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01/14/2006 09:25:26 AM · #51
Originally posted by Gatorguy:

Originally posted by twm122:

I do the same thing. I got a few comments about a shot from a softball game about the people behind being distracting. I laughed and thought, yeah, next time I will ask them all to move so that I can get this shot and then they can all sit down. Just makes no sense. I think sometimes people forget that not all shots are posed and staged. They will comment as if it is something you went out and set up. I think people forget that and get so caught up in trying to say something that they say things that make no sense when you look at the picture.

I have learned from some comments, but some are either just plain mean or not connected to the image. Those I just ignore and not mark as helpful, because they aren't helpful to me.

I think a comment like that says something too. In this case it's understood that you couldn't do anything about the background but in reviewing the comment, maybe there is truth to it (I don't know), and afterall, this is a competition. A pro will take hundreds of shots only to cull them down to a couple. Maybe (to use your example), they will say to themselves - "boy, this was a great shot, too bad about the distracting background" and throw that image into the discard pile because of it.

So maybe as a way of learning from a comment such as this we could ask ourselves, if in the future we are presented with a similar situation, is there a different angle we could have shot from? Could we have isolated the subject better with depth of field?

Personally, I find such comments very useful for stimulating my own critique of my work. Many times my point of view is clouded by the personal nature of MY image, and all the background feelings and emotions that go with it, and I don't see it from the POV of a casual viewer. Maybe I will agree, and maybe I won't, but I will consider it just the same.


Considering a comment is one thing. But taking it to heart to the point of letting it actually end your love for photography is another. This is the only real point I am trying to make with this thread.

All have made good points and are understandable, even if not to me, to you or them, which is more important anyway. But my only basis here is to say not to let comments make or break you. Use them or don't use them how you wish, but don't let them actually be taken to heart and discourage you.

01/14/2006 09:59:51 AM · #52
Ideally people would only make and receive more detailed comments but at times I suppose if there were just a photo that impacted upon you in some way then it's flattering for the person to say so. I would like to have comments critiquing how I'm doing things in every way, as I'm only just beginning so want to improve as much as possible. I am as of yet to give any comments, partly as I feel I need to work on some skills more before I'd feel properly qualified to do so.
01/14/2006 10:44:39 AM · #53
I try to be helpful when I comment. It can be hard to articulate what I want to say about a photo. 101 out 150 comments I've made have been marked helpful, so I guess I'm not doing to bad.

As for Goodman's gripe about that comment, I'll take a shot and stand up for the guy who left that comment.

Originally posted by goodman:

just dumb ones, like this:-

Composition is ok. The subject matter could have been better. ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/427/thumb/273908.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/427/thumb/273908.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

It's a portrait, and the direct shot of the face without any turn gives a 'flat' feel to me. That in turn makes the image evoke a sense of weariness and age, rather than a sense of maternity. If you look at the rest of the top ten, they all have children or babies in them, and that isn't present in the shot. I guess maybe the person who commented on it didn't have time, or couldn't figure out what he wanted to say.

That being said, it's still an amazing, evocative picture, but the feeling of maternity isn't as strong as the 'worn' quality to it.

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01/14/2006 11:12:50 AM · #54
OMG this thread makes my Head Spin.

As Allways all comments made in my post is MY OPINION!

comments on challenge pics, I think thats the main thing we are talking about here. not really critques.. just comments. I think thats what the box says.. comment box... or something.. I don't remember.


someone said that Threads like these turn people away from commenting... Hardly. I believe the comments left turn people away from commenting.

about a year or so ago, I became a member to this site. It was because this incompetent instructor made it manditory for the class. I was shooting with a lowly 3.2 sony Cybershot. Needless to say I didn't have very great images. they where not crystal clear and briliant and everything. Seeing on how I only entred basic challenges anyway, as the assignement from this instructor.

One could say, I don't take 'normal' photographs to enter into the challenges. But most the comments I recieved had not come from fellow 'artists' it was from people who could not crawl out of a box to see my vision. or even close to my vision. I tried to help with the title of the image to help the vission.. but something obvious to me is complete mud to everyone else.

so.. after the class was over.. I was totaly sick of this site.. it disgusted me and I didn't want to be here. didn't stop shooting with my POS camera... just didn't show anything here.. because my vision doesn't go with this stites users.

