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12/03/2008 04:43:14 PM · #51
Why not? I'm bringing my ugly cousin so I think between the three of us we could get someone to lend us a few thousand.
12/03/2008 10:53:05 PM · #52
Well sports fans, this brings us to the moment of truth! :-)

From: Chevron Texacon Lottery <clmag_markadams@live.com>
Subject: Delivery Update.
To: taterbugmi@att.net
Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 4:54 PM

Dear Winner Arthur Dent,

I got your e-mail and it was well understood by me, we want you to understand that we acknowledge your plight and we want to assure you that as soon as you comply with the requirements of this office we will commence with the immediate delivery of your funds to your destiantion myself without any further delay.

However we want you to have it in mind that we are not interested in the $2,000 you wish to pay for me to deliver your funds to you, we normaly do not deliver winnings to our lucky winners in person, it is normarly done through a courier service, but i need to render you a great help that is why i have taken it open myself to do you this great favour, the best thing that you need to do now as a legal winner of this promotion is to comply with the requirements and proceed with the payment of $1,100 One Thousand One Hundred American Dollars.

Note.. You have limited time to get back to us via e-mail with the full payment to enable me delivery your funds to your destination myself as earlier stated. you have notting to worry about, your consignment is safe and will be delivered to you as soon as we recieve the payment details from you after you have made the payment needed for delivery. you have 2working days from today to come up with the full payment.

Immediately your payment is noted by us, your requested secret question will be given to you with a pickup sign which you will use to notify me in the airport. i believe this is well understood by you. we do not play games and we want your full co-operation for the delivery to be progresssive.

We wait your responds immediately.

Best Regards,
(Lottery Claims Agent)


Ah, my dearest Mark boy,

I am so happy hearing back from you so soon. I am glad everything is happening by the plan. Plans are good. You see, I have this compulsive disorder disease that only allows me to do things that are all planned out. So if $11,00. OneThousand One Hundred American Dollars is enough, then $11,00. One Thousand One Hundred American Dollars it shall be. I have the money all ready to send to you. The Western Union office is right down the street, next to Taco Bell. Because of my compulsive disorder disease, I have to know that everything is planned out right. Surely you can understand this. You are such a kind, caring person after all. So, the plan is: I will send you the $11,00. One Thousand One Hundred American Dollars by Western Union (by Taco Bell), then you will arrive here at my airport. You will be holding the sign with the secret question (the secret question is "Excuse me sir, will you plow my hiney?), and I will come up and give you the secret answer (the secret answer is "Why yes, I have a load of pineapples right here.") Then you will give me the 1,000,000 US Dollars, then we will go out to the limo and I will show you around. We will shotgun PBR and plowfest and have a grand old time.

The only part of the plan that I am worried about is finding you at the airport. It is such a big place, filled with all kind of evil people, like hari krishna dudes and jello salesmen, I am afraid of being able to find you. I know, if you can e-mail me a photograph of you holding up a sign with the secret question on it (Excuse me sir, will you plow my hiney?) , then I will know exactly what to look for at the airport, and I will stop worrying about it. Then when I see the photograph, I can go straight down to the Western Union by Taco Bell and send you the $11,00 One Thousand One Hundred American Dollars, so you can set up your flight here and get things under way. So if you can send the photograph as soon as possible, I can send you the money tommorrow. I look forward to seeing you.

With all my heart and hiney,

your PBR lover-boy,


So folks, any bets on wether my dear Mr. Adams will come through for me or not? :-)
Or will this be the big one that got away???

12/03/2008 11:07:21 PM · #53
Well, considering that there are shots of hideous tattoos that scammers have gotten to keep the scam going, I think your odds are good of having something to show us :)
12/03/2008 11:36:22 PM · #54
50-50. They are by now just hoping against hope for the delivery(!) to be "progressive."
12/03/2008 11:41:30 PM · #55
isn't $11,00 actually "two hundred thousand fifty two dollars and forty one cents"? am I reading this wrong? Just make sure he won't confuse the number.
12/04/2008 11:42:57 AM · #56
Well, I havn't heard anything yet. I think maybe I lost 'em. It was sure fun while it lasted :-)
12/04/2008 11:55:41 AM · #57
Originally posted by taterbug:

Well, I havn't heard anything yet. I think maybe I lost 'em. It was sure fun while it lasted :-)

Maybe it's just taking some effort to get a camera and make the sign.

LOL! Nice work tater!
12/04/2008 08:05:18 PM · #58
Wowsers, there is still a little life left in this one!

From: Chevron Texacon Lottery <clmag_markadams@live.com>
Subject: Delivery Update.
To: taterbugmi@att.net
Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008, 4:43 PM

Dear Winner Arthur Dent,

I got your mail and i have done it as you said, so you go blow the the attachment you will see my photograph.

So as soon as you send the money just give me a call.

