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03/29/2013 12:01:32 PM · #1
So I went on a trip recently and managed to forget my battery charger for my camera. Really not a good idea.

Then I went on a photo shoot and managed to forget a memory card. (somehow the case with all the extra memory cards wasn't in the camera bag)

Then on a photo shoot on March 10. Where I didn't have extra time to forget anything. Where I checked and double checked everything that I needed... I managed to have everything, even all extra props... I opened my camera bag... NO CAMERA!!!!

So when you go someplace, do you have a packing list, or do you just wing it each time? I finally decided to create a check list. (it's in progress as we speak)

What's your list?

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03/29/2013 12:08:45 PM · #2
Thankfully I keep all my gear in one bag, so its pretty easy. Only thing that doesn't fit is tripod and umbrella, which are near the bag.

That being said, I have a horrible tendency of going on shoots only to find I've left my CF card in the computer. Boy, that drives me nuts.
03/29/2013 12:08:46 PM · #3
I finally solved that problem (for me) by obsessively being ready to go all the time. It all started watching video of that big earthquake in Japan shaking a building until everything fell on the floor in a huge mess--I watched someone decide to drive away, go back inside for their keys & couldn't find them because they were on the floor with everything else. So now my keys go right back in my purse, the camera goes right back in the bag, etc., I put it all in the same place together. If an earthquake or tornado hits my house I am so ready to run for my life...with my camera bag!
03/29/2013 12:12:51 PM · #4
Yes -- but what is "all"?

What's in your bag?
03/29/2013 12:15:40 PM · #5
Start of list:

Cards: 32 gb, 16 gb, 8 gb (shake the kids and get the cards back!)
battery charger
extra battery -- camera
card reader
wireless remotes (2)
cord for wireless remote (to camera)
cable remote
lens cloth
extra batteries for remotes
100mm macro
bottle of water
granola bar
calling cards
portable hard drive so I don't fill up my husband's laptop
little flashlight

tripod (plus the broken piece for the tripod)

better beamer
lighting stands (umbrella adapter)
backdrop stand

What am I forgetting?

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03/29/2013 12:16:49 PM · #6
Camera, lenses, flashes, hoods, radio triggers, charger, cards, umbrella tripod adapter, rocket blower, lens pen, remote timer/trigger etc

Everything except tripod and brolly.
03/29/2013 12:19:18 PM · #7
In my camera bag:
favorite lens
extra battery
extra CF card
circular polarizing filter
ND filter

In my purse:
pocket camera

In my car:
black umbrella
bottled water
03/29/2013 12:20:04 PM · #8
What's in your bag...today?
03/29/2013 12:20:43 PM · #9
ooops -- forgot about polarizing filter

bottled water is good

adding kindle to the list
03/29/2013 12:21:10 PM · #10
in addition to your list so far, i would add:

quick-release plates
hot-shoe cord
light-modifier for strobe (fong-o-sphere)
model releases
duct tape
small notepad
battery-adapter for battery grip

and if i'm going to be outside, bags to cover the gear if there's any precipitation

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03/29/2013 12:22:11 PM · #11
Originally posted by pixelpig:

What's in your bag...today?

today? my bag was empty and spewed around the house. There was a bunch of kleenex, and a grid for a flash, and that's about it. My son borrowed my 10-22 lens, I had left my camera on the kitchen table, the 28-105 in the dining room, the macro in a box... and so on. :)
03/29/2013 12:23:56 PM · #12
hmmm -- I bought calling cards, and they never made it into the camera bag. Don't know what I ever did with them... I should find them some day.
03/29/2013 12:24:44 PM · #13
oooh -- good one, skip. I used to have a rain sleeve. Don't know what happened to that, either. :(
03/29/2013 01:42:17 PM · #14
I do this all the time. And every time I swear I'll make a checklist. Then I never do.

Showed up at a huge little league shoot (an hour from home) 2 years ago missing a camera.

Last fall I did a portrait event in an apple orchard (again an hour from home) and forgot half the props.

About three weeks ago ready to shoot commercial footage for a client and forgot the DSLR that does video.

I dunno how many times I've gone to a portrait consult or viewing at client's home and forgotten everything from order forms to pricelists to credit card reader. It's endless.

I've thought about making a separate bag that ALWAYS STAYS PACKED for each of my assorted visits with a client (currently I visit with them 2-3 times away from the studio) but that won't work so well for the expensive equipment unless someone wants to buy me some backups.

I think I'm gonna go work on that list now.
03/29/2013 01:44:05 PM · #15
Originally posted by Skip:

in addition to your list so far, i would add:

quick-release plates

I just read this as quick release pants.
03/29/2013 02:38:28 PM · #16
oh!! little flashlight for night photography!
03/29/2013 03:12:54 PM · #17
Originally posted by vawendy:

Then on a photo shoot on March 10. Where I didn't have extra time to forget anything. Where I checked and double checked everything that I needed... I managed to have everything, even all extra props... I opened my camera bag... NO CAMERA!!!!

At which point you took out your sketch pad and acted as if nothing was out of order.

I've got a stopwatch attached to my bag, as I don't have a fancy bulb remote with a timer. Small LED light is handy. Too many times I have forgotten the batteries or cards. I triple check that now.

