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04/25/2005 10:58:05 AM · #1
Click your State and see what is in your area that is haunted. Maybe we can go try to photograph some of this stuff.


Edit: Forgot the link.

Also just realized you can click other countries.

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04/25/2005 02:06:24 PM · #2
Nobody interested?
04/25/2005 02:11:07 PM · #3
Actually, I found it quite interesting. I found a bunch of spots near me (even some in my town) that I had no idea of. Must check them out soon.

Thanks for the linky
04/25/2005 02:11:07 PM · #4
Glenn Dale Hospital was listed under Maryland. Can't believe the story about the crazy guy as it was never used as a mental institution. I used the location for my Abandoned Building Challenge and People challenge. Really neat place. Have been there twice since to work on a series. Never noticed anything unusual, but I wasn't looking...

May check out some others in the area. I have access to all the NASA building listed so maybe one day...

Thanks for posting the link.

04/25/2005 02:12:28 PM · #5
i've already seen this before, but there are alot of ghosts around my parents house according to the site. but i'm a skeptic.
04/25/2005 02:19:25 PM · #6
Great site, thanks for posting. I've actually been to a lot of the AZ places, but never noticed anything. Very interesting site.

South Phoenix - Superstition mountains- The mountain range is reported to have paranormal activity though - strange lights, shadows, etc. There are Indian burial grounds scattered throughout, as well as the hidden gold mine somewhere.

This is my playground. I'm out there all the time and even do night hikes out there (people think I'm nuts to go out there at night).
04/25/2005 02:27:25 PM · #7
Alright, I'm game! Let's go... Could be some kind of weird cooky Atlanta GTG, eh? :-P
04/25/2005 03:13:56 PM · #8
Staten Island - Abandoned Cement Factory - On one occasion it was reported that disembodied footsteps and screams were heard inside of the factory. Reports of a loud growl, voices, and footsteps and on one occasion, the entire facility shook violently. On the second floor, a chair that was placed in the corner, when the witness turned around to walk out of the room, their partner yelled that the chair was now at a desk in the center of the room.

Staten Island - Baron Hirsch Cemetery - The cemetery has spirits dating back to the early 1800's. People who live in the neighborhood have reported that some of the spirits from the cemetery have gravitated to the houses near the cemetery property and have now become unwelcome residents. Shadowy figures have been seen near these homes.

Staten Island - Old Bermuda Inn - (Arthur Kill Rd) Specter of a young woman walks thru dining areas, and appears on stairs.

Staten Island - Old Brier House - Now an abandoned old building. A little girl who once lived there saw an apparition of a women in a wedding gown at the end of a hall. At 2:00 A.M. every morning, the residents would hear gunshots coming from the basement.

Staten Island - Billop House - (foot of Hylan Blvd)- occasional apparitions of several Revolutionary War era ghosts in the house and garden.

Staten Island - Canard Mansion - (now St. John's Univ-Howard Av)- Ghostly face of man who committed suicide in the 1890's appears at window of second floor.

Staten Island - College of Staten Island - The college radio station (WSIA) has had reports of equipment running on its own and lights going on and off, there have even been sightings of figures standing in rooms alone.

Staten Island - The Conference House, next-door to The Billop House - It's said that the house is haunted by Redcoats- when walking through it you can feel someone tap your shoulder or you can hear the faint sound of singing.

Staten island - Fort Wadsworth - The ghosts here play games with your eyes. Sights of a mysterious soldier ghost walking through walls and moving cars, also some people have reported blacking out and having flash backs- one woman reported flashing back into a war time and seeing though the eyes of a nurse with black curly hair she saw people hurt and dying in a room she looked out the window to see more and a soldier grabbed her arm and turned her around screamed in her face to get down and take cover, the room exploded and she snapped back to reality. Also as people look a empty fields, blink and see dead soldiers and blood, look away and look back to see an empty field. Also two girls have reported walking through the old fort Thompins, on a long dark road they on a wall separating the beach from the road two people "going at it " on the cement wall, as the walked past they made noise so the people would know they were there, the people disappeared and a bat flew and them inches from they're faces.

