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01/05/2005 09:14:14 AM · #51
Hopper is derived from Kristopher. My old roommate used to call me "kris - t - hoffer", but the "hoffer" became "hopper" and the "kris-t" part got dropped. The nickname stuck because both my roomates noticed that when i get dressed, I would tuck my shirt in, then pull it out a little bit, then hop a little in front of the mirror so the shirt would fall naturally ... hopper.

Of course, this is just one of many nicknames I have been given by my goofy friends, but most people call me milo (my last name). Other nicknames include, but are not limited to:


All my friends had multiple nicknames in high school, mine just stuck.

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01/05/2005 09:19:35 AM · #52
I live on a farm with my wife and her <i.e.,, not my> 30+ horses. Eq short for equine.

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01/05/2005 09:20:51 AM · #53
Mine stands for the rugby position I played 20 years ago. The four years I played rugby in the Marine Corps were some of the wildest.

I started playing rugby again this Fall, but now I should change my screen name to Old & Slow. I played a match against BGSU but I couldn't catch those college kids. I think they felt sorry for me, and ran into me a couple times to make feel like I was in the game. LOL.
01/05/2005 09:23:16 AM · #54
I've been using "Space Amoeba" since the old BBS days (when I connected at 300 baud - seems I was more archaic than Kirbic. *grin*). The name was actually born out of my grade 9 science class wherein we were studying "The Kingdom Protozoa" and my lab partner and I found the whole topic so boring that we created a whole host of drama for our single cell specimens. "Space Amoeba" was particularly huge... he had a sidekick, the "Paramecia from Planet Pluto" but that was too verbose for a nickname. :)

Much later, I learned that there was a Star Trek TOS connection, but not many know of it. So far, I've never had a problem logging in to things online. It's a good nickname.

It's amazing what goes into the history of some nicknames. Good topic call. :)
01/05/2005 09:24:00 AM · #55
My username 'Moose101' is that for a reason, as per my profile.

Moose was a nick I've had for years and years ... vague memory was something to do with a dare back in college to make some kind of noise during a final exam that none of us wanted to take. Well it was a Moose Call or a few of them (or best attempt), had the whole room making the sounds within a couple of minutes. Hmmm, good old days! ;-)

101 quite simply, defines my photography skills at the moment. Maybe I'll move up from Photography101 someday(yeah, in about 10 years ;-)

Over and Out
01/05/2005 09:28:24 AM · #56
Mine is from high school - I do things my own way and so I got called a "maverick" well as you may guess, that name wasn't available online much so I decided to "do things my own way" including spelling it. I'm generally mavrik on every site I go to now. :) I like it, it stuck, and I answer to it IRL as well. Kinda sick when you think about it.


01/05/2005 09:30:09 AM · #57
Umm... obvious character trait, I guess :o)
01/05/2005 09:31:13 AM · #58

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01/05/2005 09:31:32 AM · #59
phile= lover
biblio = of books
...in the Greek.

I'm a librarian...and I was sick of using my name as my username although it's unique enough.

Note: It does not mean I have sexual fantasies about books...as some immediately think of *insert prefix* + 'phelia'.
01/05/2005 09:37:55 AM · #60
"Whereas the truth is that fullness of soul can sometimes overflow in utter vapidity of language, for none of us can ever express the exact measure of his needs or his thoughts or his sorrows. And human speech is like a cracked kettle on which to tap crude rhythmns for bears to dance to, while we long to make music that will melt the stars..."

-- Gustave Flaubert, "Madame Bovary"

01/05/2005 09:58:16 AM · #61
My brother started calling me Pro when I was 12 and somehow it stuck. I don't think the rest of my brothers and sisters know my real name :) and most of my friends call me the same...
... Then I met Kris (Hopper) who decided that Prozac was much more fitting... :)
01/05/2005 09:59:45 AM · #62
It's my first name, and well uhmmm... Whatever
01/05/2005 10:07:13 AM · #63
Mine has a double meaning really. Its kind of an Aussie thing to put a 'Z' after the first vowl in a name to shorten it. So loretta became loz. Like I have a friend that is caroline, and she is caz and my other firend marianne is maz.

Plus for online uses I also you lorettaoz. Oz then being an abbriv for Australia. So L-Oz is like of that name shortened again.

I probably just confused a whole lot of people lol
01/05/2005 10:14:00 AM · #64
banmorn = rob mann. I went with it because I am not a morning person in general and think they should all be banned. Not really but I'm much better later in the day and at night.
01/05/2005 10:16:42 AM · #65
Joseph J Schonbok
Joe Schonbok

01/05/2005 10:27:20 AM · #66
Wow, what a facinating thread! Really neat...

thatcloudthere is simply the name under which I recorded my aural experiments on my 4-track. At the time, I thought it captured the voice of the 8 year old in me (doctors say if they remove him, I'll die) pointing at the sky and saying "hey, look at that cloud there!"...

It seems to work even better for photographic projects...as far as noticing the beautiful goes...

An alternate online name for me is themusicalchair...but I pretty much use thatcloudthere for anything and everything I do online. I recently purchased thatcloudthere.com and will one day do something with it...
01/05/2005 10:27:48 AM · #67
My three dogs at the time were LADy PUPpy MOE. Since then Puppy has past on and we adopted two more. So now our family includes Lady, a flat coated retreiver, Moe a chihuahua, Goldie golden retreiver and Gigi a chihuahua mix.

01/05/2005 10:29:57 AM · #68
Originally posted by thatcloudthere:

...the 8 year old in me (doctors say if they remove him, I'll die)...

Nice "Friends" reference :)
01/05/2005 10:30:10 AM · #69
Used to use a bunch of other names back in my BBS days, but when I started to use the broad internet more I had to come up with something more original so that I could always use the same handle. So I came up with a combination of two words in two different languages:

tech = technology/techno
traum = dream/vision (German)

variations i sometimes use: techtrauma, traumatica, traumatech
01/05/2005 10:31:44 AM · #70
Originally posted by eqsite:

Originally posted by thatcloudthere:

...the 8 year old in me (doctors say if they remove him, I'll die)...

Nice "Friends" reference :)

I hate that show (I mean I hate it a lot), but the one-liners are good!
01/05/2005 10:35:18 AM · #71
Mine is derived from the title of the fantasy novel that i published earlier this year The Tales of Tranquility. I use this name and also some character names as my username throughout the WWW.

01/05/2005 10:41:40 AM · #72
Obelix was taken.....who took it?? My cat's name is Obelix
01/05/2005 10:50:02 AM · #73
I was trying to come up with a name a while ago when joining a motorcycle user forum (Honda VFR-800s if anyone cares) and had had a particuarly scary ride in to work that morning with bad traffic and all, hence the feeling of wobbly legs...

I just carried on using it after that - it has nothing to do with cheapo tripods. :-)

01/05/2005 10:52:00 AM · #74
I tried several names once, I was always getting rejected and finally came on this name which seems unique. Hate to put numbers on the end of the name, although my website is all numbers, 25275 - dial my last name, CLARK.

My sons followed with fotobymark and fotobymarlon.

A google on 'Dave Clark' picks 3,710,000 hits! I don't think any of them are mine, but I did not look at all of them! :)
01/05/2005 10:53:00 AM · #75
no guessing where mine comes from. I'm among those who couldn't be bothered to be imaginative when we signed up. although sometimes I'm mcpie, a nickname from secondary school which is slightly more original
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