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10/03/2007 07:54:44 PM · #1
leader! thou hast returned! i'll admit, i was kinda wondering if this thread could be revived... ^_^'
any other older members want to bite?

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10/03/2007 06:28:31 PM · #2
Originally posted by zxaar:

I very recently crossed the avg of 5, could I join in.
(I am little crazy though).

Yes you may join! Putting you on the list now :-D
10/03/2007 02:03:36 AM · #3
~~ Average Under Five Assignment # Three ~~

1. I'd personally revisit my grain challenge ... I'm confident about my ideas concerning this picture, but I was too rushed and didn't have the time to properly tend to it's production.

2. Since the shot, I've noticed my carelesness as the model, wardrobe designer and photographer. My pose was decent, but with an improved angle I could have used a better, more emotive pose. My clothing didn't relate to the topic of depression as well as it could have. Yet, out of all of these, the most important was my lack of understanding in the field of photography. I have been shown, and I have discovered, a few ways that this image could have been improved.

3. First off, in designing my wardrobe, the cool tones made for a good choice, but a shirt with no words or images on it would be less distracting in my opinion. Also, by going shirtless, sleeveless, or by pulling up a sleeve, I could have left red marks on arm to point towards cutting. A knife would therefor prove a helpful prop, adding variety for my posing. Infact, by pulling up my right sleeve and having "blood" running down that arm, I could then have my left arm over my knee holding a "bloody" knife. As far as camera technique, I have been shown that more space and light to the left could have had a major impact. Plus, by moving me or my camera, I could have easily blocked the power outlet next to my right arm. Infact, if I moved the camera so that it was right next to my left arm and pointing up so my face was silhoeted by the light, I could have gone further by forcing tears so they caught the light. Also, I may have benefited from using the rule of thirds. Well, I still like this image, despite the faults I see in it. Perhaps when I redo it, I'll be able to stick it on here (perhaps in a challenge ;D ).

origional shot:
' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/0-999/648/120/483299.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_challenge/0-999/648/120/483299.jpg', '/') + 1) . '

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10/03/2007 02:01:06 AM · #4
For all new members, we do have assignments. They are on pages 4 and 7, and yes they are optional! I highly suggest you accept these assignments though, as they can help you grow and realize why photography is important to you. I considered revisiting my answers, but I feel they are still relevent to me. Also, I don't mean to overload you, but it's time for...

~~ Average Under Five Assignment # Three ~~

If you could redo a challenge submission...

1. What would that challenge be and why,

2. What have you learned since that challenge that you wish you could use to alter that picture,

3. How would you apply what you have learned.

Please note that redoing your image would not be for the goal of a higher score, per say, but achieving what would be closer to a masterpiece. We're bound to grow over time, and that's the point of this challenge: to see how much you think you've grown since your said challenge ^_^ . If you want to redo the image and then post it here, that would be more than fine, that would be appreciated. :)

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10/03/2007 01:07:07 AM · #5
we're all a little crazy 0_o'
we can get you in as soon as our fearless and fearsome leader returns... which could take a little while. she's going to have to notice our return...

ps. YOU did "Born Slave"? i find it to be a very dramatic and ... curious photo. we are humbled to have you in our presence ^_^

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10/02/2007 10:41:27 PM · #6
I very recently crossed the avg of 5, could I join in.
(I am little crazy though).
10/02/2007 10:03:00 PM · #7
okay, i've finished hibernation... wait... it's only fall over here! doh! well, anyways, i'm back, and with all the fury of a rabid chipmunk! i entered into S-Curve and i'm pulling out AT LEAST a 5.3! that makes it my third best so far! i didn't even stretch myself for this challenge. i just used my rebel to pull out a technically decent shot! anyways, the AUF needs to be revived i think...
06/08/2007 12:26:41 PM · #8
Thanks for the positive response. Hardly ever get that from people on here. Usually too dark, not enough detail.lol


06/07/2007 10:56:11 PM · #9
Hiya! Took a look at your flickr photos.. I like them!
Added you to the list in the first post.

