane

Daylight Savings Time Modifier

Nurse Rock provides Bonanza for Ponderosa Pine

Pendulous Snout

Boxing for Sport

Fear the Raven... Evermore

Return to the Mountain Meadow

Ben Franklin's Bird of Courage

Welcome home!

A Progression of Ridgelines

The Great Antlered Flying Tiger

Humbled, Rejected ... the anguish of his loneliness

The Tipping Point

We didn't start the fire It was always burning Since the world's been turning

Bedraggled by Winter Fatigue


The Shimmer above the Fire

The Flying Tiger

Moonset on Stone's Peak

Aythya americana

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Meteor in the Night Sky

A Disgreement over Grazing Rights


Power Stroke

Perfect World; You’re precious I can’t stand seeing you cry


Basking in the Sunshine

Battling Snowzilla

Array of Bouquets

Fresh Style

Bear Lake Dawn

Predator Escape Strategy: Never gather in a herd of 13

raison d'être

Bull Moose Party

January First Light

A History of Violence

Fall River Pass

Gentle Giant

Expand my Life List

A Convergence of Scavengers

Clearing a Path

New Year's Eve Hospitality

Clearwater Revival

Looking up!

Canada Postage Stamp – Canada Goose, 7c, 1951

Family Photo

Downright hostile, uninhabitable, and weird planet

Prowling Predators

Standing Tall above the Glacial Valley

Glacier Gorge Polar Vortex


The Alpha

She prefers the Safety of the Forest

Remains of the Hunt

A Conspiracy of Ravens

Stunned by Battle

Annular Rings of the Top Ram

Navigating the Canyon Walls

Dark Sky Serendipity

Winter Hunter

Grazing in the Fog

Deer Mountain Ascent

Mule Deer Buck in Rutting Season

'Merica... Get a Grip!!!

The Highest Continuous Paved Road


The Confluence of Roaring River and Fall River

Extending a Warm Welcome since 1893

The Nurturing Ewe

Camouflaged Fisherman

No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky. Bob Dylan

Illuminated for the Masquerade Party

Cub in Safe Tree

Delilah & Samson - A Power Couple

Buck Rail

Nap Time

A Dusting of Snow

Mandelbrot Fractals

Gone with the Wind

The Laughing Steer #48

Metres per second‎: ‎299,792,458

The Rock Slide

Aspens at Sunrise


Sibling Rivalry

Pipeline Precision- Over the creek and under the bike path

The JOY of family-friendly mountains

Highlanders on Parade

Thousands of Miles Until I Sleep

Stop the Madness: in lieu of scripts

Tiny Town

The Well-groomed Wapiti

Propagation of the Species

The Alpine Mirror

the Crown Jewel of the National Park System

Royal in Sprague Lake

A Friendly Disagreement

Roaring River Autumnal Flow

Canyon Spirit Legacy

From the Wilderness

I See What You Mean

Family Picnic amongst the Aspens

Légumes au marché de l'agriculteur

Life is strong and fragile. It's a paradox...

Nighttime Encounter, true infrared

"Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in." Henry David Thoreau, July 6, 1845

Monsoonal Flow disrupts Hiking Plans

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately...

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand." Ansel Adams

Courage is the air under your wings that defines how high you will soar.

Death in the Avalanche Zone at Moonset

The Slippery Slope

A Flood of Shallow Complaints

In a drought, the Old Roots reach for the Sky.

Chapel on the Rock

High Peak Mill transformed

Hiding in Plain Sight

High Peak Mill

Swirling Stream through Towering Aspens

The Big Footprint

The Velvet Overlook


Pre-Flight Checklist...Complete

Nesting Behaviors

Sublimation at Sunrise

Morning in the Aspen Grove

... sailor's delight!

MacGregor Ranch, founded 1873

Trapped in the Wilderness

Shady Refuge

Newborn Wapiti

Reunion at The Barrel

Alpine Lake Habitat


Put Your Best Foot Forward

En garde

Many Parks Curve Panorama

The Spider Hunt

like debutantes

The Nest in the Forest

The Yearling Shiras Moose

Turkeys in the Pines

Punxsutawney Phil revises Forecast

The Annual Snipe Hunt

Love at first sight... You had me at hello.

