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04/13/2008 08:39:00 PM · #26
Larry Burrows: Vietnam

Title | Larry Burrows: Vietnam
Author | Larry Burrows & David Halberstam (Introduction)
Type | Book
Notes | In the heat of battle, in the devastated countryside, among troops and civilians equally hurt by the savagery of war, Larry Burrows photographed the conflict in Vietnam from 1962, the earliest days of American involvement, until 1971, when he died in a helicopter shot down on the Vietnam–Laos border. His images, published in Life magazine, brought the war home, scorching the consciousness of the public and inspiring much of the anti-war sentiment that convulsed American society in the 1960s.

To see these photo essays today, gathered in one volume and augmented by unpublished images from the Burrows archive, is to experience (or to relive), with extraordinary immediacy, both the war itself and the effect and range of Larry Burrows’s gifts—his courage: to shoot “The Air War,” he strapped himself and his camera to the open doorway of a plane . . . his reporter’s instinct: accompanying the mission of the helicopter Yankee Papa 13, he captured the transformation of a young marine crew chief experiencing the death of fellow marines . . . and his compassion: in “Operation Prairie” and “A Degree of Disillusion” he published profoundly affecting images of exhausted, bloodied troops and maimed Vietnamese children, both wounded, physically and psychologically, by the ever-escalating war.

The photographs Larry Burrows took in Vietnam, magnificently reproduced in this volume, are brutal, poignant, and utterly truthful, a stunning example of photojournalism that recorded history and achieved the level of great art. Indeed, in retrospect, says David Halberstam in his moving introduction, “Larry Burrows was as much historian as photographer and artist. Because of his work, generations born long after he died will be able to witness and understand and feel the terrible events he recorded. This book is his last testament.”
With 150 illustrations, 100 in full color

About the Author:

Larry Burrows (1926–71) was born in England, went to work at the age of sixteen in the photo lab of Life’s London bureau, and rose to become one of the twentieth century’s greatest photojournalists.

David Halberstam, Burrows’s close friend and comrade in Vietnam, is the author of many books, most recently War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton, and the Generals. He lives in New York City.
04/13/2008 09:12:38 PM · #27
Classic Baseball: The Photographs of Walter Iooss Jr.

Title | Classic Baseball: The Photographs of Walter Iooss Jr.
Author | Walter Iooss Jr. (Photographer) & Dave Anderson
Type | Book
Notes | Joe Dimaggio, Sandy Koufax, Cal Ripken, Sammy Sosa: more than mere athletes, these men, with their superlative physical skills, grace under pressure, and all-too-human foibles, rank as classic American heroes. Here, world-famous photographer Walter Iooss Jr. presents equally classic images of baseball greats of the past 40 years. Combining nostalgic postwar-era portraits with action shots of today's most popular players, and enhanced by the commentary of Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dave Anderson, Classic Baseball offers the definitive illustrated account of the sport since the 1960s.

Special features like a six-page gatefold, collages created by Iooss exclusively for the book, and several never-before-published images make this the natural follow-up to Abrams' top-selling Baseball's Golden Age.

About the Author:
While still in high school, Walter Iooss Jr. received one of his first assignments from Sports Illustrated: to photograph Roger Maris's attempt to break Babe Ruth's home run record. His work today includes both sports journalism and advertising photography, and he is the photographer of the bestseller Rare Air. Iooss lives in Montauk, New York. Pulitzer Prize-winner Dave Anderson writes three sports columns a week for The New York Times and is the author of some 350 magazine articles and 22 books, including the bestsellers One Knee Equals Two Feet and Everything Else You Need to Know about Football and All Madden: Hey, I'm Talking Football, both with John Madden. He lives in Tenafly, New Jersey.

