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08/07/2003 11:20:58 PM · #1

Thanks to bod's profile, I have changed mine finally. //www.googlism.com

This is hilarious!

08/07/2003 11:37:04 PM · #2
louise is a 3 year old female pet pig who has a very sad history
louise is very appreciative of all of the support from her dedicated fans
louise is the one you call first
louise is one of those unfortunately all too rare movie gems which really engages the viewer
louise is at the heart of the canadian rocky mountains world heritage site
louise is the current world record holder for 200m
louise is unwell with a wheezy cough
louise is being forced to retire as head librarian because she suffered a mental breakdown and started a fire in the library

08/08/2003 01:33:06 AM · #3
alexis is celebrating his first birhtday
alexis is a good child
alexis is hot?
alexis is here
alexis is 2
alexis is uncreative
alexis is the best
alexis is a young poet who currently attends the new school
alexis is a real sexy amateur
alexis is here
08/08/2003 03:05:15 AM · #4
ed is known for his acerbic wit and often outlandish and controversial commentary

ed is laying temporary power cables above ground

ed is the text editor originally specified as the standard on the unix operating system

ed is pleased to provide comments on the draft guidance document

ed is drunk at gatwick airport

ed is ready for another 7

ed is ill ub ut um ap at en in sh th ch ip op an ed is ill ub ut um ap at en in sh th ch ip op an ed is ill ub ut um ap at en in sh th ch ip

ed is a recipe for disaster

ed is the only ed

... ed

Ready for another 7? Oh yes please :-)

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08/08/2003 05:15:13 AM · #5
Keep 'em coming!
08/08/2003 05:29:42 AM · #6
I got loads typing in Kavita, somewhat less on Kavey.

Here are the ones that I picked from the lists:

kavita is currently enamored by the power of the written word
kavita is a typical indian girl
kavita is simply amazing
kavita is always learning her art
kavita is in full form
kavita is flawless
kavita is my best friend
kavita is constantly confronting people on what they believe and making them see it from a new light
kavita is planning for a career in technology
kavita is in fine form
kavita is a fairly real character
kavita is very responsive and excellent in her field
kavita is my favourite

kavey is up to date
kavey is too short for runway or fashion work

08/08/2003 05:30:41 AM · #7
Ha ha haaaaa!!

I entered Ganders (my hub's online nick name) and got this:

ganders is good for the goose
08/08/2003 05:47:45 AM · #8
I cannot believe that for my nick I got all of this stuff, did you people remove some of your lines??

glimpses is available to your church or group for an incredibly low price
glimpses is published by christian history institute
glimpses is a full
glimpses is committed to not cutting staff
glimpses is a publication of nazarene missions international
glimpses is about experiencing the divine every day
glimpses is a chat forum for parents of teenagers to interact with 2be teen
glimpses is a page turner all the way through
glimpses is currently in print from st
glimpses is bruder's legacy glimpses from the edge is a collection of true
glimpses is from the clubsuit sections
glimpses is no exception
glimpses is published 12 times per year by christian history institute
glimpses is well worth the read
glimpses is such a visual book
glimpses is almost hom set in musical comedy time
glimpses is about the late 60s
glimpses is a product introduction article
glimpses is where we introduce new apple and macintosh products
glimpses is of particular value to beginners who wish to embark on a journey of discovery about the filipino people
glimpses is the first of three seasonal poetry diaries by frances hackney
glimpses is the home of mount's bay books 'sea glimpses'
glimpses is gaining momentum
glimpses is a minutely detailed biography
glimpses is one of the first attempts at telling the mega story from a non
glimpses is enormous fear
glimpses is still one of my fav books
glimpses is a collection of the names and deeds of
glimpses is now an on
glimpses is an opportunity for you to share your feelings on how the disease has affected you
glimpses is a four
glimpses is at the tail end of the publishing process
glimpses is to provide
glimpses is the fact that we do not
glimpses is a montage toward the end of the film
glimpses is a collection of images captured from a video camera that was slung over the collector's shoulder while walking down various
glimpses is a very good novel
glimpses is about life
glimpses is a fun
glimpses is the monthly publication of the nodrog gordon setter club of michigan
glimpses is set up as a pre
glimpses is published monthly by church of god world missions po box 8016
glimpses is like the readerís digest of christian
glimpses is a world threatened by terrorists and a number of gangster regimes who neither acknowledge nor respect any rules
glimpses is due this spring
glimpses is on january 23rd
glimpses is written in the first person
glimpses is a look at 2 photos of crow leaders taken in 1859
glimpses is a sort of crystallization of the sum total of a life
glimpses is a must for any pop music fan of the 1960s
glimpses is fillmore street's mauna loa
glimpses is a strong marriage
glimpses is expressed only in terms of current personality values
glimpses is the fascinating world besson has created with production designer dan weil
glimpses is a series of photo
glimpses is a bi
glimpses is particularly interesting
glimpses is taking event photography to a new level of excellence
glimpses is akin to the "heure indicible" of arthur rimbaud's poetry
glimpses is enclosed for your information
glimpses is a collection of essays on poets and writing
glimpses is a credit
glimpses is a synopsis of current trends and events occurring for northern gateway schools
glimpses is on display in the macquarie university art gallery until 21 june
glimpses is not merely a collection of diagrams from different disciplines
glimpses is used
glimpses issue #40
glimpses is pretty cool
glimpses is included to provide informed perspective
glimpses is signed
glimpses is that this sort of travel was the exception rather than the rule
glimpses is an understatement but the song of the bird is something else
glimpses is a treasure of screen entertainment
glimpses is exciting and scary at the
glimpses is that it was gray
glimpses is breathtakingly inspired in the way it leads the eye in uncommon directions
glimpses is offered
08/08/2003 05:50:17 AM · #9
Originally posted by glimpses:

I cannot believe that for my nick I got all of this stuff, did you people remove some of your lines??

08/08/2003 05:58:03 AM · #10
Just 2 for Konador:

konador is an exteremly sexy
konador is an amazingly beautiful and stylish photography piece

Thousands for Ben:

ben is great with others
ben is hot
ben is dead 2/97
ben is dead premiere party
ben is a rock band
ben is gólyalábon járás a város napján
ben is dumb
ben is very big and strong
ben is dead magazine
ben is leaving
ben is gay
ben is jesus
ben is watching you
ben is an idiot
ben is having difficulty
ben is a new comic strip about family life as seen through the eyes of a retired couple who have offered to babysit their first grandson
ben is dead
ben is so hot
ben is ugly
ben is due to strut his stuff on the catwalk at the the london motorcycle & scooter show on the 22nd february
ben is also a professional jugger and enjoys playing
ben is a celebration where people bring offerings to the monks
ben is her compensation for being made a widow with six children at such a young age
ben is still in the dumpster
ben is nba defensive player of year
ben is 'sexiest man alive'
ben is so fucking drunk
ben is possibly london's most famous landmark
08/08/2003 06:07:46 AM · #11
dpc is a good opportunity for gail to strike out into newer areas in search of growth

dpc is on the left across from the shopping center

dpc is not engaged in rendering medical advice

dpc is firmly committed to the privacy of visitors to this site

dpc is based on the same polymer technology as zedex cpt high performance dpc

dpc is learning resource designed to help you understand and learn how to apply current concepts in photobiology

dpc is easily accessible by train and sits adjacent to weilerbach and miesau army ammunition depots

dpc is missing

dpc is in its third year of business

dpc is a discount commission staffing company

dpc is a 4 byte parameter that identifies the type of data produced by the mdi instrument

dpc is a non profit organization of education

dpc is unique

dpc is simply 'one of a kind

dpc is a distributed structure including three sites

dpc is available very widely from chemical suppliers

dpc is best known for its contract research services that it provides to the leading japanese pharmaceutical companies in pre

dpc is available

dpc is convinced that such an activity is in the interest of the general public or of specified individuals

dpc is required with the majoriry of proprietary metal lintels used in cavity walls

dpc is stationed at mid sweden university

dpc is an important task that must be performed in all networks at the same time

dpc is indicative of irrational dispatching by mseb to say the least

dpc is also experienced in the production of specialty publications such as cookbooks

dpc is to provide a barrier to the movement of water from the ground into the structure

dpc is not just about power and gas processing at a remote location in maharashtra
dpc is capable of rapid prototyping

dpc is an industry leader because it can offer pipes of small to medium diameter to the consumer with a competitive price

dpc is intended to prevent the upward movement of water due to capillary action

dpc is continuing with the landfill siting and development process for a 32

dpc is a cross disciplinary meeting for scientists interested in theoretical and experimental aspects of the dynamics of excited states in condensed matter