The Grazing Ewe

A Graceful Duet... a piscation of Ospreys

Carnivorous Canine

When earthworms scream!

Migration of the Snowy Egret

The Bird... Wawk! Hallelujah! Whoa!

"And with what wing the kestrel checks at it!" Twelfth Night (Act ii. Sc. 5)

Courtship Encounter... Love at first sight.

Remains of the Day

Northern Shovelers, mated pair...Holding Still for their Portrait

Neighbors in the Snow

A Chickaree Breakfast

The Vertigo Roost


Spring at Glacier Creek

Four miles of Continental Divide

Clearing Skies

The Wilderness of Beaver Meadows

Lens Barrel Distortion

Tacoma Vision

In Reincarnation Form

Prime Breeding Plumage

Spring Snowmelt begins with a Trickle

Pencil Deep Snowmelt

As Clouds Encroach

On the Edge

Guardian Owl

The Gallery

Clouds floating on the Snowy Peaks

Hawk Launch

Microburst Casualty


Tempest on the Curve

Monkey Business

Red Crossbills, mated pair

Western Wilderness

Excellent Detection of Approaching Dangers

Your fish must be this long!

The Revenant

Cascade of Icicles

Semi-precious Earrings

The Sky's the Limit

Stone's Peak Moonset

Sublimation of Snow at Sunrise

Antlers at Sunrise

Snow Showers at First Light

Vixen with Two Kits

A History of Violence

Hooded Mergansers


At the Apex of His Life Cycle: Time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near.

Hunter Fox

Winter Migration

A Bountiful Harvest Awaits

Redpoll Rarity

Male Redpoll feasting on Birch Catkins

Water, water everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink

Along the River Walk

In the next election, voters will be between the Antlers of a Dilemma

Anschutz Wellness, ground floor

Beaver Point

Antlers in the Wilderness

Ansel Adams mode

No Man is an Island

Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Nutrient Rich

The November Snowstorm

After the Storm

Memories of a bygone era: 406 W. Wonderview Dr.

The Wrangler's Favorite


The Shining Overlook

Lemons Large

Costume shopping

Fall River in October

Relax, it's FedEx. The world on time.

juxtaposition of the soft and hard


Sunset Light Above the Peaks

Fall River Visitors Center


Momma Bear Defends Her Cub

Vladimir and Estragon, waiting for Godot

Terminal Moraine Outlet

We can cross here, Dad! Thanks to our Muck boots.

Rio Grande Wild Turkey

True alpenglow


Soft Sepia Buck

Last Light of Summer graces the peaks

Mountains & Aspen Groves

Dead Vlei of the West

I fought the road, and the rust won

Aspen Gold

A Smile from Mr. Bear

Doubling the SingleTree Hitch

the Scott Clan

The Dangling Foot

Good Posture

Bachelors 7 on the Tundra

To Prepare a Slice

End-Of-Days Plot

Scavenger at the birdbath

A Berry for Breakfast

When Indian Paintbrush blooms

The joy of the Lesser Goldfinch

Exploring the Bountiful Seed Harvest

Aerial Yellowjacket Nest

Valley Corral

in the meadow

Lesser Goldfinch

Take us to your Wookie!

Artichoke CrabMeat Salad

Standing on Water

Open Air Adventure

Change of State

Grazing the Slopes

Mariposa Lilies in the Alpine Meadow

Rodeo Princess

Hungry Anticipation

Ready To Migrate

Monsoonal Rainstorm

Heading for The Calgary Stampede

Right Angles (exist in nature, too!)

Tundra Perspective

Cowboy Brad

China Syndrome

Last Light over the Canyon


The Tiniest BIG Act

Behold a Pale Horse

Wild Iris

Chisolm Trail Rendezvous


The Hope for a better Tomorrow

The Ground Pounder - highly productive percussion rammer

Phototropism: Bending towards Enlightenment

I coulda' been a contender

The Clan of the Cave Owl

Hiding in Plain Sight, but well camouflaged.

