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Nature's art

Pretty pink

Trenton Thunder Ballpark with capacity of 8,080

Beyond the fog lies clarity

Blue has clue

Resting at edges

Every sunrise is an invitation to brighten someone’s day

Standing tall at the cliff

Enlightened Lemon with window of opportunity

A USB charger for my phone

View is much better when friends are around

Low hanging clouds

Never forget

Yes, that is me and all about me

Audi - shining circles with striking stars

Miniature models

At Lincoln St no left turn and no turn on red


what goes up also comes down

That's my ride

Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams

Gotta blast

Drive slow and steady

My happiness is seeing you happy and smiling

And she said Yes

No one in the lobby

Good evening fellows

Need a jet propeller to fly away

Family game time

Sit and hold steady

Chit-chat at the round table park

17 Advantages and Disadvantages of Arch Bridges

Light of Hope

A candle loses nothing by lighting the fireworks

Making it ready for next crop

Bee's Flowers

Bridge a leading path

Good evening, hope you had a nice day

Told them not to fly low, now what?

I like my shadow, it reminds me that I exist

It is called Sunshower

Boating at the lighthouse under the partial eclipse

I am a night watchman

And she said Yes, A new era has begun

Astronomy domine


A book of secret

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

A, Book, Cup, Chair, Flower, Glasses, Table, Window

if no one comes then go alone

Mother Daughter bond is from the heart

Round and Round

Waiting for Park visitor

A calm and peaceful place

Waterfall at the curve

Arrow = Arrow

Gothic architecture

Freshen up

It's called driveway fun

Freedom, tolerance, respect, and good manners go together

Ghost of the swing - waiting for the one in moonlight

Spoons - an equally important part of kitchen



Assateague Island, Maryland

Looks like new product has soft and silky touch

Spring: another colorful season of the year


Wrinkles in time

Aesop's Fables

USA Today

Filling up water bottle

Resting along the tree

The Night Digger

Photograph is a way to transform yourself

Wherever we go, we go with family and friends

Bird feeder got wings

Apple and Almonds are rich in fibers

Dark side of the gambling

Bird migration is a seasonal movement

Winter moon enjoying the tip

Yup, that is my decision

Fly low and steady

I am adorable and I love hugs

A collection of triangles

Eat before mommy catches us inside

doorway to the sunrise

Lonely road

Aerial view farm

Full moon raise over the lighthouse

Parallel Universe


When it storm, venture out and take shots

Enjoy the sunset with family

private property no trespassing

Shy moon

Slowly and will be lost in time

Planning for the next challenge ideas

Vessel standing along Empire State Building


Thick or thin - love for reading

A social distance talk

Sun glitter

Tirelessly waiting on the other side

The spiral

Waiting for a pathway

Winter wonderland

A crossed out water drop

An earring

Through the tunnel

Complement to each other

Conifer cone

A beautiful morning

Now I know where is my water rescue tube

We ran as if to meet the moon

I have you covered my love

My best friend

Let your light shine

Marble flame

first wrapped and now say What?

Foggy fall morning

Photography for 200: If the subject is in focus and the background behind the subject is blurred

I just entered the town's pointy hat in the competition

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Eye of Providence

Big apple

The road to success is always go through the dense fog of surprises


Drive through

Who doesn't like soft and comfortable.

Train or boat or drive - you will fall in love with the beautiful nature

Lease or sale - $10/box - If I lease, would I be able to return burned wood?

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves change

Why was the basketball player arrested. He was caught dunk driving

The best view comes after the hardest climb

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

Colorful Fish

Bridge to other side of river

Nurture Nature

What did the leaf say to autumn - I’m falling for you!

Smile Please

Mode of transportation


Miniature soccer

Are you riding, or are you hiding?

Center of attraction

If I were a sailboat and you were the wind, would you blow me?