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04/13/2008 09:17:24 PM · #28
Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism

Title | Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism
Author | Brian Horton
Type | Book
Notes | Written by noted AP photographer and photo editor Brian Horton, this is an insider's manual to one of the most glamorous and exciting media professions. Emphasizing the creative process behind the photojournalist's art, Brian Horton draws upon his three decades of experience, as well as the experiences of other award-winning photojournalists, to instruct readers in the secrets of snapping memorable news photos every time. With the help of more than 100 photographs from the AP archives, he analyzes what constitutes successful news photos of every type, including portraits, tableaux, sports shots, battlefield scenes, and more, as well as offering tips on how to develop a style of your own.
04/13/2008 09:20:15 PM · #29
PICTURAPixel: An Electronic PhotoMagazine

Pictura means painting, image. Pixel is the smallest element of an image. In between, you can find us. Searching for the best images and following our photographic passion. PicturaPixel is a multimedia magazine dedicated to photography.
04/13/2008 09:23:15 PM · #30
Witness in Our Time: Working Lives of Documentary Photographers

Title | Witness in Our Time: Working Lives of Documentary Photographers
Author | Ken Light
Type | Book
Notes | Illustrated with a compelling image from each photographer, Witness in Our Time traces the recent history of social documentary photography in the words of twenty-two of the genre's best photographers, editors, and curators, showing that the profession remains vital, innovative, and committed to social change. Featuring interviews with Hansel Mieth, Walter Rosenblum, Michelle Vignes, Wayne Miller, Peter Magubane, Matt Herron, Jill Freedman, Mary Ellen Mark, Earl Dotter, Eugene Richards, Susan Meiselas, Sebastião Salgado, Graciela Iturbide, Antonin Kratochvil, Donna Ferrato, Joseph Rodriguez, Dayanita Singh, Fazal Sheikh, Gifford Hampshire, Peter Howe, Colin Jacobson, and Ann Wilkes Tucker
04/13/2008 09:26:38 PM · #31
Lab zine

LAB is an experimental web/print publication featuring the work of creative folks who are passionate about what they do: DIY media makers, freelance artists, independent business owners, craftsters, zinesters, cultural entrepreneurs, and those that blur the borders between all of the above-mentioned categories. Put another way, we like to talk to people who love doing what they do.
04/13/2008 09:30:36 PM · #32
Southwest Florida's Wetlands

Title | Southwest Florida's Wetland Wilderness: Big Cypress Swamp and the Ten Thousand Islands
Author | Jeffrey Ripple
Photographer | Clyde Butcher

karmat's note: When I first "got into" photography, I neither liked nor understood black and white photography. This book changed my mind. I honestly don't know what Butcher's "reputation" is among photographers, but I like his pictures.
04/13/2008 09:33:03 PM · #33
Originally posted by karmat:

Southwest Florida's Wetlands

Title | Southwest Florida's Wetland Wilderness: Big Cypress Swamp and the Ten Thousand Islands
Author | Jeffrey Ripple
Photographer | Clyde Butcher

karmat's note: When I first "got into" photography, I neither liked nor understood black and white photography. This book changed my mind. I honestly don't know what Butcher's "reputation" is among photographers, but I like his pictures.

His work is amazing.

I think he made the cut in "The Photographer" thread.
04/13/2008 09:35:56 PM · #34
Picture Magazine

PICTURE Magazine is a bi-monthly NYC based national photo industry publication, providing news, calendar, and event information, photographer profiles and interviews, advertising and magazine reviews, digital and internet columns, and equipment and product information.

The magazine has grown tremendously over the past ten years to emerge as an acute, intuitive and valuable monthly photo industry resource. PICTURE fills the niche for a smart and insightful look into the current photography market.
04/13/2008 11:42:29 PM · #35
Photoicon Magazine

Published quarterly. One of my favourite publications these days.
04/14/2008 07:28:54 AM · #36
Leroy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s

Title | Leroy Grannis: Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s
Author | Leroy Grannis
Type | Book
Notes | This collection, drawn from Grannis's personal archives, showcases an impressive selection of surf photographs--from the bliss of catching the perfect wave at San Onofre to dramatic wipe outs at Oahu's famed North Shore. An innovator in the field, Grannis suction-cupped a waterproof box to his board, enabling him to change film in the water and stay closer to the action than other photographers of the time. Equally notable is his work covering an emerging surf lifestyle, from "surfer stomps" and hoards of fans at surf contests to board-laden woody station wagons along the Pacific Coast Highway. It is in these iconic images that a sport still in its adolescence embodied the free-spirited nature of an era--a time before short boards and celebrity endorsements, when surfing was at its bronzed best.