Mountains in the Sky, marnet, ID# 1005449

Peaceful Existence

Slightly Damaged Infrastructure

Thunderstorm Espanola Valley, 1961


Residents of the Witch's Broom

Only The Good Die Young

The Painter of Landscapes

The Birch Ruins

Antediluvian. We will wait for better Light.

Thou Shall Not Get in-between Mother and Child.

The Vultures are Circling



Coyote attacks in Stamford leave residents on edge

April Showers

Sleepy fish: If you snooze, you lose!

A Living Monument to Darwinism

One Stick at a Time

To Fish with a Spear

The Rubber Ducky, who became a Wigeon

Manicured by volunteer, John Deer

Leap of Faith

Horseshoe Park

Homeland - On the other side of the globe

A5 … caught plundering bird seed feeders

Girl with Polygonia gracilis

Grommets Galore

Defending the Next Generation

The Silence of the Aspens

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately...

Mares' Tails

January Roofer

5.3800 for "Crashing Waves"

Hydraulic Lift

Amphibious Takeoff

January in the Meadow

Byproducts of Combustion

A Clear Night in January

Ski Touring Titans

Peace: the symbol of freedom of speech, of freedom of religion

Otis' Elevator. Going Up?

Prohibition Era Whisky Bar

Survive the Scavengers… Time is on their side!

A Glimmer of Hope

Ursus americanus

Balanced Focus

December Buck

The Good Dad

The "No Bubble Gum" Zone

Aspen Winter Solstice

An Innocent Lamb

Brothers at Rest

The River Walk

Imminent Pollination


Milky Way above Moraine Park


Clearing Storm: Glacier Gorge Junction

Discovering Traditions

It was a Mixed Marriage

Mule Deer rendezvous

The Village in the Valley

Rough & Ready Mix Crew


Sky Slide

Survival mode

Male Red Crossbill in Ponderosa Pine

Centennial Celebration

Members of the local Coven

The Anniversary Inn

Hanging the New Gallery


Upper Beaver Meadows

Watching for Grog, the grate hunter

L'heure Magique

Indigenous People

Mill Creek

Bottoms Up

Growing at the Angle Of Repose

Breakfast at the Campsite = Oatmeal & Peaches

Alpine Autumn at the Lake

Autumn Cascade

Standing Tall

A Necessity of the Human Spirit

...in Wildness is the preservation of the world.


Nymph Lake in August


Momma Feeds 2

The Fledgling

Imprinting Memories

Bravely Exploring the New World

Marmot Multiplicity

He Doesn't Play Well With Others

Ability to Focus

The Monsoonal Storm Approaches


Street Ghost

Potential for Violence


The Flow

Western Tanager, male.


Ponderosa Pine in the Valley

Chapel On The Rock

A Touch of Velvet

Summer Solstice Sunrise

Upper Beaver Meadows

Cedar Waxwing

Bombycilla cedrorum

Son of Rodan

American Legion Post #119

Calm and Peace Prevail

Mother Owl and the Two Owlets

The Natural Adaptation of the Belted Kingfisher, female

A Chaotic Celebration for these Mexican Natives

Elkhorn Avenue


Ibis in Flight

Egg Unscripted

Circa: 1909. The Grand Ballroom

Guarding The Nest

5:28 pm

The Lunar Eclipse at 1:47am

The Sum Of All Fears

Pure wind = no mirror. Sorry!

The elusive Snipe

Full Breeding Plumage

It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live.

Standing the test of time

Mare's Tail

At the moment of Sunset

Roaring River Cascade

We love the epic snowpack. We fear the epic snowpack.

Crashing the Unguarded Gates

Rio Grande #318

Life is short

A Schipperke named Dice

Bokeh, Rule of thirds, Shallow DOF

RedHead Takes Flight

Grazing Wapiti

Mobile Surveillance Optics

Wheel Bar in Snow

Trailing In The Race

Aspen Splendor

In the Line of Fire

Snow Maelstrom On Every Peak

bête noire

Seeking Shelter from the Cold


Lumpy Ridge

Alpenglühen over Windy Gulch Cascades

Ice Age Legacy

Volcano of Diamonds

Bad Moon Rising

Drive-By Serendipity

Avalanche Alert

Winter Wonderland

Headwaters, just prior to the January Thaw

Bend, but don't Break! (When the avalanches of life overwhelm.)

