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03/03/2009 03:24:27 PM · #1
I know theres a thread for what your username represents, but I couldnt find one for real names. I've always been interested in names, so I decided to make a thread!

Pretty much your name, what it means, what language/culture it originates from, and anything else :).

My name is Samah, its an Arabic name and it means forgiveness.
03/03/2009 03:33:19 PM · #2

Strong power; hardy power

03/03/2009 03:35:56 PM · #3

It is my name, not my philosophy. :)
03/03/2009 03:36:03 PM · #4
Hmmm... Sheila... Well, depending where you look it's Celtic, Irish or Latin and means musical, blind or of heaven. Numerology says I'm "Optimistic - Easygoing, sociable, spontaneous and humorous".

Oh, and don't even ask the Aussies what it means :)

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03/03/2009 03:38:33 PM · #5
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gender Male
Meaning wreath, crown
Origin Greek

Stephen or Steven (pronounced /ˈstiːvɛn/ or /'stɛfɛn/) is an English masculine first name, derived from the Greek name Στέφανος (Stephanos) meaning "crown, garland", in turn from the Greek word στέφανος/στεφάνι (wreath, crown, honour, reward)[1][2]. Its use was first recorded in Homer's Iliad[3]. The name is significant to Christians: according to the Book of Acts in the New Testament, Saint Stephen was a deacon who was stoned to death and is regarded as the first Christian martyr. It was popularized in England by the Normans[citation needed]. The name has many variants, which include Stephan, Stevan, Stefan, and Stevon.

Steve is the common short form and various diminutives such as Stevie are also used. Many family names are derived from Stephen: the most common are Stephens/Stevens and Stephenson/Stevenson (others include Stephen, Stephan, Stefan, Stevin, and Stever
03/03/2009 03:48:29 PM · #6
Karen means pure.
03/03/2009 03:58:34 PM · #7
Jeb.....it's an acronym for my name:

Jackson Emery Boyd

They decided not to name me Jack 'cause my grandfather was Jack, and the female beagle was Jackie.
03/03/2009 04:00:25 PM · #8
Origin Greek
Means Resurrection
03/03/2009 04:20:27 PM · #9
Leah = Weary

In the Old Testament Leah was the first wife of Jacob (even though he loved her sister Rachel)and the mother of seven of his children.

(I can see how that would make you weary)
03/03/2009 04:38:00 PM · #10
Ryan = It is of Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "king"

Now kneel before me peasants!!!
03/03/2009 04:49:15 PM · #11
Both my first and last name are embedded in Hungarian history. Steven (has already been detailed by Five_Seat) is after King Stephen of Hungry. There were (before deaths) seven Stephens in our family with various spellings. In Hungry, there are numerous churches named St. Stephen. My last name translate to "light." Therefore, King of light.

Sorry, rmezzo! This King never bows to another!

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03/03/2009 04:52:05 PM · #12
Nathan = Arrogan, sarcastic, pain in the arse, (at least that's who I am, not necessarily the real meaning to my name). *grin*
03/03/2009 04:59:13 PM · #13
Are = "Ocean Eagle" in the old Norwegian language
03/03/2009 05:02:51 PM · #14
"What does your name mean" has always fascinated me. There are many names that have another life as a noun or a verb.

Brad = a slender wire nail with a small barrel-shaped head
Jimmy = a short crowbar (noun); to force open with a short crowbar (verb)
roger = used especially in radio and signaling to indicate that a message has been received and understood (verb)
john = toilet or prostitute's client (noun)
joe = coffee (noun)

I started a dictionary of names--once I started looking for these, I found them everywhere.


Besides the names of flowers & precious stones, for women we have

sally = a venture or excursion usually off the beaten track (noun, also a verb for the same action)
ruth = compassion for another's misery

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03/03/2009 05:08:03 PM · #15
Wikipedia says, Alan = Rock, little rock, and handsome. Well Handsome didnít happen, and a little rock is still a rock. In my case Alan = Rock. Ironically my last name in German is black.
03/03/2009 05:08:50 PM · #16
Jonathan- given by god i believe.
03/03/2009 05:13:35 PM · #17
I've heard that Tate means:

One Tenth (British)
Cheerful One (British)
One who talks too much (American Indian) and/or the God of Wind (which means full of hot air?)