Puzzling windows but premium view



Fast and furious

Good Evening, Lady Liberty

Flour power...Making of....dough

Morning tea in the green world

Wide, curved, circle, oval, so many shapes but none are wrong

Two of my love, one loves selfie and another one shares the warmness

A flower blossoms for its own joy

We are in this together - look after for each other

Don't go away. I can't stand being alone

Death has parallel life

Spinning out of nothingness


Understanding Exposure

You will never have this day again so make it count


In dreams, we can fly, turn upside down, transform into anything

Nature is more beautiful when you are with me

Shape can be of any form

Solitude is all about the light

Eyes seeking the truth


I prefer to lose a really good game than to win a bad one

The Milky Way - Imagine the Universe

Morning is like a mirror, it will smile at you if you smile at it.

Scared and need some beach therapy

Morning shadow is equally important as the morning sunshine

Today is the start of a new tomorrow

I just like to eat popcorn, popcorn's my favorite

Ghost of the lighthouse

The road to success is right in front of the eye

Get Bell Soon

Damn computer keep saying I have mail, I walked out many times and there is nothing in there

A rider on the street

It's the transition that's troublesome and you being next to me, will be peaceful

Sunset is the time of the day when the sky looks like it was spray-painted by an artist

Lighthouse protected under thousands of stars

My heartbeat runs on Coffee

Active crime scene

Live long and prosper

Key to the bright future


Locked down

Follow the designated path to get on Canoe

Always feel like rolling the dice as a winner

Don't complain, Don't worry, Don't stress, just have a sip but slowly

The moon is friend for the lonesome to talk to

The Smoking weed

A flag once raised will never fall

Coloring outside the lines is a fine art


There is this girl who stole my heart and she calls me Daddy

A colorful season

F-16 : Fly high to the moon

There is no such thing called your style.

Walkway to the house

I am with you till you become star and I will be watching you till I become star

Painting is another way of seeing things (this one is work in progress)

A circle is a line of no depth running round a point forever

Under cloud protection

Sometimes waiting is the hardest thing of all

Racing In The Rain made me cry over and over

Ready for next shot

Three colors together makes a picture perfect

A flower knows, when its butterfly will return

Without Black, no color has any depth

What is the significance of 7 horses?

Patched in

Wash under rain

Daughter to Mom: Don't worry I will give you company and we both get water

What's it like for me? looking for Corona Virus either with magnifier or macro

“The substance of painting is light.” – Andre Derain

Don’t pass the bug, make handwashing a must

Maid of the mist

Q: What is a sheep's favorite newspaper?

You are next


Q: What is a smart bird favorite type of math? A: Owl-gebra

Superstar Mom

The day to remember and the gem of 3000, cannot be described

Unknown Galaxy

Counting number of cars on the road

Fri 28th at 5:06 and 12 sec and need more to walk

When the angels ask what I most loved about life, I'll say you.

I will go with the flow

Propeller spinning fast enough, the wind is enough for the aircraft to ascend


On a morning walk

"Stick around!"

I see you

Good morning

AERO - equal and opposite

Lego World

Chicago - foggy morning a window seat treat

Damm slow shutter speed but hey I created a digital city with bridges

Spend more time with outdoor adventure and not on digital world

Pyramid Lake - Vista Del Lago Visitor Center

The Palace Of Fine Arts

Two together next to each other

The moon is a friend to hold, talk, and to be with

Men are like Christmas lights, we all wish we were hung better and organized

Where'd track go?

My love for you is a journey that knows no ending

Why was the egg afraid? he was afraid of being smash


I love playing Piano

Blast off

Raindrops are like fairy whispers

A beautiful necklace for a beautiful bride

On the verge of separation





Should be a nice easy run all the way there

Me-myself and I

The burning fingers

Drrroom - Drrroom - kick start and go on ride

Rusty planet


Northern Trust

I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes

ohh that dog looked at me, what do I do?

Expression - Expression - Expression - the acrobat is damm good

Every path has puddle on it's side

Any one for ride through the fall?


New Jersey, USA and Trenton is Capital of the state

Penthouse at Stormy price of just $29 million


Selfie - I look tired? nope it is camera problem

What network is Luke Skywalker on? Yodafone

Georgia O'Keeffe Reflection

Let's get jump in to save from the heat wave

Yes I see the way out

I normally climb with the rope to open the door

Sail it like you stole it


Whispering Rose

I see you granny


Spin the ball

Pothole: Honey - what door to get in?