Shadows Play amongst The Aspen

Moonset in West Horseshoe Park

Halcyon Days

Casualties of the Wildfire

See the blazing Yule before us, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

The Village in the Valley

Twins comfort each other in the Snowstorm.

Lost in wonder at the vastness of space and the beauty of the stars

Storm Pass Trailhead

The Blended Shelf

Wapitis Eleven

Frozen Motion

The Wary Buck

Meandering through the Valley

Harbingers of Change

Symmetrophobia- fear of symmetry

Owl Butterfly

Synchronous Rotation


Sunday Morning Serenity

The Snows of Kilimanjaro, by Ernest Hemingway

Symbiotic Expansion

Going Out-of-Business, the end of an era.

Greetings From Sunset Resort


...of the Sailing Season

Alpine Perspective

Bovine DQ, Georgette ID#894210, by stargazer05766

MacGregor Ranch

It never rains but it pours

A Cascade of Ferns

Sun Rays over Horseshoe Park

Nighttime Cloudburst

Yellow Jersey Drafting Strategy

Sprint Leaders on the Turn

Unconditional Love

The Elegance of Grahamgator. "Looking for Mom"

Hope is a waking dream.

Roadblock! In Support of Emergency SAR Ops

Too much coffee?!

Early Morning Solitude

At First Light

I THINK I can fly!

High Country Decisions

The Inexperienced Yearling

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Life Flows like a River

We Recycle!

Home Defender

Winter in Mexico; Migrate North on 5 May

Hunger at the Forest's Edge

The Teal Ultimatum

Three Coins in the Fountain

Sage Thrasher on the run.

Migration stop-over at the Lake

After the Wildfire

Snipe Hunt, My Foot

Bienvenue dans les montagnes

Lost Soviet Mars Lander Found?

Pondering her Next Move


Green, yellow, black & Blue


Springtime in Horseshoe Park

Winds of Change

The Rebel

Sweetness in a Drought

Random Icicles in Precise Alignment

The Conscientious Objector

Falling Apart

The Bachelors' Group


The Nomadic Bohemian Waxwings


Snow Bunny

Snowshoe Hare... in Winter Camouflage

Snowy Mountains

Sky Vees

Beasts of the Northern Wild

Roaring River's Alluvial Fan

Peuplier faux-tremble dans les Alpes

Avalanche Knee: Resilience and Phototropism

Internal Guidance by Google Earth

The Mother Ship Returns

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Hugging a Gentle, Lovable Pony

Open Range Companions

Winter of Serenity

Seeking Safe Haven from Predators

Castle Mountain Crossing

Glacier Creek Wilderness

Tracking the Wily Chickaree

A Patch of Blue

Lenticular Cloud at Sunset

Add 100 Species to my Birding Life List

The Gathering of the Spirit Bear

Orion setting on Stones Peak

Antlers in the Twilight. 20 minutes before sunrise.

Winter Solstice Sunrise Light Graces the Chapel

Carved by Glaciers... 15000 years ago

Carved by the Wind

After the Storm

Six Degrees of Separation

Rio de Janeiro... after the pole shift

The Approaching Storm

circa 1909

Unintended Consequences of Chemtrailing

Lenticular Clouds Overhang Boulder

To Smolder into Winter

Niche Marketing

Silence of the Lambs

No Feast of Celebration. Fishing to Forget.

On High Ground

The Consultation

Leveraged Lift

Water Level Drops to Record Low

"Jurassic Mother" Rat is Man's Oldest Mammalian Ancestor

Pushing the Business Model

Broken Land

Aunt Jemima's Breakfast Club

The Storefront Appearance

Halloween Royalty

Drifting among the Peaks

Ypsilon Cloud

A Plethora of Peppers


The Smoldering Wildfire

WildFire, Day One


Well, I'm not saying I'd like to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely."

Bracing for the Storm

Lambert Glacier. Antarctica succumbs to the huge E.L.E. CME.

The Last of the Mohicans

And then we lie, beneath a shady tree, I love her and she's loving me.


