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01/01/2007 02:47:17 PM · #1
Hello, It's time to put together our 2nd Annual Red Rock GTG. Last year we went to Moab and had the time of our lives with some gorgeous photos, too.

I'll keep the latest info in this entry, so check it often to find the newest updates.

We'll be going on the weekend of April 25th (Wed) through 30th (Monday). I'm trying to be there the whole time, but others may need to adjust their schedules to join when they can.

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This year, we're heading to the border of Utah and Arizona, stay at the Lake Powell Resort & Marina near Page, AZ. We've got a block of 15 rooms held at Lake Powell Resort & Marina for $69/night from April 25 to April 30th.

To make your reservations, you'll call or email. "Individual customers to place booking direct - please call 800-341-8934 and ask for Laura Litke OR email request to: litke-laura@aramark.com" Let them know you're with DPChallenge.

You'll need to make a deposit of one night's cost (complete with taxes/fees, it's $79.60) Please make checks payable and mail to: ARAMARK P.O. Box 248 Page, AZ 86040
Credit Card Payments call 800.341.8934

If you'd like a copy of the agreement (looks like an invoice), just give me your email address and I'll send the excell file as an attachment.

We'll be able to make reservation (or cancel them) up to 30 days before Apr. 25th. We'll release any extra rooms at that time. If we need more rooms than 15, we'll have to see what is available

Camping is available not too far from the hotel for those that would rather camp. And, of course, there are many great photo opportunities nearby.

The drive is about 7 hours from Salt Lake (easy freeway and highway travel) or about 3.5 hours from Las Vegas. Page is on the Utah and Arizona border in the middle of the the state.

One of the definite shoots will be a trip to Antelope Canyon. I's on the Navajo Reservation and requires a permit and a guide. Photographers are limited to a 2 hour visit, with the best photos in the middle of the day. The cost is about $45 per person.

Another shoot will be through Wire Pass into Buckskin Gulch. This is a slot canyon that takes you from wide areas to narrow slots only a meter or less across and up to 500 feet high. It's best photographed in mid day and would be a day trip hiking on level sandy ground.

The Wave is nearby, but the 10 permits per day given in advance to there have been taken, so we'll have to try for the drawing for 10 more held the day before entry.

Lake Powell is nearby, and while you can get to some of the area by driving, a boat makes it much more accessible. Perhaps someone has access to a boat or we can go in together and rent one for a day or so.

The Vermillion Cliffs are gorgeous and not too distant.

I'm sure you'll have other ideas.

I'll be checking out possible group rates in Page. We'll have the rooms held beginning January 10th. We'll be holding 15 rooms. You'll make the reservations yourself from our group block. By letting me know you're interested, I'll PM you all details for making reservations.

You may choose to go to Antelope Canyon with the group and a guide (largest group possible is 14, smallest is 5) OR take the unofficial way that LoudDog uses (show up at the gate, hope someone is there, give your money and wander.) Both cost the same amount, but the group & guide requires reservations, while the show up method may allow you to stay for more than 2 hours. I'll PM details of the reservation method to all indicating they are coming.

Now, your part. Let us know if you're wanting to join in with the great group for the GTG. Indicate your interest, other options for shooting, how long you'll be coming for, if you'd like to lodge with the group, and if you're willing to help with organizing or running the GTG.

Always feel free to PM me.

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01/01/2007 05:31:26 PM · #2
Count me in! This is another great area you are looking at. There is a lot of nice stuff, but much of it involves a bit of hiking.
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Buckskin Gulch can be more than a hike and requires a pass. I will do some digging to get more info, and take it as my responsibility unless there is someone who is already familiar with the area. Near by is The Wave which is also very nice and I plan to do at the end of this month.
I have never been to Antelope Canyon but have always wanted to go, sign me up for that.
01/01/2007 05:53:24 PM · #3
Always wanted to visit Antelope Canyon. I'm very interested. If plane tickets will be priced resonably I'll fly to Las Vagas. Thinking of spending day or two in Zion then Page, AZ then Grand Canyon and finally back to Vegas for some rest and fly home.

01/01/2007 08:07:42 PM · #4
Originally posted by jrtodd:

Buckskin Gulch can be more than a hike and requires a pass. I will do some digging to get more info, and take it as my responsibility unless there is someone who is already familiar with the area.

John, I've hiked the Buckskin Gulch, starting with Wire Pass and then up the Paria River. The total hike is 21-22 miles and requires reservations for staying overnight. The best overnight spot is 14 miles down the canyon.

I'm thinking of starting at Wire Pass and hiking to Buckskin Gulch and then return, taking the day, but only going max of 5 miles in before returning. You don't need reservations, but do need to pay a $5.00 day pass for use during the day. It's quite level and will give us a great opportunity to see much of it without hiking the whole thing.

I hear the Wave is wonderful and I know little about it. Would you take that one on? Thanks.

It would be great to have you back to this end of the world. I'm glad you spotted the posting.

01/01/2007 10:19:15 PM · #5
This GTG interests me as ATL-LAS is normally very reasonable. Can anyone out that way give me some info on the town and lodging.

01/01/2007 10:28:16 PM · #6
And, it would be me and the wifey. We sould be interested in getting in on the group rates if you guys get the set up.

And we'd be in for the entire time, plus a day or two to gamble my life savings away in Vegas.