... I wondered why i found it so intersting

08/08/2003 06:14:37 AM · #12
This is fun

The most apt being:

ribbit is actually a clown character that he developed and personified
ribbit is right
ribbit is a simple game in which you play a frog who is sitting on a busy road
ribbit is a bit of an egomaniac
ribbit is bothering him
ribbit is an 8" weighted frog who likes to think he is an annie doll
ribbit is a hard worker pre
ribbit is ordering me to cease with the gwar
ribbit is a very economically
ribbit is the boiled frog's lexicon
ribbit is another baby frog
ribbit is proud to present a mind blowing night of floor filling dance music for you to loose yourselves in the sound and atmosphere
ribbit is a fiesty member of the radio patrol
ribbit is harassing it
ribbit is what it said
ribbit is carrying
ribbit is a darling 4 inch angel frog ornament with a really cute face
ribbit is so cute~
ribbit is hyla regilla
ribbit is clearly the pacific treefrog
ribbit is the biggest
ribbit is halakhah's prohibition of both receiving and making interest payments
ribbit is ranked 140 and has played for 1h11m in 21 days
ribbit is cute
ribbit is quickly
ribbit is a perfect example of this
ribbit is it? enjoy a frog chorus as you hike

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08/08/2003 06:35:13 AM · #13
desolation is islam
desolation is available and is valid until december 31 of each year
desolation is decent but falls well short of what i would anticipate to be other's expectations
desolation is a popular weekend destination

concept graphics is tool to communicate ideas; it is an inseparable part of the design process

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08/08/2003 06:42:51 AM · #14
I thought I'd see what it made of our home town (there being a lot of entries for pete!). It started out quite usefully...

finchley is in north london and is part of the london borough of barnet
finchley is the torrington arms
finchley is about seven miles directly north from central london
finchley is terrific

All good stuff. Then it got a bit more opinionated...

finchley is challenging
finchley is now being treated as a soft target by criminals who know that the metropolitan police are not interested in anything that happens there

After that, it went downhill...

finchley is one area i don't know at all
finchley is a sleep
finchley is impossibly grotty

And finally, it just lost the plot entirely!

finchley is not grey
finchley is one of nova scotia's most intact shipwrecks from the late nineteenth century and can be explored by both intermediate and experienced divers
finchley is
finchley is a large church
finchley is shut up in a pigsty and generally misused; but this is 1926 and stalking was something done by gillies
finchley is jam
finchley is in a critical condition in a london hospital after taking two tablets known as snowballs
finchley is sitting on my knee
finchley is bequeathed five beautiful women by a sheik who life he once saved
08/08/2003 07:52:27 AM · #15
jacques is a lovely deluxe property located just 30 to 45 minutes from the busy charles de gaulle international airport in the city's popular 6th district
jacques is one of the 3 best out there
jacques is responsible for inspecting nearly every aspect of the company's pill production