Yes I can see you

Say Cheese

Damm - we have leak in the condenser, need to call technician.

Next train to arrive in 15 mins

Old barn

Be nice with the Loser, cant get rid of him for the rest of your life

Nature is squeezed in the industrialization

City under cloud protection

A little birdy flying high and going to touch the top of the tower

Fairy dust - waiting for fairy

Look it up buddy

Caution - do not run

yeeee, so many colors and I love them all

You Name It!

Eye is 2.8 with zoom of 24-70

Princeton University

That is bigger than my head

Olive Garden - Italian restaurant

Out on morning walk

Enjoying the morning view

Finally solved the puzzle


Cross out

Peacock feather

Same goes up and come down

Sitting on bungee chair is so much comfortable

Ice-Ice-Ice Cream

Leave it - you are a good boy


As in the soft and sweet eclipse, when soul meets soul on lover's lips

Phase of the moon

Love for Coffee and Honey tea

Moon to Earth on Jan 20: Do you remember the sun? - No, I blocked it out


Seven still together

Smile Please

Music has no language

Yes, playing with these is so much fun

NJTransit ready for departure

Colorful time of the year

Spread the love, equality for everyone

Glitter Web

I want - the Original Scotch Whisky

Christmas light with missing lights

My First Day as photographer "Say Cheese"

An eye of a Christmas fun

Before bloom

My precious

Morning blend is good but I don't care

My little doll

Santa Paws

Follow the lines

Path to somewhere

A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend

Under the bridge


Upside down

Craters on the moon

Our meeting is scheduled

Colors are everywhere

Colorful season

Hang on buddy - I am almost done with the shot

Make sure to look back before make turn

Every journey comes to an end

A biggest achievement

A new day begins

Veins - a leaf transport for both water and minerals

Cloudy and foggy path to drive around

Fly high

Waiting for door to open

I am Dashing, Charismatic, and Attractive

Go Number 5 Go - maintain the speed and make a goal

A Place for Gathering...

Charminar - Ghosts from 1591


Waiting for the bride


I love mother nature

Presence of the top

Moving study and slow

A family get-together

A beautiful day

YESSS - I found my color

Sharp and beautiful eyes

What to cook next - Pizza?

Spin the ball - four times

Dont go on my look

Moment that you will remember rest of your life

What is that? Lightning bug?

Run wild and free like a waterfall

Nature - always beautiful

City that Never Sleeps

Waiting for THE day to come

Blue sky goes when water flows

Once upon a time


Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free, gonna pack my bags big world is calling me - Elvis Presley

Philadelphia Sixers

Bottom up and bright sunny

Miss you my better half

Deep blue looks

Evening fun and fly high

Your info is all secured under needle protection

Left me alone and ask to sit on one

Cloudy, rainy, and foggy

NYC - fly high

Ice Cream OR I Scream?

Get ready to fly high

I have drinking problem - thinking out loud

Some see a weed - some see a wish

Shy but good looking


You are watching us from right there

Running - Protects the brain from aging

Best place is with Mommy

Track for somewhere

Rainy commute


Bridge to otherside

Far Far away

There is life in every drop of water

Kiwi's sweet kiss

The fog comes on little cat feet

Blue is new green

Driving slow and study

9/11: A tribute

One of the way to dry hair


The beauty of the sky through the Orb

Snow cleaning service - we serve in your area

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.

Beauty in bloom

Ic skating is so much fun

Elephant: Big and Beautiful

Family stick together

Humm, there are footprint in this and will be able to catch the culprit

Lady at sun down

My favorite Nifty-Fifty

Sunbath and Tea - perfect life!

A bone, who did?

River trail on the planet Mars

Friends' forever

Born with golden spoon

Lady Liberty

Me and my best friend



But flies an eagle flight, bold and forth on, Leaving no tract behind.

Let the music roll

How tall is this building?