As far as editing.. everyone has their opinions about that. Personally... hm, well a lot of people do really nice glossy perfectly sharp over-saturated landscapes, and while I think they're nice I really have seen enough of them on this site, for the most part, and am more intrigued by those that look more "natural". But I think post-processing when used to enhance what is there can be so great, and sometimes digital art is fun too. :-)
06/07/2007 08:07:13 PM · #10
I think it is a bit of a click this website. I think people edit their photo`s way too much even in basic editing. In my opinion the picture should be as you took it.
I will probably always be under 5 as I don`t conform to other peoples standards. If I like it I take it. Visit my profile at //www.flickr.com/photos/saswaa

Respect to all the sub 5`s

06/07/2007 08:02:51 PM · #11
I'll bite
06/05/2007 08:16:14 PM · #12
Yeah... me too?
06/05/2007 06:46:57 PM · #13
Originally posted by klstover:

Hm... we seem to have fallen asleep. :)

Hey, I was the last post before you...I was waiting for someone else to post...ROFL!!
06/05/2007 06:44:33 PM · #14
Hm... we seem to have fallen asleep. :)
05/16/2007 06:21:08 PM · #15
Originally posted by JerseyGenie:

Hi, I've just barely squeeked above the 5.0, may I join? Thanks.

Hi Jersey!! Welcome to the AU5'ers glad you could join us!!
05/16/2007 04:46:54 PM · #16
Yes! Welcome!!
05/16/2007 01:36:12 PM · #17
Hi, I've just barely squeeked above the 5.0, may I join? Thanks.
05/16/2007 01:32:53 PM · #18
congrats :) even though we shouldn't mind scores here, bravo! and thanks in advance for stickin' around :P
05/16/2007 01:21:26 PM · #19
My symmetry submission took me over the 5.0 marker and now it's slowly going up from there thanks to my album and silk pics :) But I'll certainly still hang around for moral support! Hell, I may be back after my selective Desat picture!
05/16/2007 12:59:24 PM · #20
good now! woke up with some helpfull comments on my pic. even though i couldn't entirely avoid the situation that they are saying i should have avoided, next time i will avoid it. *hope that makes sense* :)
what about you guys!?
05/16/2007 04:53:34 AM · #21
How's everybody doin'? :)
05/09/2007 07:44:48 AM · #22

I am forming a team - please read and let me know if you are interested!

05/09/2007 05:13:01 AM · #23
Congrats!! :-D
05/09/2007 03:37:29 AM · #24
Just beat the 5 average with my last challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not by much but :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/09/2007 01:27:06 AM · #25
Originally posted by klstover:

In the Team Suck thread

' . substr('//www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', strrpos('//www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', '/') + 1) . ' Melethia said:

Kelly, I have a suggestion with respect to the DPL - form a team of the Under 5'ers. Why? Heresy, you say? Not really. New environment for DPC - the age of suggestion and collaboration is upon us. I have a lot of thoughts on this matter but not a lot of time at the moment (will have to get my butt out the door and head to work shortly) but here's the benefit as I see it: teams have a private forum for discussion, and can see and discuss each other's potential entries prior to a challenge. You can help select shots and make processing SUGGESTIONS. You can't help process (or at least that's how I read the rules). You can't vote on your teammates entries. It has the potential to be an exceptional learning tool. More than one team that has formed has publicly stated that scores will be irrelevant (much to the consternation of those teams who WANT to compete, though for the life of me I can't figure out why this would bother them).

Anyway, it's a thought. I was approached yesterday by someone with this in mind and I'm considering it seriously. The point being to help when asked and provide critical comments afterwards - much like Team Suck but on a smaller (5-7 people) scale. And NO, I don't plan to leave here if I do that. Not a chance.

' . substr('//www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', strrpos('//www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', '/') + 1) . ' klstover said:

Deb, that's an awesome idea but I really can't do it. I can barely keep up with the things I am interested in currently, much less form a DPL team. :-)

edit: oh or if *I* wasn't the one to form it, then I would consider joining that team...

' . substr('//www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', strrpos('//www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', '/') + 1) . ' Melethia said:

Perhaps suggest it in the Under 5 thread and let someone else take the lead. :-)

What a great idea!!! I am already involved in a team so this is not my bid to join or start one, but I think this is a FANTASTIC idea!!! Any takers!!! What a great way to learn!! I too am in TS and it's very very cool to have the support and advise from fellow suck members...oh yeah, and sing the songs of joy when things go well, lol. This could be the same on a smaller scale, Hope to see someone run with it....Good luck!!
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