Granted... the image is a good image if it moved someone enough to leave a comment. Yet, the comment left just drives people away.

I don't expect people to understand my vision 100%, and I don't expect a crituqe on my images if entered into the challenges.

But, some comments left had been totaly discouraging basicly saying I should burn out my eyes crush my hands and forget what the word camera means or they even excist.

So you can't see the type of camera used on the challenge entry... Maybe thats something that should be posted as well. taken into concideration for beginers whom are using lesser cameras. Would that matter? Probly not becasue how closed minded so many people are.

So why am I back... well.. As you can tell I upgraded my camera a bit, and wanted to see if anything has changed if people are still rediculous as ever when leaving comments.

Telling me a 'better' shot.. well that 'better' shot would be 'YOUR' vision not mine. a different angle is cool. its the perspective on the subject.. does nothing to change the subject, but maybe the feel of it. yet, better than changing the subject all together.

Telling me you don't get it... always makes me laugh... Like my Gentle Creatures entry from a strength challenge... No one understands the concept of gentle creatures... Its a picture of some clouds. asked how are they gentle.. and asked how do they represent strength...

Well clouds are often looked at like big soft puffy animails or other shapes. hence gentle creatures as the title. in all aspects clouds are very gentle.. yet when they storm... they become fierce and more powerfull(strength) than imaginable. Yet it doesn't work that I have to explain it.

Not saying I should have scored higher. just saying some coments of those who 'didn't get it'.

another one of mine.. beauty caged. ok so I can't spell. its a parrell line challenge. when most people think of cages they think straight sturdy bars.. well the beauty in this image wasn't the animal.. it was the design of the bars the design of the parralle lines... yet my vision again was lost.


I think people if they take a moment to comment.. they should comment on the image and not a differnt image. They should take the moment and look at it through an 'ARTISTIC' eye rather than any others.

Try to see something differnt.. try to view it as the orginal artist would view it, try to see what is coming out.

not saying all my comments are perfect.. the second I hit the button I forget what I wrote. but, I don't look at anything other than the phone in front of me. and I look outside the box and open to most anything that isn't typical or completely overdone. I mean come on.. how many images of back light crosses on churchs can you look at before you puke.

I have been through some challenges.. I didn't enter.. but I would vote.. and desided not to vote because the entries are so many in number that do not fit what the subject of the challenge is. someone has said it in other threads about voting... as well.. so I know I am not alone with that aspect.

yet, back to comments.. I try to leave helpfull coments.. or if something really grabs me I will say so and leave it at that... don't need to add anything if I say the image is Wicked Great. figure that says enough... but if I dislike something.. I try to say what it is I don't care for and maybe a way I would alter it. Not changing the photo.. just the perspective.

Anyway, I probly contridicted myself here many times.. and owell.. such the life as a Artist.
Photographic, hand Drawn, Computer Manipulated, and Writer. what else is there to blink about.

Take a moment to read your comment before you leave it. if you are changing the photo to fit 'your' vision, than the comment probly shouldn't be left, if you are giving opinions on altering perspective or technique advice than sure. are you saying you hate it without reason.. than no.

its fairly simple. open your minds and view the image for what it is. not what it should have been.
01/14/2006 02:33:09 PM · #55
Originally posted by goodman:

just dumb ones, like this:-

Composition is ok. The subject matter could have been better. ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/427/thumb/273908.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/427/thumb/273908.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

If indeed you are to quote someone, perhaps it would be best if you entered the full quotation and not selectively edit the comment to fit your purpose.

The sad fact in this instance is that you have singled out one comment, and entered it in a forum and seemingly tried to ridicule the submitter by stating that his views are "dumb". Unfortunately, it is reactions such as yours and the demeaning approach you have undertaken in this instance that lead individuals such as myself to refrain from commenting.

Was it a good image,,,,,,absolutely. Was it perfect.... Probably not, Could it be improved.... possibly. Would I consider submitting a critique... NOT A CHANCE.

01/14/2006 03:05:05 PM · #56
Originally posted by micknewton:

Originally posted by Spazmo99:

While it may be a sign of the apocalypse, I agree with Rose.