Cleaning the mess

Something beautiful is on the horizon

Saving for the future - Financially and Environmentally

Enjoying weather

Open mummy from top but what category temperature select?

Merry Chritmas

Flying is my first and most important job

I grate my photographs

There is circle coming around

Acela Express Metropark

Moon shining bright

Yup, thats me

The BIG day is almost at the corner

Love walking around in snow


Jogging is good for health

Anyone for Breakfast? or coffee? or ??

Good morning - NYC

I like black coffee with a few drops of half and half

When they all goes off - they come back again

I want to show all matched too

I am a sweet-sour citric taste, juicy with bumpy texture: An Orange

They might scream Banana-Banana-Banana

Lookup in the sky

Music flows in every way

Stop - Enjoy color and nature before you go

Dribbling is my favorite

Spoon and Fork - Equal and Opposite.

One fine foggy morning

Complex netting policy

swinging is fun

Go #6 Go

Free Fallin'

Peace, Love, Light and color

Fall is just at the corner

Colorful world

Illogical protest

One day I am also going to take great photographs

Take a shot

Brooklyn Bridge - 1875 - New York City

Rising from the dark

Windows - part of A mansion

Smooth and silky

Never Give Up

Tribute to who we lost on 9/11

What happened?

Sit in the corner

It's 7:35PM London

Toys to fix stuff


Star Regulus along with Ring

Morning tea together - loving moment


Heading to sunset

Bruce Gilden

Painter's Corner

No work is a small work

Frozen heart



Puerto Rico Pina Colada

Music is a feeling of heart

An evening with Lismore

Two doors at 7:29AM


It looks like I am going to win

A Second Capture

Smoking Orchids

Path in the woods

Eyes to the skyline

Oculus Visitors

En-lighted Pattern

Rule of Thirds

It;s confusing, what next?

We are family


Push me hard, I want to go high

Friends forever - wake up guys

Exchange place


The Extraordinary world

Independent and about to go out on venture

The Future's so bright, I got a wear those

Dance baby dance baby

Sun got wings to fly high

Yes mommyyy, I did brush - seeeeee

Lightning far away

Astro photography in the middle of ocean

Water drop and sun - they make perfect pair

Launching - 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2

Music is in every drop of water

Sun is so bright but why is cold outside?

Just the color red makes me smile

Frontier - A whole different anilmal

I don't like when my other me talk to another me

I am all lost in this complexity

WSJ - The trump era Dawns

Greetings my fans!

My Eye Says It All

"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas." - Peg Bracken


Day is about to begin

All set for Christmas and Santa

Eating out is so much fun

I do wear a ring and take it off when I shoot.

Crayola Washable Markers - Let Kids be Kids

"Socialism is not a science, a sociology in miniature: it is a cry of pain."



SssAaaaVvvvEeeee MmmEeeeeeee

Bright and Sunny and colorful

Island on the rail

What is mine is yours and what is yours is mine.

Let the plane fly high

Attached to the loved ones

Location 4 - Perfect to catch train

About to make perfect landing

I am gone eat you all

"Life" - You will be missed

My world

I love you - kuchii pooo

“Peace is always beautiful.” ― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Hide and Seek

Good morning

Bike riding is fun

Olympic : Colorful event

My Life - coffee and computer

looking outside while flying is so much fun

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang[

It's believe that makes an individual to walk all the way to the top of mountain

Stuffy Nose - Flush it out - What a relief

Fun to swim along with the boat

About to make turn

Once up on a time there were many dairy cows in this barn.

Sixteen - is so sweet and pre-shoot makes a big entrance of the day

Sisters are friends forever

photographer? A traveler? An ad of Coca-Cola? A detective?

When are you guys going to come?

I am coming

Something is not right mom

Designing a jewelry is an art

Secure the knot

Love has no face

Relaxing weekend

Coming to the end of Season

Anyone for cupcake? Last one left

I believe I can fly

Morning dew

Our planet is beautiful and please keep it like that!