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01/01/2007 10:48:05 PM · #7
Originally posted by ericwoo:

This GTG interests me as ATL-LAS is normally very reasonable. Can anyone out that way give me some info on the town and lodging.


Do you want info on Vegas, or Page?

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01/01/2007 10:52:22 PM · #8
Sounds like fun, will have to wait until a litle closer and see. I'm here in Utah now, been here a couple weeks and will be here rest of this week. Hope so
01/01/2007 11:35:50 PM · #9
Hey Becky- sent you a PM. Count me in as well! This is going to be AWESOME!
01/01/2007 11:52:00 PM · #10
Originally posted by rjkstesch:

Originally posted by ericwoo:

This GTG interests me as ATL-LAS is normally very reasonable. Can anyone out that way give me some info on the town and lodging.


Do you want info on Vegas, or Page?

Page, please. I only plan on hanging out in Vegas a day or so.

01/02/2007 12:17:08 AM · #11
I'm only a few hours away in Denver, I might be able to make it over for the weekend, but I'm not sure right now so I'll put this thread on watch ;-)

Edit: Ooh, wait, I saw Moab and got excited. I'd love to go but Page might be too far, seeing as Mapquest puts that at a 10-11 hour drive.

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01/02/2007 12:33:22 AM · #12
Count me in as a "maybe". But we're looking for a family trip to Atlanta some time around then as well, so chances aren't real good...

01/02/2007 11:19:10 AM · #13
That's a really good date for me (at least it looks like it now), so plan on me!
01/02/2007 12:07:02 PM · #14
Maybe maybe for me too...
01/02/2007 12:07:05 PM · #15
edit: ummm...it posted twice....

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01/02/2007 03:59:54 PM · #16
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! I've found some places to stay that appear to be pretty decent. I'd like your help to decide which place to put in reservations. They will hold the room, you will confirm and pay your own room.

Here's the link to take a look at the 5 choices. Be aware of the ammentities, including internet access, and prices. Please vote and make your comments.

Survey for lodging choices for the 2007 DPC Red Rock GTG

This will take you to the voting page with the info we need to make a decision.

If you have any problems with the link above, here's the URL:

01/02/2007 06:57:14 PM · #17
Bump for the night crew, and for the survey.
01/02/2007 07:33:43 PM · #18
I just checked airfare from N.Y to Vegas round trip = $232.10 on southwest

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01/02/2007 08:48:19 PM · #19
David, John and I have voted. Let's see what the rest of you are interested in.

TLL061 = does that mean you're thinking of joining us? We'd love to have you along.

I did underestimate the distance to Vegas. It's more in the 3.5 hour range to drive.

I got an email from Brent Ward. He had some great advice. Said the Motel 6 was the nicest he's seen and the rest of the hotels along the street looked great, too. We also advised us to get permits for the Wave immediately. He wasn't able to get in last November.

I'll be trying to secure the permits we need. I'll try for 20 (2 groups of 10) on any that can be reserved without too much money and cancelled if needed without penalty.

01/02/2007 09:04:29 PM · #20
Ooh, I would so love to go but my wife would be just days away from giving birth to our first child (probably not the best time for me to take off).

You mentioned "The Wave". What is that?
01/02/2007 09:13:29 PM · #21
The Wave is a wonderful sandstone formation that is incredible. Do a web search of "The Wave" Utah or Arizona, and you'll see lots of hits.

I just tried to get permits to hike to the Wave. It is booked up completely. They give out 10 permits per day in advance and 10 permits in a drawing the day before to hikers with the drawing at the BLM office. The website for more info is https://www.blm.gov/az/paria/obtainpermits.cfm?usearea=CB We'll have to try to get permits when we're there. It's too bad we didn't know about this two days ago. The permits for April just opened up on Jan. 1. The site says the permits for the month are usually gone in 10 minutes.

I'll get working on the reservations for Antelope Canyon.


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01/02/2007 11:11:39 PM · #22
Originally posted by skylercall:

Ooh, I would so love to go but my wife would be just days away from giving birth to our first child (probably not the best time for me to take off).

You mentioned "The Wave". What is that?

Hey Skyler,

Welcome to the madness of DPC! I think you should just bring the wife. We could all get some great photos as your little one is born and could there be any more perfect of a setting to be born in?


@Becky: My vote is in for hotel.

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01/03/2007 01:10:32 AM · #23
Count me in, Becky! This should be amazing! (What a great group to be with. Last year was phenomenal!)
01/03/2007 08:16:03 AM · #24
Wow! What a response.

David(-32), are your friends planning on coming with you?

Ladies, don't let all of these guys intimidate you. It's alot of fun, and they really do behave themselves (most of the time). ;o)

We probably will need to make our own reservations for Antelope Canyon, as you have to pay when you make the reservation (and I am not rich enough to float that many tickets :-) ) so, I'll put up the link with recommendations of times and vendors.

Take care,
01/03/2007 10:18:16 AM · #25
If I'm still living in AZ then, I'll be there.

Note, for Antellope canyon there is no need to arrange with a tour company. Just drive up to the canyon and pay the Navajo directly. Then you are not limitied to how much time you can be in there.

Other places to hit:
Horseshoe bend
Paria Movie Set
Rainbow Bridge is amazing but takes a long boat ride to get to.

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