Wow! Maybe you should lie down and have someone check your temperature. :)

Good Lord........just how hard did you hit your head Spasmo. Are you gonna be ok. >>>> (Ray trudges off wondering...what next
01/14/2006 04:49:13 PM · #57
the only thing i had a problem with was "the subject matter"
is a person a subject matter? [didnt feel the need to post the whole comment.]

each to his own, i think the blue ribbon was great, deserved to win, everyone has their own interpretation of "mother".

01/14/2006 05:26:57 PM · #58

I appreciate every single comment left on my challenge entries, period.

It's even more fun to see a new comment than to hit the update button.

I don't care if the comment is one word, an emoticon, or even a bunch of jumbled letters & numbers.

So, if you think you recognize my entry, leave me a comment, even if it's just to say hi. It doesn't have to be about the photo at all.

It's just more fun to get more comments of any form. For me anyway.

' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/35357/thumb/213794.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/35357/thumb/213794.jpg', '/') + 1) . '
01/14/2006 05:29:20 PM · #59
Originally posted by goodman:

the only thing i had a problem with was "the subject matter"
is a person a subject matter? [didnt feel the need to post the whole comment.]

Maybe they meant "the subject, mater"

01/14/2006 10:28:44 PM · #60
Originally posted by Rose8699:

I agree with the long and good commenters and such. I disagree that any comment is a welcome comment though.

Of course a photo in a competition is going to draw attention, but for someone to simply write something like "sally, is that you?" or "drop the border" is really to me better left unsaid. I don't regard that as any compliment that my photo brought attention to them when it has no baring on the photo, or on the photographer. These are the comments I am referring to.

I have, and will continue to leave short, one-liner comments during the voting. With around 200 entries in the average member challenge, and more in the open challenges, there's no possible way I can leave critique club length comments on each photo during the challenge.

I will say something like "I love your use of depth of field in this shot," or more often offer why I didn't rate this photo a point higher than I did: "I wish that the bridge was more prominent in the foreground."

Does the photographer have control over the position of the bridge? No, but they have control over the camera, and where the camera is at the moment the shot is taken.
01/14/2006 10:46:59 PM · #61
There is only 1 thing WORSE than getting a comment...
and that is NOT getting a comment.

Oscar(monty python)Wilde
01/15/2006 09:34:01 AM · #62
This thread seems to be taking a turn in the direction of "don't leave comments" rather than what it is meant to portray. However, it is all generally related, but certainly not what I meant to portray.

I am simply saying if you are one that doesn't enjoy comments, or even just certain comments, do not let them sway your love for photography, what you enter, if you do or don't want to renew a membership, etc here at DPC. And don't even complain about them in a serious manner because the end result will not change how you feel or the commentors thoughts.

It is all subjective when it comes to commenting. It just so happens to be an option DPC offers to the voters, and nothing more or less. Actually, I think there is a button you can hit to not see any comments on your photos till competitions end, and even then, you don't have to read them unless you try.

If you are going to make drastic decisions, do it for better reasons then just listening to some critique gone bad. For me to stop entering challenges, I would have to find myself consistantly in the bottom page, browning at every turn. Then that means an overwhelming majority has consistantly found my photograph unworthy for whatever reason, OR it can also mean my style of photography is just not appealing to this particular site of gatherers. Then I would move on.

But I have gotten some bad comments on photos that ranked high in percentiles and they have received bad comments, and conflicting comments. I do read them, but I don't take them seriously unless I actually KNOW I entered a photo where something more could have been done and I MYSELF know that critique is correct. i.e a last minute entry, a crop I wish I would have done, a loss of an object in the photo I wish I could have taken out had I not been limited to editing, etc. But, everything else is really not any use to me. Again, if the critique option wasn't there, I could really care less. What I care more about is the final standings, and who won before or after me that I personally respect as a photographer on this site. That to me is more important, and it keeps it a personal accomplishment to me, rather than a battle between others for some win.

We all hope to ribbon sometime, but hell, if in a Free Study where there are 500+ entries, and you come in at the top 150, I consider that pretty damn good. And to me, that matters more than anyone saying a damn thing about my frame. LOL....

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