Boulder Brook

Convergence at the Speed of Percherons

On the Edge of the Earth's Shadow

Soldiers of the Sunflower Clan

en garde pour Romance Milagro

The Woodpecker and the Pine

Not double trouble, but twice blessed

Run Like the Wind

I've paid my dues time after time

Llama Beach

Into the Wild

1935 "Midge" 'P' type MG

It is not one swalowe that bryngeth in somer. It is not one good qualitie that maketh a man good.

Wildlife Photographer

CloudSeeding the Front Range

A Declaration of Seeking Serenity

Rising Mists

Courtship of the Ring-necked Ducks

Patience and Belief

A Dimorphic Species: Williamson's Sapsuckers, mated pair


On Marmot Rock

Threshold Delivery

Horses Long Gone, Barn Door Now Shut

So if he burnt things with the firemen and the sun burnt Time, that meant that everything burnt!

Riparian Ecology

Micro Surf

Rocky Mountain Phlox


Forest Canyon

The Never Summer Range

We Love Our Mom!

The Essence of Camouflage

Loch Vale

Night comes

Hope is the thing with feathers...

The Upper Meadow in early May

I've grown accustomed to her face...


It's Complicated

Hillside Amphitheater

White-faced Ibis Flyby

The Approaching Storm

Keep on Huntin'

Too much Shovel-leaning

Abner Sprague's Lake

There Be Dragons

Damaged Merchandise


The Monarch of the Front Range

Meet me at the Drumming Post

Generally pointed towards the Forest Sounds

Master of Camouflage

Fluttering Butterflies: From the Net of Dr. Wiest

Chickering of Boston, circa 1909

the Wilderness

Alpenglow at Sunrise

The Ides of March 7:14 AM

The Solitary Hunter

Symbionts - Don't take them for Granite

The Golden Ferns of Autumn V

An Ethereal Moment

Too Hot to Hoot

It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf.

Laura's Fine Candies

Take me hiking, Dad!



Celtic Guitar Concert

Transitions Across the Valley

Just glide through the snow, Joe.

Tyndall Gorge

Ski Mountaineering in the Falling Snow

Lunar Halo w/ Intersecting Jetliner Lights. What would the Shaman say?

A Working Relationship based on a Whisper

Monaco 2F Commemorative

Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives

Learn to do Monochrome Conversions well.

Inherit the Wind

"Let's do that expansion, but we'll build around the trees."

City of Parsons FD

Printable!The Apocalypse Cloud


Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.

Cement Mixer Works

Mountain & Chapel, divine inspirations

North by Northwest

The Engine of our "Prosperity"

Twilight Prelude to a Total Eclipse

Santa's Workshop

Moose Molten Metal

Sublimation in the Moonlight

A Bounding Escape to the Wilderness

The meek shall inherit the earth

Guardians of the Mother Tree

Axial Flow

Red Geranium

Great Expectations

Just right!

A Little off the Top... Just don't touch the Moustache!

Known for his Hat

“In wilderness is the preservation of the world.”


Bachelors 3

Ram portrait

A Clash of Seasons

River Headwaters in November

Drilling in the Wilderness

Lenore's Avenging Angel Recruits Raven... The Prequel

The Morning After the October Snowstorm

Frequent Flyer

Sprague Lake October

Urban Sprawl

Sprague Lake before sunrise

Saint Spirit Bear of Assisi

Michener's "Granite Beaver" climbing the east flank

Ancestral Dance


Indian Summer Sunset

TK and me

"after Altamira, all is decadence"

Colors of the Autumnal Equinox

Snowy Peaks Winery

Gone Fishing

Grandfather and Grandson

ceol míleata ag triúr cairde


Weather the Storm

Over the River and Through the Woods


Western Nights


Fair Weather Cumulus

Mr. Bumble Bee pollinates Nodding Thistle

Earth Horizon Event


Front Yard "Candelabra"


Hummingbird Mom feeds 10 day old chicks

Unfaithfully Yours (1948)

A History of Lost Dreams

Tipping Point


Dividing a Continent

The Warmth of Incubation

Synchronized Launch Preparations

Feeding the Chicks

How to Photograph a Rainbow


Periodical Cicada

After the Rainstorm

Forest Canyon Overlook

The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern, Estes Park, CO

Rhapsody in Gold and Blue

Boulder Brook cascades through paradise found

Best Nest Site Selection

Glacier Creek Meadow

Northern Goshawk, the gray ghost

Graceful Landing

Concern for the Health of the Forests

Williamson's Sapsucker, male. Ants for the chicks.