About the Author:
Over the past decade working as Surfer magazine's globe-roaming editor at large, photojournalist Steve Barilotti has made it his business to document the sport, art, and lore of surfing. A lifelong surfer and fourth-generation Californian, Barilotti's passion for West Coast beach culture runs deep. His writing has also appeared in The Perfect Day and the books of renowned surf photographers Art Brewer and Ted Grambeau. Between trips, Steve lives in San Diego, California.
04/14/2008 09:11:37 PM · #37
Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop's Most Powerful Feature

Author: Matt Kloskowski
Type: Paperback
Notes: This book is so easy to follow and has great big images! Great for visual people who want to dig in to Photoshop!

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04/14/2008 10:19:24 PM · #38
The Creative Digital Darkroom

Author:Katrin Eismann & Sean Duggan
type: Paperback
Notes:This tutorial takes photographers beyond the quick tips and gimmicky effects of many digital photography books. Author Katrin Eismann -- an internationally acclaimed artist, bestselling author, and gifted educator -- offers high-profile work, including her own, as examples for teaching photographers how to use the digital medium to create, edit, and output images that reflect their true vision.

Co-authored by photographer and teacher Sean Duggan, The Creative Digital Darkroom translates skills, concepts, and nomenclature of the traditional darkroom into digital solutions for photographers who sense that, despite the newness of the technologies at hand, there remains a timeless method for learning and practicing photography the right way. This is not a Photoshop book per se, but it does focus on the photographic aspects of Photoshop, something other books claim to do but rarely have the discipline to accomplish. The Creative Digital Darkroom includes:

* Four sections that cover the black & white darkroom, the color darkroom, creative techniques, and production essentials
* Chapters that begin with a thorough foundation followed by numerous tutorial examples that apply the theory to real-world examples
* Examples and a layout that enables readers to find, understand, and apply the featured techniques quickly and easily
* The authors are both renowned photographers and Photoshop experts

Clearly, The Creative Digital Darkroom is not your typical digital photography "how to" book. It's ideal for intermediate and advanced photographers, artists, and educators looking for clear, concise, insightful, and inspiring information and techniques on how to make their photographs shine. The language, and techniques will immediately appeal to serious students and professionals, and the original tutorial images and high-profile work will make the book an important visual resource for educators and art appreciators.

About the Author
Katrin Eismann is known throughout the world for her talent as a Photoshop expert and photographer, but above all she's considered one of the best teachers her field has ever seen. This book uses the clear, concise tutorial approach that made her two previous Photoshop books bestsellers that take photographers beyond quick tips and gimmicky effects. Sean Duggan is a fine art photographer, educator and Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert with extensive experience in both the traditional and digital darkroom. Co-author of "Real World Digital Photography" and "Photoshop Artistry", he has been helping photographers master Photoshop and digital darkroom technique through his workshops and classes for over 10 years.
04/14/2008 10:41:51 PM · #39
Take your photography to the next level

Author:George Barr
type: Paperback
Notes:This book is for the photographer who strives to achieve a higher level of results in their work. Take Your Photography to the Next Level is based on a series of essays originally featured on the popular Luminous Landscape website. Barr tackles some of the rarely discussed, yet essential aspects of successful photography. Here is where photographers will learn what is required in order to grow in their creativity and to gain a deeper understanding of their craft.

With a forward by Michael Reichmann.

Topics include:

# Creativity
# Dealing with disappointment
# Developing an "eye"
# Making stronger images
# What photographs well
# Where to go looking for the best photographic subjects
# How to approach subject material
# A great image is just around the corner
# Dealing with failure
# Mind games
# Becoming a self-aware photographer
# Framing, cropping, & manipulating prints to create mood and transmit your message

About the Author
George Barr is a photographer living in Calgary, Canada. Serious about photography since age 12, working initially with a WWII Zeiss Ikonta in a basement-bathroom "darkroom", he has progressed through medium format, 4X5, and now digital SLR's. He earns his living as a family doctor with a special interest in psychiatry but his primary passion has always been the fine art print.

Major milestones include learning to make quality prints from Fred Picker, learning to really "see" photographs from Hubert Hohn of the Edmonton Art Gallery, looking at Edward Weston prints bare, attending workshops, working with galleries, and being published.

George has had his images published in the magazines Black and White Photography, Black and White, Focus, Lens work, and Outdoor Photography.

By the time George closed his darkroom, he was making very high quality prints and carried on this quality with digital cameras and ink jet printing, producing some of the finest ink jet prints made, surprising many traditional 4X5 photographers with the level of quality.