Let's begin now

Reflections Without Mirrors VII

Yamaha V-Star shines at sunset

You are looking good

Welcome spring

Change habit not choice

Window is really wide

Voting time starts - now

I will be able to cross

Reading does not depend on location and time

Color chart

Suggest a title?

Last reading before move

Soccer - love to play all the time


Alone on the carrot island

Mom is always the best friend

Earring - a beautiful part of women's life

Unside down - fill the glass

Flying bird!

Uneven coin bridge - current market situation

Lonely blackberry mores

10:10:40 - Waiting for New Year

A wide evening

Keep yourself calm

It looks suspicious, I hope my mails are safe in this mailbox

Feeling after the snow

Flower petals - secured by stars

Earring - a beautiful part of women's life

Vortex - Alien enterence

Happy First Birthday

Land-o-lakes light butter : it's yummy


That looks yummy



Perfect Evening

Waiting to see you in Action




A new era begins

Dark world - be ready

Play at park is always fun

Perfect Evening

curious - why photograph is being taken?

Yup I am an e-style girl

isn't this a fun?


What day do eggs hate most?

Get on the dance floor

Apple - Apple juice

Blowing makes me look no where


Angry (all red) - national bird!

Reading is fun

Irregular Pattern

Color on Color



Soft pastels

Stop before you get in trouble

A Perfect landing

Lost in thoughts

It's my birthday

Spring beauty

See through

Last snow of the season - hope so :)

Together forever

Playing game is fun

Made for each other

Catch the ball

I love Converse

Mamiya/Sekor 1000DTL

Little Princess

Going to take them down.


How many inches of snow?

A Pattern

Game of chase in a haunted house

Looking into infinity

A leaf can be as attractive as a flower.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” - Albert Camus




Back to the colorful world

Reading in natural light is very comfortable

Pencil - far better in doing creative work than keyboard.

Apple split

See through Apple

Happy Independence day

City Skyline

it's all about choosing the right path

Heart Goes On


Beautiful Gambler

Flip,Blend, Flip, Blend.. and so on

Music is the key to the happiness


Better to light candle than to curse the darkness.

Roll the dice - 4 on the way

Water - Need for life

Beauty does not need words

Paper boat!

Nesting Dolls, my good old days!

Rhythm Of Love!

Spiral light around globe!

The King is a fighting piece - use it! - Wilhelm Steinitz

Red and Blue Spoon!

Transitions of "eau"

Christmas tree, always at it's best!

Statue of Liberty

JFK and I, we have something common!

A drop with feather!

Moving close to the end

Orange Bow!

Rubber Band bracelets

Roses are Pink!

Lost in transition - "The Voice Of An Artist"

I will always love you!

Nymphaea caerulea - Blue Egyptian water lily!


Best friends!

Life is beautiful!

Secret Life of flower in night!

Colorful Straws!

Pretty smooth cloud with reflection in window!

A progressive drop with the portrait!

Watermelon - my favorite!

Cliché DPChallenge Entry

My happiness!

Hooray I got my own camera!

Back kick front lift up!

Water - refreshing the flower!

Ripple at Sunset!

Lake Patrol

A Dramatic scene!

Beauty in a drop of water!

Invisible Schwinn Bike Rider!

You will surely be missed.

Curious to know what is happening

Wind In Her Hair

Both are beautiful!

Make friends around the world!

For all ages!

Amazing Grace

Happy Halloween!

Nice colors but bench, charcoal grills and speed limit

Oh, you've a great gift for rhyme.

1970 - Popular TTL camera

Candlelit Spoon and friendly fork!

April makes the flowers and the beauty, but May gets all the credit.

Yes - Yes - Yeeeee

flower behind stem

Fumes and Candle a perfect combination!

Emerald - my precious!

Perfect size and fits well!!

Homerun Ball









Tamron 24-70mm f2.8



Canon 50mm 1.4

Merry Christmas














Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.12.02 PM







Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.32.59 AM

Circular star trail



Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 6.10.30 PM



Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 9.23.20 AM





Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 6.10.16 PM

Light project




GPAN4259 copy copy





Panorama-1_Panorama-9 copy-1


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