Also in the bag is a polarizer, ND, and the step ring that gets them on most of my lenses. Lens cloth. Not much, really.
03/29/2013 04:00:23 PM · #18
How on earth could u forget the CAMERA? thats gold :)

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03/29/2013 04:54:35 PM · #19
I usually pack the cameras the day before I pack anything else.

I never take one.

Sometimes I even get the camera out and take a picture. Sometimes not. The more fun I am having, the less chance there is of pictures.
03/29/2013 05:02:53 PM · #20
Originally posted by vawendy:

So when you go someplace, do you have a packing list, or do you just wing it each time? I finally decided to create a check list. (it's in progress as we speak)

After too many times just grabbing the bag and leaving something behind, I have a new ritual. Before going out on a shoot (preferably the day before) I empty the big bag out on a table and get it all out where I can see it. Then charge the batteries, select what body and lenses need to come, then the filters, and whatever lighting (if any) I will need. Then the peripherals like remote triggers, grey card packs and the all important card case and whatever foam core for bounce fill might be needed. Tripod or Monopod? Long or short lenses? What mixture?
Then while charging the batteries, I clean out the bag or bags that fits the stuff selected and clean whatever needs to be blown out and wiped down. It usually ends up taking about 15 min to do and it puts your mind into thinking about a shot list and how you are going to work the shoot. Once it is all packed, put away the stuff you didn't select, and put the packed bag(s) you are taking over where the batteries are charging and put the charges ON TOP of the bag, so you cant be so confident you have it all figured out that you leave without your freshly charged batteries.
03/29/2013 05:05:59 PM · #21
I have my camera bag already packed for my next trip, which is scheduled for August.

That's not as crazy as it sounds, because it's a big trip (Africa), and I spent the winter getting the gear together for that one trip, including buying a bag specifically for the trip, and I want to practice using exactly the gear I'm taking on the trip.


Packed all the time
Camera body w/ battery and memory cards inside, and QR plate attached
(space in bag for 2nd body I'm renting)
lenses, with QR plates attached when needed
(20/3.5, 24-120/4, 70-200/4, 300/4, 50/1.8)
1.4x and 2x teleconverters
extra memory cards
+2 diopter close-up lens (not bringing a macro lens)
circular polarizer
step up and step down rings as needed for the filters

not packed yet
charger, with extra battery attached
another extra battery
cleaning gear (blower, microfiber, and lenspen)
external HD
card reader
rain gear

03/30/2013 02:02:31 AM · #22
Good thread...(and funny stories Wendy!)

This is great since I need a packing list anyway! I've been practicing packing as little as I can for my next hiking trip to the Grand Canyon ... to get my carry weight down to hike. But as you can see, it's hard to take only a little!

In my Backpack:

Sunpack Digi CS tripod for hiking...not the most stable but about 12" and 1.5 lbs and better than nothing.
Manfrotto Tripod for general use
Sony RX100 along too for quicker grab shots and panoramics (and carrying when I don't carry other stuff)
Nikon D7100
Sigma 10-20
Nikon 10.5 fisheye
Nikon 18-200
and either:
1) Panasonic G5 (m43) with 100-300 (200-600mm effective focal length) at m43 format 16 mpixels
2) Nikon lens adapter for G5
1) Tamron 70-300 for the Nikon...giving me 105-450 effective at 24 mpixels and 140-600 at 12mpixels

2 Water bottles (may use bladder, but I'm a bit worried about leaking since the bladder is internal to backpack)
SD Cards - At least 6x32GB

B+W Kaesemann Polarizer
UV filter, each lens
Lens hoods (this is something I often leave behind, but I want to carry this time)
Smaller camera bag--Tamrac Velocity 6 or 7
67-77 Adapter (for 18-200)
Nikon Wireless Remote
Cokin Filter Holder and adapters
Cokin P GND filter
Cokin P ND filters
Several microfiber soft cloths
Rainsleeve Dry bag
Cotton Carrier Vest
Hex Wrench for above
Small First Aid Kit
Business Cards
Cell phone
Mini Tablet (still need to buy one..either Nexus or iPad mini!)

In backpack to travel but leave in hotel
Tablet charger
Cell phone charger
Chargers (G5, Sony, Nikon)

I have a Lowepro 350AW I might use for this, but alternatively I've been eyeing a Deuter Trans Alpine 30 Day Pack which gets pretty rave reviews.

03/30/2013 02:38:06 AM · #23
i try to pack the night before and separate that stuff from the pack. All charged and good to go. Seems a good method.
03/30/2013 08:59:08 AM · #24
Originally posted by Aperture_Ready:

How on earth could u forget the CAMERA? thats gold :)

I took the camera out last minute. I remembered there were a few shots on it that I hadn't downloaded, so instead of just leaving the camera in, leaving the shots on the card, (I still had 800 shots left) I was stupid and decided to download it "in a bit" and return everything to the bag.

It was one of those double/triple/quadruple take moments. I couldn't believe it when I opened the bag. I swear I stared at the empty space for at least 3 minutes expecting the camera to appear. Something was obviously wrong with my eyes!

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03/30/2013 12:13:05 PM · #25
You folks must have some BIG bags!
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