Throughout his life George has been a teacher of medical students & residents, patients, and fellow photographers. A writer of understandable patient newsletters and handouts, it was a short step to writing essays on photography. George has bravely tackled the challenging subjects of aesthetics, seeing, and composing in a style that is clear, practical, and applicable to many.
04/14/2008 11:00:18 PM · #40
Photoshop CS3 for Forensics Professionals:
A Complete Digital Imaging Course for Investigators
Author: George Reis
Publisher: Wiley Publishing Inc. 2007
Paperback with course CD

Though this book is targeted at forensic specialists, I have found it to be an invaluable tool for fine tuning my CS3 experience.


1: Best Practices
2: Reports and Testimony
3: Basic Imaging Settings
4: Navigating with Bridge
5: Camera RAW
6: Viewing Metedata
7: Basic Image Adjustments
8: Printing Images
9: Automating Photoshop through Actions
10: Contact Sheets
11: PDF Presentations
12: Preparing COurt Exhibits
13: Photomerge
14: Compositing Images
15: Precise Image Sizing (this chapter is great for learning how to maintain image quality during resizing)
16: Measuring Objects
17: Distortion Correction (corrections for wide angle and perspective distortion)
18: Noise Reduction
19: Deblurring and Sharpening
20: Contrast Enhancement
21: Color Isolation
22: Pattern Removal
23: Forensic Video Analysis
24: Additional Features (merge to HDR, layer blend modes, tonal inversion)

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04/14/2008 11:11:05 PM · #41
professional photographer magazine

not the most creative name but I was impressed
04/15/2008 07:39:08 AM · #42
Black and White Magazine

Black and White all the time.
04/15/2008 08:59:27 PM · #43
2008 Photographers Market

Author:Donna Poehner
Notes:The growing digital photography trend has led many amateur photographers to become professional or at least semi-professional. In addition, there are still many film photographers looking for markets for their work.

New to this edition is information on the portrait and wedding photography business.

With 2,000 market listings, 2008 Photographer's Market is the resource freelance photographers need to find markets for their work. No other book contains as many market listings. Readers will find listing for magazines, newspapers, book publishers, greeting cards companies, stock photo agencies, design firms, galleries, art fairs and contests all over the world. Clearly marked sections and four indexes aid in narrowing down the markets and inspiring articles about successful photographers will give readers real world advice on how to succeed in a business that is always evolving due to technology and changing market trends. This up-to-date information is crucial for anyone wanting to establish themselves as a working photographer.
04/16/2008 10:04:40 PM · #44
50 Years Of Photographing Hollywood

Title | 50 Years of Photographing Hollywood: The Hurrell Style
Author | Whitney Stine
Type | Book
Rating | 10
Notes | Published by Crown, February 1984.
04/17/2008 01:12:23 PM · #45
A Photographer's Life 1990-2005

Title | A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005
Author | Annie Leibovitz
Type | Book
Notes | “I don’t have two lives,” Annie Leibovitz writes in the Introduction to this collection of her work from 1990—2005. “This is one life, and the personal pictures and the assignment work are all part of it.” Portraits of well-known figures–Johnny Cash, Nicole Kidman, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Keith Richards, Michael Jordan, Joan Didion, R2-D2, Patti Smith, Nelson Mandela, Jack Nicholson, William Burroughs, George W. Bush with members of his Cabinet–appear alongside pictures of Leibovitz’s family and friends, reportage from the siege of Sarajevo in the early Nineties, and landscapes made even more indelible through Leibovitz’s discerning eye. The images form a narrative rich in contrasts and continuities: The photographer has a long relationship that ends with illness and death. She chronicles the celebrations and heartbreaks of her large and robust family. She has children of her own. All the while she is working, and the public work resonates with the themes of her life.

About the Author:
Annie Leibovitz was born on October 2, 1949, in Waterbury, Connecticut. While studying painting at the San Francisco Art Institute she took night classes in photography, and in 1970 she began doing work for Rolling Stone magazine. She became Rolling Stone’s chief photographer in 1973. By the time she left the magazine, ten years later, she had shot 142 covers. She joined the staff of Vanity Fair in 1983 and in 1998 also began working for Vogue.