Best Regards,
(Lottery Claims Agent)

here is the photo- ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/15000-19999/19831/120/744808.jpg', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/15000-19999/19831/120/744808.jpg', '/') + 1) . '


Ah my dear Mark,

You look as handsome as I have imagined! But I am disappointed, you have not followed the plan. My compulsive disorder disease makes my brain hurt when you don't follow the plan. I hope it does not start hurting enough to make my ears bleed this time. The picture is supposed to show you holding the sign with the secret question on it. I am sad now. Are you playing games with me Mr. Adams? Are you trying to make my ears bleed? I was all ready to go down to the Western Union to send you the $11,00 One Thousand One Hundred American Dollars, and now you try to hurt me. I want my 1,000.000 US Dollars so bad, as you know I have made big life saving plans for that money. Please Mark, please stick to the plan and send me a photography of you holding the sign with the secret question on it. Please, so my brain will stop hurting and my ears don't bleed. Then I will immediately send you the $11,00 american dollars. Please don't play games with me Mr. Adams, my heart can not take it, and remember, I do so badly need that testicle surgery.

your loving, ear-bleeding gerbil queeen,


12/04/2008 08:12:47 PM · #59
this thread is making me laugh so hard today. i just got one of these types of emails and I want to respond. but i just don't have this kind of creative genius.

this does make me wonder tho who puts these people up to doing this. or if they might have been duped into doing this via the "make money from home!" scams - similar to the ones that sucker people here in the States. the real story here is how do these people get started doing this in the first place?

12/04/2008 08:16:39 PM · #60
Are you f... kidding me?

this is too good to be real :|
12/04/2008 08:22:59 PM · #61
I am SO enjoying this thread. I hope you can keep him interested for a long time.
12/04/2008 08:23:38 PM · #62
Am I reading that right -- did he tell you to... blow his attachment? This exchange may have just gone a whole new direction...

12/04/2008 08:24:13 PM · #63
heeh,he, and...it's even photography related (now that there are pix involved) :-P
12/04/2008 08:24:59 PM · #64
yeah, I couldn't figure out how to blow an attachment either, so I just downloaded it :-P
12/04/2008 08:26:06 PM · #65
makes me wish i got those emails too!
12/04/2008 08:37:06 PM · #66
Hmn. I think getting a picture at all is rather a win, but that blow attachment is worrisome: do you think ???????
12/04/2008 08:49:18 PM · #67
Originally posted by FocusPoint:

Are you f... kidding me?

this is too good to be real :|

12/04/2008 09:10:01 PM · #68
Dude, can ya loan me 1,00 bucks?
12/04/2008 11:25:39 PM · #69
Originally posted by TooCool:

Dude, can ya loan me 1,00 bucks?

Is that 1,00 US Bucks? :-P

Sure! Just send me $25 Twenty Five American Dollars first for the courier service :-P
12/05/2008 02:30:53 PM · #70
Well, someone is getting a bit tiffed? :-)

From: Chevron Texacon Lottery <clmag_markadams@live.com>
Subject: For your Information
To: taterbugmi@att.net
Date: Friday, December 5, 2008, 3:41 AM

Attn; Arthur,

I really dont understand you, does it mean that you are playing games with me or what? Who did you think you are? By the way, I have done the best i wish i could do for you and if you are not comfortable with this arrangement, I advise you inform me so as to send your check back to the Lottery Board.

Remember that you are not the only winner we are dealing with, I need a good treatment from you and not for play. You just have to do things the way I want it done and not the way you want it. I'm the delivery agent and not you. So you must be serious about this or you write me back to disregard this transaction.

I'm sorry to say that i can't continue with you in this manner and if you feel the picture i sent you is not ok, then you forget everything about your winning delivery to you in the USA. I'm not a fool and you don't use me like one. OK?

Have a great day!

(Lottery Claims Agent)


My dearest Mark,

After all our talks about PBR, plowing and gerbils and stuff, to have you turn on me like this just breaks my heart. And my ears are most definitely bleeding quite profusely. It is you that is playing games with me. And cruel cold-hearted games they are. You are making fun of my serious diseases. Knowing about my compulsive disorder disease, YOU made the plan. I was trying to follow the plan. The secret question was YOUR idea, n ot mine. YOU suggested the sign. Is everyone in your country so mean, to make fun of a person with these diseases? How can you say that I did anything wrong, when I was just trying to follow YOUR plan? And I said I would send you how ever much money you needed to deliver my winnings. I have your $11,00 One Thousand One Hundred American Dollars right here in my hand, ready to send to you immediately. And all I asked for was a simple picture of you holding the sign. You act like I was asking for all kinds of stuff. Just a picture. I could do that in like 5 minutes. What is the deal? Why are you messing with me Mark? I had big plans for us. I offered you the hospitality of my home. Do you need more money to take the picture? I said I can send you more dollars if you need it. All I need is a simple picture of you holding the sign, like your plan says, because of my terrible disease and so I won't have this pain in my brain. All you want to do is play games with me and shatter all my hopes and dreams. Please Mark, please, I so need the 1.000.000 US Dollars for my gonad surgery and all the other stuff. But I have to deal with my terrible disease, so please Mark, honey, can't we just stick to your plan? Just send me the picture, and I can have your money sent to you in minutes.

your broken hearted stud muffin,


12/05/2008 02:37:12 PM · #71
Well! I do sooo much like Mark's "I'm not a fool and you don't use me like one."
12/05/2008 02:57:38 PM · #72
And all this time I've been deleting my Nigerian lottery, dead abducted father need to get money out of the country, kidnapped dead uncle need to get money and treasure out of the country emails. What was I thinking??
12/05/2008 03:43:42 PM · #73
Booyah, Taterbug! :-D
12/05/2008 03:48:02 PM · #74
lol this is just too good, I cant believe his reponses

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12/06/2008 10:23:23 AM · #75

Classic :) took him long enough.

While on the subject of pranking scammers or telemarketers, have you guys heard this: //www.ski-mag.com/en/ski/clanak.php?id=19264 (old but classic)?? Taterbug your prank is up there with the greats i have been rolling on the floor going through this thread.

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