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01/05/2005 09:56:42 PM · #101
Being scottish, heritage is important. My maiden name is Bowman, meaning an archer. I shoot arrows or aero's to add a bit of new age style (like aeropostale). And I am a girl.. so... Aerogurl.

01/05/2005 10:19:20 PM · #102
Originally posted by space amoeba:

I've been using "Space Amoeba" since the old BBS days (when I connected at 300 baud - seems I was more archaic than Kirbic. *grin*). The name was actually born out of my grade 9 science class wherein we were studying "The Kingdom Protozoa" and my lab partner and I found the whole topic so boring that we created a whole host of drama for our single cell specimens. "Space Amoeba" was particularly huge... he had a sidekick, the "Paramecia from Planet Pluto" but that was too verbose for a nickname. :)

Hey...I'm a protozoologist and am offended! Actually, I have not seen a microbeastie in over 25 years. My username is linked to what I do these days...look at wetlands as a consultant.
01/05/2005 10:35:31 PM · #103
artvet is from Artur my first name and I am a vet (veterinarian).
01/05/2005 10:36:14 PM · #104
my user name is related to the type of job that i do. im work behind the scenes in movies commercials and so on and so forth.
01/05/2005 10:37:02 PM · #105
My name is Mark, and I live in Sarasota, FL. The airport code for Sarasota Airport is SRQ. So instead of calling myself, Mark of Sarasota, I went with Mark of SRQ. It has nothing to do with liking airports or anything though. There is also a Sarasota magazine called SRQ.
01/05/2005 10:49:47 PM · #106
NSOROMA is an Akan symbol of Ghana.
Some of the meanings follow:

* Hope and Success.
* Faith and Belief in a supreme being.
* A person of exemplary character and outstanding personal attributes.
* A person who is a leader, a star of a home, school, institution.
* Female essence of life.
* A Child of the Heavens.
* A Child of the Supreme Being. "I do not depend on myself.
My illumination is only a reflection of His."

This was the first tattoo I ever got (back when I was 21) and I have been using the name since then. And 1979 is the year I was born.

The symbol is below :)
' . substr('//www.nsoroma79.com/LJ/signature.jpg', strrpos('//www.nsoroma79.com/LJ/signature.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

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01/05/2005 11:33:29 PM · #107
Archery is my other great interest. 3Ds refers to a certain type of target. The animal lovers wont like this. The 3D target is a life size foam reproduction of an animal that ranges in size from woodchuck or beaver up to water buffalo. The scoring zones being heart,lungs & body. My favourite targets being the bear & deer targets.

01/07/2005 03:54:36 PM · #108
When I first joined DPC I was Wolfie, but I got all the stupid comments about howlin' etc...

So I changed it and became Formerlee...formerly Wolfie!

Or, Alice Cooper track, Formerlee Warmer.

It's that simple...no that's me...I'm that simple? I think I need to lie down somewhere dark and quiet. What was the question again??
01/07/2005 03:58:46 PM · #109
My first name and my last name.

And conveniently, Mortal Kombat which is what I tend to enter in online forms that require me to put more than "K" for my last name. It's great fun because then I get emails addressed to "Ms. Kombat."
01/07/2005 03:59:50 PM · #110
Great thread:

Goldberry = character from my favorite books - Lord of the Rings.

She was a Princess who lived with Tom Bombadil in Fellowship of the Ring. I've always felt a deep connection to princesses :-)
01/07/2005 04:25:28 PM · #111
I am originally from Missouri and lived right next to the Kansas border. Back around the time of the cvil war, those Kansas A-holes would come over and raid us because they were pissed about the slave situation. So a group of Missourians got together and called themselves the Border Ruffians to protect the homeland.
01/07/2005 06:11:30 PM · #112
Mine is french for tall marginal. Because I'm 6" and a free thinker. My opinions and tastes are mine and mine only and rarely popular with others.

P.S. Wouln't it have been more fun to ask each other what they think our nick meant before we release that info?

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01/07/2005 06:51:55 PM · #113
Originally posted by glad2badad:

2 (to)
b (be)

The thought of it scared the heck out of me for years...now, you can't get me to quit talking about the kids! :-)

LOL - I now feel like an idiot who can't read! I always read your name as Glad To Be Bad! Dyslexia rules.

BTW - Mine is quite easy to figure out if you look at my profile name and where I live.

edit: and can't spell.

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01/07/2005 07:20:05 PM · #114
It's my first name, twice
01/07/2005 07:30:50 PM · #115
I was just-married!!!!

...in 1998, when I needed a handle for some site. Marital bliss kicked in, and the name has stuck.

Interestingly, every time I wander in to dpc fanatics, it results in the question, "Hey! Who just got married?"
01/07/2005 07:35:27 PM · #116
I got this nickname in high school. I had the fastest car.
01/07/2005 07:41:24 PM · #117
Aryste is polish for Artist.

However, that has absolutely nothing to do with my name. In the early years, I was "TheArtiste".. then just "Artiste".. and then I wanted to be different, so I changed the i to a y..

it stuck, and a little while later, while doing a google search on my name to see where my website came up, I discovered Artyste is polish for Artist... which still has nothing to do with anything.
01/07/2005 07:44:52 PM · #118
Originally posted by mk:

My first name and my last name.

Hey that could be mine too

Melissa King

01/07/2005 10:05:15 PM · #119

Diamond Star Motors

Boostaholic.........figure it out.
01/11/2005 01:42:46 AM · #120
Originally posted by dsmboostaholic:

Diamond Star Motors

Boostaholic.........figure it out.

heh, always wondered that.
01/11/2005 01:47:49 AM · #121
Sometimes I'm too cool for my own good...

01/11/2005 01:56:35 AM · #122
I goof around...maybe too much. Sometimes I'm just plain foolish.
01/11/2005 01:58:25 AM · #123
Agua - Water
Preta - Black

aguapreta is the name of a small, Brazilian community I often visit... I have used it for years. When it is not available, I use the name of other small, Brazilian towns for log-ins.
01/11/2005 02:51:49 AM · #124
When I first started surfing the net, I wanted a name to reflect my interest in lighthouses, but LighthouseLady was already taken in most places, so I just formulated an understandable short version. It's the only screen name I use online. Little did I know how literal the meaning would become...now specializing in lighthouse phototgraphy, working to fundraise for rebuilding lighthouses & having the biz Lighthouse T-shirts Plus in which I bring all those things together...
But hubby still won't let me put a lantern room on top of the house over my office!! ;)
01/11/2005 05:28:53 AM · #125
A long time ago, in a place far far away I used to play an online game called 'Planetarian' - big online community and I registered under my Road name 'FalconWay'.

During the time I played this got shortened to 'Falc' in the forums and IRC. This kind of stuck, and I liked the abbreviation.

So 'Falc' is it, and has been for quite a number of years now.
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