In addition to her magazine editorial work, Leibovitz has created influential advertising campaigns for American Express, the Gap, and the Milk Board. She has worked with many arts organizations, including American Ballet Theatre, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the Mark Morris Dance Group, and with Mikhail Baryshnikov. Her books include Annie Leibovitz: Photographs, Photographs: Annie Leibovitz, 1970-1990, Olympic Portraits, Women, and Annie Leibovitz: American Music. Exhibitions of her work have appeared at museums and galleries all over the world, including the National Portrait Gallery and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C.; the International Center of Photography in New York; the Brooklyn Museum; the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam; the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris; and the National Portrait Gallery in London. Leibovitz has been designated a Living Legend by the Library of Congress and is the recipient of many other honors, including the Barnard College Medal of Distinction and the Infinity Award in Applied Photography from the International Center of Photography. She was decorated a Commandeur in the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. She lives in New York with her three children, Sarah, Susan, and Samuelle.
04/17/2008 01:17:36 PM · #46

The Guardian Newspaper - Arts supplement

Thought this was a good online resource.
04/17/2008 01:19:58 PM · #47
Originally posted by salmiakki:

The Guardian Newspaper - Arts supplement

Thought this was a good online resource.

Bookmarked it.

04/17/2008 07:02:04 PM · #48
A Portrait of Baseball Photography:
The Definitive History of our Pastime's Pictures, News Services, and Photographers

A Portrait of Baseball Photography:
The Definitive History of our Pastime's Pictures, News Services, and Photographers

Title | A Portrait of Baseball Photography
Author | Marshall Fogel, Khyber Oser, and Henry Yee
Type | Book
Notes | Baseball photography has long been one of the most popular and yet least understood sectors of sports collectibles. Unlike cards and memorabilia, which have been documented, analyzed, and evaluated ad infinitum, baseball photographs are often overlooked. They can seem confusing and disorderly–not quite so black and white as their hues might suggest. There are no numbers or sets. There are no production runs. No price guides either. Without any concrete standardization and overarching guidelines, hobbyists have had to improvise on what they knew, or at least thought they knew. Myths and misconceptions have reigned supreme, not for lack of determined interest in baseball photography but for lack of definitive research.

Not anymore. A Portrait of Baseball Photography is the first exhaustive account of baseball photographs–their inception and evolution, their collecting criteria, and their key news agencies and photographers. This landmark volume has corralled the wild and unwieldy subject of baseball photography, arming both beginning and advanced collectors with the necessary tools to make informed, knowledgeable decisions in the marketplace. Additionally, for those whose interests may lie outside the realm of baseball or even collectibles, the book proves itself a worthy work of scholarship from which historians of photography and/or mass media will no doubt benefit. Our National Pastime serves as a vehicle, a focal point, if you will, for the much broader scope of American photojournalism as a whole.

Its text aside, the book also contains several hundred classic images from the annals of baseball, some captured by the masters of their art, others by the myriad unidentified photographers whose names are now lost to the sands of time. Whether one closely reads the text or simply peruses the timeless gallery of pictures, A Portrait of Baseball Photography fills a significant void in the bookshelves of baseball history. The game's photography will never be viewed the same way again.

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04/17/2008 07:04:55 PM · #49
Portrait and Candid Photography: Photo Workshop

Author:Erin Manning
Notes:The secret to taking great “people pictures” is to observe your subjects, connect with them, and use your camera to its best advantage. Here’s how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, environment, and countless other variables, including the unique challenges of photographing babies, group activities, and action. Learn to capture facial expressions, tell a story with a series of candids, add interest to large-group shots, and more. Apply these techniques and watch your subjects come to life.

From the Back Cover

Taking great "people pictures" isn't a matter of luck. The secret is in observing your subjects and connecting with them, and then using your camera to its best advantage. Here's how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, environment, and a host of other variables, including the unique challenges of photographing babies, group activities, and action. Apply these techniques and watch your subjects come to life; then test your newfound skills by completing the assignments at the end of each chapter and collecting feedback on your work at pwsbooks.com.

* Study your subjects in their natural habitat—observe how they react and interact

Discover simple techniques for improving photos of babies and children

Learn to capture facial expressions

Tell a story with a series of candid photos

Add interest to large-group shots

04/18/2008 06:55:46 AM · #50
American Masters - Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye

Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye

Both of these samples are biographical DVDs.

Well made, and a must see.
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