Subalpine Cascades

"The River" - Garth Brooks

Ushering in The Newborns of June

Horseshoe Park

Run, Forest Baby, Run!

Shadow Play

Construction Workers with Saws, United States

Close Your Eyes and I'll Kiss You...

After the Snowstorm


Pasqueflower, also known as Prairie Crocus

Lingering Fog at Daybreak

The Ice Cascades

Rescue Pad



Camouflaged Surveillance in Snowstorm

Stature & Strength

"Spread Your Wings and Fly Away"

The Tiniest Woodpecker

Territorial Display

Young Ram at Forest's Edge

Birthplace of the Chinook Winds

La lumière du matin

Winter's Last Hurrah

A Moment of Serenity

A Spittoon of Alpacas

Aspen Valley

Raptor Surveillance

Rising above the Ridge



Peabody & Orlando

Bedded Down under the Stars

Moments before Sunrise

The Right Side of "Lefty"

Hunter in the Snow

Sculptured Fractals

The Gallery

Poems, upon request

Broken, But Not Defeated

First Tracks

Nurturing the Wide-eyed Innocent

The Old Guard

On the Road to Perdition

A History of Violence

Historic Hotel Lobby

Hotel Paranormal

Komito Boot Repair

Shelter from the Storm

Dancing Snow Spirits


Here Kitty Kitty! Come play with me.

After the Storm

Inversion to the East

Bobcat at the Fence

The Protagonist

Between the Inversion Layer and the Storm

Ask not for whom the Bells toll...

Road Warrior Recharge

Im Zeitmaß und Charakter eines geschwinden Tanzes

Sonata in C Major

Lee Wave Turbulence, altocumulus standing lenticularis

November Maelstrom

The Solemn Flag Retirement Ceremony

Chance Encounter

Focused Attention to Task

Crystalline Feathers at Lake's Edge

Watching from a Vantage Point

Moonlight Sonata

Deer Ridge Trail

Mirrored Dream at Sunrise

October Sunburst

Mad Rock Chalk

The Percussionist

East view from within the Aspen Grove

Rainbow Arch Bridge

144 Loved Ones Lost in the 1976 Canyon Flood

Aspens at Sunrise

Three-toed Woodpecker, male

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Work Horses at High Meadow Ranch

Leaves of Aspen

Fragile Light

The Promise of A New Day

September Dawn

Alpine Tundra Traverse

Beavers Dam Fish Creek

Seven Keys to Baldpate

Time Management - from the perspective of a male squirrel

Three-toed Tug-of-war

Breakfast for the Fledgling

The tiniest Woodpecker

Moving Mountains

Scarlet Paintbrush in Isolation

Forest Spirit

An Eye-Opening Dinner

Sentinel of the Forest

"My Girlfriends think I'm a Birdbrain!"

Observer of Nature

The "Head-down" Nuthatch

Spinning Towards Twilight

Eye on the Prize

Clearing Winter Storm

The Branchlings

Icy Loch Vale

The Overprotective Mother

It's a Wonderful Life!

Preening for "her".

Favourite In-Flight Snack

Rivière traverse

Tropical Pause

Expedition 7

Aspen Apartment

Landing for Distance

High Flight

Saving Private Bambi

The Palm Reader

Storm Pass

Floating Journey in the Valley

Serenity in the Sun

The Exhilaration of N784TC UP

Chickering Square of Boston, circa 1909


The Longest Two Minutes

Sunrise over Sea of Clouds

"Pale-Orange"-breasted Nuthatch

a-splishing and a-splashing

Sea of Clouds at the Edge of Night

The Red Crossbill branch of the Finch Family

Solitary Tracks into the Forest

The Taxman Cometh

Glacial Valley Perspective

Bobcat in Ponderosa Pine

Hidden Falls

Chaos Canyon

The Warming Grace of Sunrise Light

Elkhorn Avenue (23 seconds at Dawn)

Lake Fog at Sunrise

Bighorn Lamb at 7 months

Above the Tempest

I Am A Rock...and a rock feels no pain...