Staten Island - Kreischer Mansion - It's said that a girl mysteriously got pushed in to and locked in a closet that would not open and someone had to break the door down. There are mysterious banging noises, doors slamming on their own, and apparitions in the mirrors. Cold winds have swept through the basement area.

Staten Island - Old Seaview Hospital - An old T.B. and insane asylum hospital, vacant and guarded by a fence-located on Brielle Ave. across from the newly situated Seaview Hospital- many spirits are known to roam the old buildings of the hospitals-spirits of tortured patients.

Staten Island - The Patronage (Richmond town Restaurant near the pond) - When traveling by the restaurant late at night(from 10-2) many have seen an apparition of a woman in old-fashioned clothing and a bonnet in the very upper window and on some days the ghostly single light bulb hanging from the ceiling flickers and sways. Also, when eating at the restaurant, there is said to be spirits of men dressed in civil war attire walking out the door and toward the cemetery across the street.

Staten Island - Richmond Town - Richmond Town is located off of Amboy Road in Staten Island New York with a number of historical houses to visit. The houses range from 100-300 years old. All of the houses are known to have spirits in them. If you go there late at night, there is a specific house located on one of the side streets, which is white in color with a green cellar door on the side of the house. If you look up at the left hand window, you will without a doubt see the apparition of a little boy in the window. Two little boys were known to have died in the upper level of the house. You can go on a tour of Richmond Town during the day with the tour guides,(but it's more fun to explore at night). The up stairs in the children?s house smells like a hospital, and the kitchen of the children?s house still smells like the burning of the stove after a meal. If you go near the kitchen window at night, it smells like something was just cooked on the wood-burning stove. The schoolhouse in historical Richmond town is also haunted. There is also a small graveyard next to the old courthouse in Richmond Town, which has many restless spirits in it. One spirit is that of a young girl with a broken heart, who has been known to wander around at night looking for her lost love. When boys walk passed the graveyard or through Richmond Town, she sometimes mistakes them for being her long lost love.

Staten Island - St. Augustine Monastery - During the 1800s, St. Augustine was a holding ground for nuns, priests, and monks in training. One of the monks in training was said to have gone crazy. The Brother went about and killed everyone who resided in St. Augustine Monastery. To this day, it was said that the restless spirit of the Brother still roams the halls. Researchers have even claimed that they have seen or felt the spirit in the basement area.

Staten Island - Tottenville - The woods at the end of Hylan Blvd, on Satterlee, were once an old Indian burial ground. If the trails are followed properly, you will come across an in-ground well, or DUMPING AREA, but be careful, DON'T GET TOO CLOSE! It is said that there are still spirits wandering around what is also now a car graveyard.

Staten Island - Vanderbilt Tomb - (Moravian Cemetery-Richmond Rd)- Photos taken of people at the tomb either have additional (unknown) persons present when developed, or just the tomb appears with no image of the people who posed.

Staten Island - West Brighton - there is a dark man that runs in front of your car sometimes carrying an item or two

Staten Island - Wolfe's Pond Park - In Wolfe?s pond park in prince's bay Staten island, if you enter the park through a path next to the prince's bay train station and follow the paths down you will come across a small 20 ft. cliff. At the bottom is a large pond. If you stand on the banks of the pond on a spot that has an upside down car in the water. At that spot in the 1970's a car with two teenagers inside mistakenly drove off that 20 ft drop and overturned. Their bodies were not found for two weeks. You are known to experience cold sensations or visions of a phantom car rolling and overturning in the lake. IN the 1970's and 80's several children were abducted, raped and murdered in these woods. Several people have reported hearing disembodied screams and crying, Some have even said they've seen little children walking on the path crying searching for their parents or possibly their killer.