and my favorite
jacques is currently serving her third term
08/08/2003 08:03:32 AM · #16
This is hilarious...
jimmy is a shoemaker
jimmy is old jimmy
jimmy is a tough rookie
jimmy is back
jimmy is happy to see you
jimmy is taking out the trash schoolgirl receives a perfect 8
jimmy is seen alive
jimmy is to me
jimmy is a pyro
jimmy is checking his solutions
jimmy is my pun
jimmy is mad
jimmy is taking out the trash
jimmy is tops
jimmy is hot
jimmy is changing the security on some folders on his windows
jimmy is fun to drive
jimmy is fun for the young
jimmy is pretty good at drawing pictures
jimmy is designed with a rigid chassis and front and rear
jimmy is marketing genius
jimmy is busy breaking down the doors of jazz guitar mystery and confusion for us
jimmy is the sports coupe of suvs
jimmy is an ideal snowmobile
jimmy is no longer in the band
jimmy is the best
jimmy is the best vocalist i've ever heard
jimmy is up for the acadamy awards
jimmy is turning out to be quite well known
jimmy is all boy
jimmy is knighted
jimmy is nice
jimmy is tops by dean mcnulty
jimmy is having trouble in school
jimmy is delivering a christmas present
jimmy is baking in the sun
jimmy is always thinking of new ways of finding juice
jimmy is featured in an excellent interview by tom guerra which covers his career with aerosmith
jimmy is the master of his domain
jimmy is still preaching
jimmy is "hero" august 3rd 2001 update on jimmy
jimmy is a great "spokes
jimmy is a member of the first methodist church
jimmy is a very handsome man
jimmy is looking to have some success with women that evening
jimmy is a child
jimmy is just the youngest generation of a long line of losers in his family
jimmy is not home yet for his lesson
jimmy is far from being left out in the rain
jimmy is currently working on another album
jimmy is constantly improving his techniques
jimmy is gettin reddy for da saprano's premier and can't be everywhere at once
jimmy is influenced by artists such as benny goodman
jimmy is a tortured man
jimmy is an inspirational young australian
jimmy is currently doing is related to a wonderful organization known as compassion
jimmy is in desperate need of cash
jimmy is the man
jimmy is another human castaway
jimmy is neither a kid nor very smart but rather a socially inept
jimmy is a talent
jimmy is well known throughout northern california as a talented keyboard player
jimmy is the best reciever we have and yes he makes lower pay than others that are not as good
jimmy is originally from oklahoma city
jimmy is married to a beautiful woman named lorrie and has three adoring children
jimmy is currently leading his own band
jimmy is faced with a dawning awareness that he is missing out
jimmy is a small and relatively isolated lake 3¼ miles south of gunflint trail's end and 45¼ miles ene of ely
jimmy is as pontificating as plato when he says
jimmy is presently the vice president of virginia independent automobile dealers asccociation
jimmy is the undisputed moñero
jimmy is really a bit shy
jimmy is doing above and beyond what everybody is doing" larry ness las vegas talk show host
jimmy is at first amused by clay's homophobia
jimmy is designed with a rigid chassis and front and rear crumple zones to help protect occupants in an accident
jimmy is born a typical feral cat
jimmy is rewarded for services

08/08/2003 09:00:48 AM · #17
Googlism for: neil hancock
neil hancock is a complete bastard

I have a list of suspects, now I just need to check up on everyone whos ever met me.
08/08/2003 09:05:34 AM · #18
bob rose is a different kind of a talk show host
bob rose is pretty darn good at just about everything he's ever done
bob rose is able to cover over some of those flaws
bob rose is going to recommend reduced penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana
bob rose is still a puzzle to me
bob rose is optimistic about its chances for success
bob rose is out pot
bob rose is a shining example of age only being just a state of mind
bob rose is kept awake at night fretting about high oil prices
bob rose is disappointed the queen won't see the car she rode in when she visited winnipeg in 1951
bob rose is here

Haha, love it!
08/08/2003 09:08:24 AM · #19
dpchallenge is for you
dpchallenge is a digital photography contest website where photographers are given topics to shoot and then are voted on by their peers
dpchallenge is proud to present our latest and very exciting new branch
dpchallenge is the ability to set the number of thumbnails per
dpchallenge is fast
dpchallenge is a website where every week there is a digital photography contest on a specific topic
dpchallenge is a weekly contest site where everyone votes to choose the best photo
dpchallenge is when the topic is "the corporate world" and its effect on society
dpchallenge is where i get my competitive fix
08/08/2003 09:46:57 AM · #20
timmi is too tired to read all this
08/08/2003 09:53:29 AM · #21
Apparently scab is pretty popular at google...lol