Ebony & Ivory

Wildlife Biology Hybrid Vigor

Hanging Valley Perspective

Bucking a Sneeze

Young Ram

Bokeh, Rule-of-thirds, Shallow DOF

Battling the Park Theater Mall Fire

Distant Peaks Call

Glacial Valley Dawn

Blacktailed Getaway

Gazebo Oblique

The Gentle Cascades below Solitude Lake

Kiss of the Wapiti

Zone Lake

Indistinct Bugle

The Watershed


Printable!Lake Fog at Sunrise


E. A. Poe's, "The Black Cat"


Tombstone Ridge Perspective

Alpine Exotic

Erosion trumps Peak Lift


Lakes of the Alpine Tundra

Rockin' Robin

Newborn Twin Fawns

Roche Mouteneé Sunrise

Blond Bombshell, in the wilderness.

1911 Stanley Steamer Roadster, the essence

On Wings of Joy


Great Horned Owlet, a fledgling

Megalithic Triad

On Eagle Watch

Haute couture, "Love at First Sight"

Maggie and Mini-Maggie

"Beauty" is a state-of-mind.

Battle for the Right of Spring

Ruby-crowned Kinglet


Soaring on Wingtips Flared

The April Surprise

Last Thing Seen by a Fallen Nature Photog


Backcountry Extreme

Wilderness... Forever

"White As Snow" by U2

The Quick Dive

Bluebird on Feldspar


in Quest of Mate

Serenity at "the Bells"

Centennial Haunt


Hollowell Park

Encounter in the Forest

Escape the Tempest


Whiterook's "Fatal Attraction" (alt. ending: Escape to the Snowy Forest)

07:10 Alpenglow at Break-of-Day

Gathering Storm

Moonset over Tyndall Gorge

Enshrouded by Fog

Expose to the Right

After the Winter Storm

The Mentor

The March Colt

Low Tide Auditor

Rainbows at the Icy Edge

Lost Horizon

Four Degrees of Separation

Wilderness Rendezvous

Imperial Encounter

Stellar Alpenglow

Bullish Optimism

Adaptation to Adversity

Winter of the Equilibrium

The Source

Pushed to the Edge

Solid, Faithful Support

Seeking Romance

Canada Kiss

Wolfram, symbol "W", atomic number 74

JD45 Self-Propelled, no more

Aspen Grove Perspective

Double Twirly

Mobile de rigueur

Focused Charge

In the Grove

Climbing for POV

Pressure on "the Sheriff"

Crystal Lights

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

0.3s Prayer for Details in the Shoreline Shadows

Midstream Drink during the Rut

Vertical Fibonacci

Keyboard of the Winds

Xtreme Heavy Duty Armor...for Men and their Horses

Late Summer Fawn

Moonset Over Chasm View

Searching for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Strawberry Roan Paint at Cheley

Proof of Life

The Snowfields of Emerald Lake

Ambrosia nectar

Unconditional Love

Twilight Celebration

Alpenglow Twilight Explosion

Ute Trail Perspective

Nickel-Metal Hydride Array

Colorful Attitude of the Western Tanager

Mills Lake Reflections

Cursed Contrail

Priority One....Feeding her young!

Early Summer Transitions

The Seasoned Veteran

Star Trails over The Never Summer Range

The Glassworks Artisan... Protecting the Eyes.

Lilliputian Landing

40-something Michele

Rapid Transit

Patterns on the Trail


Snow Tired

Bluebird Contemplates Dinner

Ponderosa Pine, Sunrise

paparazzo plunge

Mountain Bluebird Breeding Plumage

Divine Secrets of the Ewe Ewe Sisterhood

In lieu of the fairway sandtrap...

Slightly Asymmetrical

Underwater Songbird Ready to Dive

Glacial Valley Inversion

Antediluvian Perspective

Somewhere over the rainbow...

"Twitchy"... my only "safety".