Im living amongst the DEAD !!!!! see "conference house" in my portfolio and my abandoned buildings shots were taken at Seaview mentioned above.
04/25/2005 03:30:40 PM · #9
Thanks for the cool info Rex...I plan on visiting and shooting every place mentioned above. I already took care of Seaview Hospital, St. Augustine's Monastery, the Kreischer mansion and the Conference House. Incase anyone missed the LONG Forum started by my friend Toniann220, you can find a ghost photo she took while we were there in the the thread "Is this a Ghost? "

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04/25/2005 03:48:28 PM · #10
These were taken from the site posted above by Rex. I live in Columbus, GA. and this is my take on some of the claims. Pictures taken by me. except the riverwalk [not flooded] and the inside of the springer [I will not go in there again]

1. Columbus - Crybaby Bridge/ Whitesville Road - It is the third bridge off Whitesville Road deep in the woods. The story goes two ways: a woman either drowned her child in the creek or the child drowned accidentally. If you turn off your car engine while sitting on that bridge sometimes it will not come back on. You will also hear a baby crying (hence the name). People have also sighted a figure in white walking through the woods near the bridge. FALSE
Here is a Picture taken from the bridge.
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Here is a better view of the bridge.
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/22970/thumb/170534.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/22970/thumb/170534.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

2.Columbus - House of a Thousand Cadavers - doors slamming, cold spots, strange moaning from the middle bedroom, feelings of insanity/confusion upon entering TRUE

3.A Columbus - Jordan Vocational High School - The Auditorium - The story goes that a girl was watching her boyfriend perform a play, when she yelled his name she fell over the balcony and died on impact. If you go in there you well see her wandering the balcony and stage. FALSE

3.B Columbus - Jordan Vocational High School - Construction Room - The construction room is haunted also a teenager was walking in there and was impaled by a metal rod thru the heart. Sometimes you will see him walking around holding his chest, also you will hear someone moaning. FALSE

4. Columbus - River Walk Downtown - You can sometime hear the talking and feel cold chills walking down the Riverwalk. Some people say that it is the Confederate Soldiers and their dance partners from the night. TRUE
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/22970/thumb/161729.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/22970/thumb/161729.jpg', '/') + 1) . '
A better view of the river walk - not flooded!
' . substr('//www.visitcolumbusga.com/assets/riverwalk_lrg.jpg', strrpos('//www.visitcolumbusga.com/assets/riverwalk_lrg.jpg', '/') + 1) . '
5. Columbus - Springer Opera House - Very haunted. Most of the haunting takes place in the attic and upper floors. Doors slamming, cold spots, sightings etc. TRUE-NAMED ONE OF AMERICAS 10 MOST HAUNTED PLACES
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/284/thumb/125551.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/284/thumb/125551.jpg', '/') + 1) . '
Inside view of the springer.
' . substr('//www.visitcolumbusga.com/assets/springer_lrg.jpg', strrpos('//www.visitcolumbusga.com/assets/springer_lrg.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

6. Columbus - Twin Chapel - Creek - If you go down in the creek late at night. You can see a clown sitting there crying on the creek bed. Also there are some children that come out to play with you they will say(COME OVER HERE WITH US WE WANT YOU TO SEE OUR HOUSE). If You park your car or truck there it will not start for an hour. There is a tunnel down to the left that slaves died in. You can hear them moaning and screaming for help. NOT CONFIRMED

But there are a lot more haunted places in Columbus than just the above.

