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04/15/2007 12:51:46 AM · #1
before i launch my site, i would like to know what you all think about it. there's some typo / sentence problems here and there that i'm editing out in flash 8, but i was just wondering what you all thought of it.

i'm going to launch it soon, and start advertising locally, and all of your opinions really mean a lot to me. be brutally honest. thanks so much


04/15/2007 12:54:59 AM · #2
make it so you dont have to have the mouse all the way in the top of the tabs....make it so the entire square is the button not just the top
04/15/2007 12:57:32 AM · #3
I also don't like the floating photographs. NOT the thumbnails, that's cool, but when you click to blow it up it should be stationary. I had to move the picture up to see the whole thing.
04/15/2007 12:57:35 AM · #4
I can't seem to make the music stop. (No offense to your music) :)

Alos the links under "contact me"- useful links are not working.

and the thubnails are great btu I agree about the floating fullsize images. oftent iems the whole image would not be on my screen it would be floating off to the right.


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04/15/2007 01:09:59 AM · #5
Originally posted by WickedB:

I can't seem to make the music stop. (No offense to your music) :)

Alos the links under "contact me"- useful links are not working.

and the thubnails are great btu I agree about the floating fullsize images. oftent iems the whole image would not be on my screen it would be floating off to the right.


what she said
04/15/2007 01:10:37 AM · #6
If I might venture a couple of comments...

I agree with shanelighter about the floating photos...sometimes, depending on where my mouse is, a large portion of the picture will be cut off, and unless I take my hand off the mouse, the picture won't stop moving either. You don't want to distract people from the main thing, which is the pictures.

What is the main purpose of your site? Is it to get more work, or just a place to show your photos? If it's to get more work, you want to sound as professional as possible...for instance, in the "about me" tab, say you've been a photographer for 6 years, you don't need to say that it's a side-job or that you do it semi-pro, just say what's important. Hope this helps a little, and obviously this is all just my opinion ;-)

Nice job so far by the way! I can't code Flash for the life of me :~)
04/15/2007 01:31:24 PM · #7
thank you all so very much for the comments. this is exactly what i was after.

i purchased this template, and have been customizing it. flash is a beast to work with, but i'm finally getting the hang of it.

before i launch it, i'll fix the floating full size image and the text issues

any other comments / suggestions are greatly appreciated.

thanks again, so much
04/15/2007 01:39:00 PM · #8
The links on the contact me page doesn't work for me.

I do like the layout though.
Not 100% sold on the floating thumbs - has some odd behavior - but is definately pretty cool.
04/15/2007 10:21:12 PM · #9
Originally posted by rswank:

The links on the contact me page doesn't work for me.

I do like the layout though.
Not 100% sold on the floating thumbs - has some odd behavior - but is definately pretty cool.

not really odd. they float the opposite way your cursor is, if its on the left, the thumbs move right and so on and so forth
04/18/2007 10:18:16 AM · #10
I liked the floating squares. If it's a business site, though, add your location somewhere there. :)

People like to see prices up-front, IMO, too!

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04/18/2007 10:29:48 AM · #11
I dont like the fact that when you click on an image you cannot then go "back" to the gallery via the tab which brought you to that gallery in the first place.

And yeah - ditto about the floating images, the thumbs are cool tho :)

Nice site :)
04/18/2007 10:31:20 AM · #12
It's a cool effect on the homepage that gets your attention. I would strongly consider not having the floating effect continue once an image is selected. Once I clicked on an image, I wanted to study detail and reflect on the image. Having the float effect there really made that impossible for me. I didn't want to continue to explore more images in detail as a result.

The music doesn't do anything for me either. It's pretty enough but feels like your trying to cram an emotion into me to associate with your photos. If this site's for fun then go for it, but if the site is meant to generate people booking your services for portrait work (seems to be the theme), let the photos stand on their own without the music. In my opinion, the smooth jazz won't get high school seniors pumped up to want to work with you.

Nice pics...great luck launching your site!
04/18/2007 12:00:51 PM · #13
I like it!
04/22/2007 11:49:11 PM · #14
ok, i fixed it...

if anyone sees anything that sticks out to them, please let me know.

i really appreciate all the comments and suggestions that have been given so far.