Verrouillage cornes

No Country for Cold Men

Priority One

Misty Mountain Hop

Historic Haunted Hotel

Glacial Valley Dawn

Go, Daddy! Go!! Go!!! Go!!!!

Breakaway Enforcer

Village in the Valley, 341 seconds

Port of Entry

Doctor Zhivago

Embedded in the National Treasure

To the Victor go the Spoils.

Lost Northwest of SouthPark


Amber Formation Study

Clash of Antlers

Orville's Gourmet Addiction

Grand Ancient Warrior

...of Flowing Streams in Winter

The Enthusiasm of Youth

Macro Strategy of the Federal Reserve

Mountain Lake in October

Lakeshore View Point

High Country Aspen, Polarized by design

Pheromone Detection Behavior... desperately seeking Elsie

Bierstadt Moraine Perspective

Harvest Moonset 0.50

Hip Hopping with the Hummels

Autumn Morning

Farewell.... my friend!

Flourish.... where you're planted.

The Lost Fawn

Late Summer Surprise

Traveling at the Speed of Steam

Aerial Gramway - Grandma gets to drive!

Winged Elegance

Spin Cycle

Perigee... Gee... Gee!

Meandering Variegation

I'll never be your beast of burden

Sunrise on the East Face

Bench Rest

Out of Time

A History of Violence

Wrangler Heather


Wisdom & Insight from the Nocturnal World of the Unconscious

Jet Contrails Proliferate, Wilderness Declines

Alpine Cirque

Old Man of the Mountains, hiking in the alpine tundra.

Solitary Survey

Lily Pad perspective, summer solstice

Legend of the Falls

Upon a Capricious Breeze

Pony Tails

Surrender the Day

Kindred Spirits

dos bandidos


Light in my darkness

Sunrise Epiphany

Lily Pad Perspective

Silhouette after Sunset

Nectar Quest

Pearly PussyToes

El Dorado Canyon Athlete

Sprague Lake, early morning

Privacy Issues at the Rain-Catch

Blooming Cacti amongst the Lichen

Kitchen Zest

The Alpha Ram

Gem Lake

Ants Voracious

American Dipper_Water Ouzel

The Bluebird of Happiness

Pioneer Abundance

...Let my spirit carry me...


Textures in Red


Ice Thaw Dynamics


Snow Gusts

Avalanche Elbow


Focused Leadership

One Wild Wapiti

Wilderness Edge


Matched Pair

Balanced Diet

Glacial Valley Dawn

Rough Hewn

Eclectic Firewood

Winter Refuge

Bison Tongues at Roundup

Spirit, female German Shepherd

Pride & Joy

Evolutionary Adaptation

Snow on the Roof

Mountain Wave Clouds


CW Spin 2057 seconds

Vertical Challenge

Lenticular Clouds at Sunset

Winter Hunter

Buck & Bokeh

Attainable Goals

Lifting Storm at Sunrise

Paint Patrol

Do Nut Haus

Fall River Turn

the Referral

Old Twisted Pine

Bullish Territory

Eastern Sky at Dusk

Zoned for "Lucky"

South of Eden, of course!

Teach your children well

Echo Spectrums

Prospector's Guidepost

Ten days old; Ten licks per fawn spot

Treeline Columbine

Pika in the Tundra

Emerald-Violet Swallow

Iridescent Plumage Inverted

Morning Coffee with View


Marking Territorial Boundaries

Bighorn Ram Textures

Hong Kong Silk via Brazilian Topaz (refractions of the shimmering and scintillating types)

"Yellowbird" of Happiness

Pinecone of the Ponderosa Pine, macro view

Land of the Buck(s) (a tribute, not a parody)

Mountain home, after snowstorm

Two ticks in the red zone

Snow Gear, As Needed

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep...

Forest Spirit masquerading as Chickaree




Good Woody Hunting

Aspen Array


Autumn Sunrise

Mountain Ash - Seed distribution strategy

Expression of Anthocyanins and Carotenoids

Valley Trees

Cautious King

Rufous Hummingbird, female

One Stick at a time

Out on a Limb

"Heads Up!" Falling Timber!

Dawn in Moraine Park; River origins, just East of the Continental Divide











Black, Chocolate and Tan

















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