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04/25/2005 04:47:22 PM · #11
OMG this is crazy!!!
04/25/2005 04:53:25 PM · #12
ok nj is obscene with haunted spots....if something goes on in atlanta my sons at ga tech ring me up!!! i love cemeterys!!! before i got my digital i blew through 8 rolls of film in less than an hour....
04/25/2005 08:01:41 PM · #13

I definitely have to hit the Kreischer Mansion, and the Canard Mansion at night. Hopefully I can catch something out of the ordinary with my camera. I've visited the Conference House but it didn't seem that scary to me. I know that has been voted as the fifth scariest place in the world. I would think Seaview should of been fifth instead. That's one place you don't want to go alone especially at night. Whooooo hoooo I'm spooking myself out already. LOL.
Ruler, how about you gather your DP pals and we all visit these places and make a night of it. I'm serious. It would be alot of fun!

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04/25/2005 08:16:56 PM · #14
I've got about 400 photos from a ghost tour of the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas from December 2002. That was back when I was doing the paranormal investigating thing regularly. If anyone is interested..join my Yahoo group for the paranormal. Mostly people from North Texas..but we like to see more interested.

NTPIRS - North Texas Paranormal Investigation and Research Studies

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04/25/2005 08:36:05 PM · #15
Wow, I had no idea that Pasadena, CA was SOOO haunted! I might need to check out some of those places. :)
04/25/2005 09:55:21 PM · #16
10/12/2005 11:43:31 PM · #17
10/12/2005 11:54:09 PM · #18
funny I looked up Houston and found a location that I am familiar with. but the story is MUCH different than what I remembered.

from the haunted web site.....
Houston - Patterson Road - Patterson Road is located between Highway 6 and Eldridge in Houston. This place is rumored to be the site of a Civil War battle and the bridge closest to Eldridge is haunted. If you park in the center of the bridge and turn your car off there will begin to be tapping noises all over your car. They aren't just the sounds of your car settling. They are mostly on the sides and the back of the car. It is said to be the spirits of the soldiers who died. Be careful, this road is absolutely pitch black at night, however you can see cars coming from either direction at quite a distance.

the story from when I was in High School and the same story my sister remembers from High school (6 years before me)

Drive down Patterson road to some point in the road (it has changed MANY MANY times over the years, when I was in High school the spot was where the letters KKK were spray painted in the road). walk back into the woods following the path and you will come to an old slave cemetery. on a clear and moonless night there will bee an eerie "Blue light" glow in the sky and woods. Then all of a sudden everyone would starry to scream and run out of the woods get back in their car and leave.

This place was called blue light cemetery from the early 80's until the 90's sometime.

Some friends and I went back there during the day and never found a cemetery of any sorts.

Sometime ago Bear Creak Park put up a fence in this area to keep everyone out. I guess that's about the time the story changed.

More than likely this was just a high school prank.


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10/13/2005 12:03:17 AM · #19
Yuck, that stuff scares the crap out of me. I wouldn't be taking pictures. Actually I'd probably just drop my camera and run. :P
10/13/2005 12:05:11 AM · #20
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/57/thumb/10942.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/57/thumb/10942.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

This is Old St. Paul's Lutheran Church that is listed for Newton, North Carolina...
10/13/2005 12:13:32 AM · #21
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/37893/thumb/214351.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/37893/thumb/214351.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

Point Reyes Station (an old Coast Guard house)
10/12/2006 06:24:07 PM · #22
10/15/2006 10:40:41 AM · #23
Originally posted by jamie117:


I have added an article about the House of a Thousand Cadavers - John W. Woolfolk House on my website for people that where looking for its location. If you can't find it still with just the address email me and I will give you directions to it.
10/15/2006 11:13:59 AM · #24
Some of these places have been investigated by a group called TAPS. TAPS currently has a Sci-Fi TV show called Ghost Hunters, which is currently in its third season. From watching the show, which is a reality show, photos, video, sound, EMFs and the like have been captured. Unfortunately, I have yet to see evidence of a haunting via a still photograph taken on any investigation, but they have caught some very impressive video and sound.
10/15/2006 11:44:33 AM · #25
One of Philly's haunts.

Eastern State Penitentiary

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/18144/thumb/361000.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/18144/thumb/361000.jpg', '/') + 1) . '
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