A good place to look up names?
03/03/2009 05:18:46 PM · #18
Adam: of the Earth
Origin: Hebrew

I was so named because I was my parents' first child.

My Korean name is Min-seob Kim which means "warm and intelligent"

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03/03/2009 05:21:28 PM · #19

Kelly (pronounced /ˈkɛli/) is an Irish origin given name and surname. Etymologically, it originated as a patronymic surname, with the prefix Ó ("grandchild", or "male descendant") and the suffix Ceallach ("strife", or "contention"), an Old Gaelic clan name, Ó Ceallaigh (anglicisized as "O'Kelly").[1]

It's been adapted to mean "Brave Warrior" in many English language armies (for example, the Irish Army, British Army, and Australian Army), and "Warrior Princess" by American popular culture. Kelly is the second most common family name in Ireland (after Murphy).

Alternative origins are locational:[1]

In England, from Kelli in Devonshire, reflected as the Welsh/Cornish celli ("grove"), in public records dating as far back as 1194.
In Scotland, from Kelly, near Arbroath, Angus, reflected as the Gaelic coille ("wood" or "grove"), in public records dating as far back as 1373.
There are several surname variants including: Cheallaigh (add the prefix Ní for a maiden name,[2] instead of the masculine prefix Ó; see example Lisa Kelly/Laoise Ní Cheallaigh), Kelle, Kelley (often associated with pre-famine, mostly Protestant emigrants, during the Irish diaspora), Kellog, Kellye, Kellyn, and McCullough.

Kelly, and variants, was originally only a surname. With transferred use, Kelly become a popular masculine given name also, and subsequently became a popular feminine given name also. According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, Kelly, girl's name, was ranked #999 in 1944, then steadily gained popularity through 1977 (#10), before declining (#212 in 2006); Kelly, boy's name, was ranked in the top 600 through 1939, then steadily gained popularity through 1968 (#97), before declining (#884 in 2002).[3] There are several given name variants, including: Keely ("strife", or "war"), Kellee, Kelleen, Kelleigh, Kelley, Kelli, Kellie, and Kellye.[4].

03/03/2009 05:49:34 PM · #20
Fritz is a German nickname for Friedrich or Frederick, and is a nickname my (very German) grandmother gave me well before I was even born. I've used it all my life, and consider it a small tribute to the wonderful person that she was.
My given name, Francis, is derived from the Latin "Franciscus," referring to St. Francis of Assisi; naming children for saints is a Catholic tradition, and my parents were devout Catholics. The religious upbringing didn't take, however, and so I answer to Fritz... or kirbic (small "k"), that works too :-)
03/03/2009 06:23:15 PM · #21
Alexander, I have been told means "leader Of men" & is Persian in origin. I am guessing it has something to do with Alexander the Great.
03/03/2009 06:30:37 PM · #22

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Pure

pppffff :D
03/03/2009 06:37:09 PM · #23
Brandi - I was named after the song "Brandy (you're a fine girl)" by Looking Glass...
03/03/2009 06:49:09 PM · #24
First definition from Urban Dictionary

"To describe something of such superb standards it almost cannot be described by any word or sentence or onomatopoeia in the English language.

Oh man, look at that Leah!
She soooo sexy!!!!

I really like the 4th defintion too ;)

"A unique individual who is always there for her friends. She is sometimes shy, and doesn't have complete confidence in herself even though she should, she always seems to know the right thing to say. She worry's just a lil too much, but always about the important things she needs to just take things a lil more in stride XD. Leah = pretty and thin eventhough she may not think so.
Friend: Leah, what should I do?
Leah: well, tell me what happened ...
03/03/2009 06:52:50 PM · #25
My name is Juliet

The only thing it means is that may parents must have been stoned when they named me, cos they have no idea what teasing I get for it

apart from that some bloke called Shakespeare used it in something! =oP

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