scab is disease of the week 6/30/00
scab is wierd september 28
scab is one of the most serious diseases of apple and ornamental crabapple
scab is a disease of potato tubers that results in lowered tuber quality due to scab
scab is of major economic importance in the mid
scab is very common in the netherlands
scab is a very serious problem for seed and fresh producers in a market that has come to expect
scab is a common tuber disease that occurs throughout the potato growing regions of the world
scab is caused by the fungus cladosponum cucumerinum
scab is a disease of potato tubers resulting in lowered tuber quality due to scab
scab is the unsightly spotting of the fruit skin
scab is suspected
scab is caused by the fungus cladosporium carpophylium which infects peaches
scab is the most serious disease affecting apples in connecticut
scab is caused by streptomyces scabies
scab is watching bank stocks
scab is described along with its management
scab is one of the more serious diseases of ornamental crabapples
scab is a common fungus and it is widespread across the state right now
scab is caused by the bacteria
scab is likely to be more prevalent and severe"
scab is eternally unkempt
scab is not controlled in the top of very tall trees
scab is watching bank
scab is caused by a fungus; apples or leaves are brought in to the extention center at harvest time for the disorder to be identified and to learn about
scab is
scab is a fungus disease that can occur on all small grain crops but is most commonly seen in north dakota on spring wheat
scab is caused by the fusarium fungus
scab is dependent upon available inoculum
scab is an important disease of peach and nectarines and can be extremely damaging in warm
scab is an economically important disease throughtout the world and can cause serious losses on susceptible cultivars
scab is a common bacteria that is pretty much worldwide and is in every garden soil
scab is the most economically destructive disease of apples in the world
scab is a fungus disease that occurs wherever apples are grown
scab is easily identified by the rough
scab is one of the most common and serious diseases of apple and flowering crabapple in kansas
scab is most severe when tubers develop under warm
scab is the most economically destructive disease of apples in the world and can be especially severe in the northeastern states
scab is still active in some apple orchards where primary scab was not completely controlled
scab is to change the rotation of crops to those that are not hosts to the fungus
scab is the most economically important disease caused by streptomyces species and the fourth most problematical in potatoes
scab is early identified in the field when healthy heads are green
scab is likely
scab is caused by a fungus
scab is a major problem
scab is usually light and chaffy
scab is the most widely distributed disease
scab is caused by a soil­borne organism that is worldwide in distribution
scab is a potentially serious fungal disease of ornamental and fruit trees in the rose family
scab is in full swing in western oregon
scab is the most common ornamental
scab is a cosmetic problem
scab is caused by the fungus venturia inaequalis
scab is caused by a soilborne microorganism called streptomyces scabies
scab is endemic in almost all parts of scotland and is now arguably the most common infectious disease of sheep
scab is a periodically recurring disease of wheat and durum and occasionally barley in north dakota
scab is a scab is a scab no matter what the sex
scab is the most common disease of crabapple in delaware
scab is not treated
scab is present in the kentucky small grain crop
scab is the most consistently serious disease of apples and flowering crabapples in kentucky
scab is the most important disease affecting pome fruit
scab is 60 degrees
scab is increasing as a threat to sustainable wheat production
scab is one of the most important diseases of apples
scab is a grotesque ugly range of mountains that separates the elennian peninsula from the mainland of the continent
scab is a relatively rare disease that was first reported on poinsettia in the 1940's
scab is especially important in the table
scab is not a problem in arid western regions
scab is affiliated with an administrative wing of the university
scab is the most serious disease in commercial orchards and in home gardens
scab is the most serious disease of apples and pears in new south wales
scab is a two
scab is the major use of fungicides in apple orchards
scab is an inheritable trait
scab is a scab is a scab
scab is beginning to lift
scab is found in most areas where potatoes are grown
scab is most severe in coastal areas where spring and early summer weather is cool and moist; however
scab is a perennial problem is that the supply of ascosporic inoculum is always great enough to warrant initiating a
scab is active in pulp & paper industry as well as in energy business
scab is a fungus disease which attacks pecan trees during rainy weather
scab is caused by the ascomycete
scab is present in potato production areas
scab is similar to a large leaf spot
scab is caused by cladosporium cucumerinum ellis & arth
scab is spain's answer for tangerine dream fans who wish they still sounded like they did in 1985 or 1986

08/08/2003 10:03:01 AM · #22
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about karen p. bryan yet. (waaaahhh!)


karen is a friend who is there for you always
karen is correct
karen is becoming an expert at saving money
and making our dollars stretch themselves to the limit
karen is gonna kill me for this but haha
karen is a little sl*t (what!!!? I beg your pardon?!!!!)
karen is sitting in the wood bin beside her grandma
and grandpa kawasaki's fireplace (LOL)

and.... where I live?

(home town) is:

- at the heart of an innovative new england economy
- a member of the massachusetts bay transportation authority
- noted for its rich collection of fine victorian homes
- transitioning from textiles into textile electronics

and my favorite:

- not the bricks

I like that! We are a diverse people..it is not in the buildings, and the place.. but in the people! :)

BTW, if you need me, I'll be "in the wood bin" :P

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08/08/2003 10:13:02 AM · #23
this is hilarious!
08/08/2003 10:16:03 AM · #24


Googlism for: muckpond

Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about muckpond yet.

Well, that's just IT. Googlism isn't getting any more of my business. :D

08/08/2003 10:17:36 AM · #25
Seems pretty spot on !

gordon mcgregor is the most famous scottish lad this decade
gordon mcgregor is slightly underutilized
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