04/23/2007 01:10:45 AM · #15
yeah im my opinion it's much better now that the photographs remain fixed once you have clicked on them.

My only comment would be to remove or change the orange flash effect on the "contact me" page when you scroll over an email address or submit button. There also appears to be a random one stuck in the middle of a sentence? Or is that meant to be a link to contact me? The orange line underneath makes it look messy IMO.

Other than that it's looking pretty darn good!

05/02/2007 09:17:42 PM · #16
Great site! I see you took all of the feedback seriously and improved as suggested.

While the web is global, I imagine your services might not be. You should add geographic location -- something like "Serving the ___ area." If I were shopping for a photographer and came across your site, I'd like to know if you serviced my area before I contacted you.

The tasteful flash shows people that you're not affraid to venture into high tech features.

Nice job!
05/02/2007 09:24:01 PM · #17
Wow, that is amazing! Did you do all the Flash work yourself?

Edit: I hate the noise the sounds when you hover over your photo on the about page. Maybe you should disable that or change it to the same sound heard when hovering over the images on your people, events, and random pages.

Message edited by author 2007-05-02 21:25:27.
05/03/2007 08:34:28 AM · #18
If you are going for a trendy, hip look then your photo with no shirt and the backwards hat is good. However, the typical traditional family might be turned off by that. If that is indeed a picture of you. Your pics are great by the way.
05/03/2007 10:00:02 AM · #19
thanks so much, you're all right, i was wondering about the pic of me.

i'll get it changed up, the great feedback is amazing.

thanks so much
05/03/2007 10:45:34 AM · #20
Hi Jon
i want to do the same like you but just for fun ,can you teach me flash design? LOL
1) You must be once visitor to your site and then maybe you find things that you didn't expect.
2)You must do the site easier to serf .The time is precius and you have to make it easy to transfer from one photo to other, like slide show, i can not see all the photos in full size one after the other.
3)I think you need to create sub-categories.Can you imagine what will be happen if you put a lot of images of people in this category/You will not be able to see all the thumbs in the first screen
4)I like the music but other people not.So if it can be done make a choise for 3 or 4 different songs in the begining
5)I like the floating effect.This is something different.
6) choose more carefuly the placement of the thumbs is the screen.
The rest are great and i hope to be happy whith this
05/03/2007 10:55:27 AM · #21
After viewing I will say I like a lot of your photos. Well done pics.

1. Not fond of the 'floating' and 'moving' pics on the pages. I find it annoying and gives me a headache. JMO of course.

2. Music - although it can be turned off, would prefer it to be off by default as opposed to on by default.

3. Loading - there seems to be many layers before your actual presentation shows - first a very distracting bright red/orange that gets overlayed with black and then two layers of gray. Very time consuming and loading could be much faster and smoother without them.

4. On the about me page the 'actions' as you mouse over the photos I also find distracting. They don't add anything to the presentation really.

All of this is just my opinion of course. Disregard at will.

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05/03/2007 11:24:49 AM · #22
Nice photos and idea. The link above is not accurate, by the way. Like the overall idea but it is about as slow as pouring treacle in the arctic before global warming.

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05/03/2007 11:54:25 AM · #23
just a couple quick comments...

i don't like that the floating images run away from my mouse as i move my mouse towards them. i want to see the photos, not play whack-a-mole.

on your about page, i don't like the bouncy thing when i move my mouse over your photo. the white flash as i mouse over your smaller images comes across like a flash going off (pardon the pun); a smoother thansition may be better. also, i can't tell where to start/stop reading...your sign off is in the middle of the page. do you want me to read about you, or your works?

what is the purpose of the website? is it to showcase your work in order to get people to buy your prints or to hire you? if you have something to sell, you want your site to get your point across while giving visitors more reasons to stay than to leave.

just my 02 ;-)

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05/03/2007 12:04:59 PM · #24
It took quite a while for it to load, if i was just browsing normally i think i'd have closed it.
I don't like the floating photo's, or the music. At all.
05/13/2007 03:00:56 PM · #25
where did you get this from? the site that is
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