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    Stars II :: Carpet of stars
    Total Lunar Eclipse :: Red night
    Favorite Song :: Over the hills and far away
    New Year's Resolution VI ::  Find more places like this
    DNMC II :: Running in the rain
    New Year's Resolution VII :: Chasing more storms!
    Christmas Is Coming :: Gear Junky's Christmas morning
    Structures At Night :: Curves
    No-Sky Landscape :: The Path
    Anatopism :: Who's that (spider)man?!
    Politics :: Dark Council
    Spring or Fall :: Fairy Tale
    Commitment :: Commitment for life
    Fire and Ice :: Jon Snow and his icy Longclaw
    Solstice :: Solstice Omen
    Motion Panning IV :: 5 p.m. - Tea time!
    Oops! III :: Kitchen is not my kingdom!
    Hidden Gem III :: The Enchanted Place
    High Contrast V :: Infinity
    National Parks :: Elysian Fields
    Image Grain V :: Girl with a Pearl Earring
    Human Portrait (Minimal) :: Portrait of a young monk
    Primary Colors II :: A Study in Colors
    Wacky Photographic Definitions :: Clockwork
    Landscape in Portrait Orientation II :: Lights in the dark
    Free Study 2011-08 :: Dawn of the dead
    Photograph Becomes a Painting :: A Tribute to Salvador Dalì
    Wide Angle II :: Over the sun
    Free Study 2015-02 :: Cold breath
    Superpowers II :: Shapeshifting (She turns into smoke)
    Deep in the Heart of December :: December dawn
    Human Portrait (Minimal) II :: Haunting
    Dirds :: Wereparrot or... Weredog?
    Retro :: Enjoy Coca Cola
    Musicians :: 7 strings of fury
    Leap Day: In The Style Of: Natsumi Hayashi :: The Flying Paintress
    Guns :: The Arrangement
    Day and Night :: Two sides of the same story
    DIY Google Street View :: Strange views
    Friday the 13th II :: Morbid Angel
    Free Study 2017-05 :: Endless dream
    30 Seconds or More IV :: Spreading out the earth upon the waters
    Minimalist Landscape III :: Surreal RIver at night
    Yes or No? :: The Rising Tide
    Chairs II :: Give me a chair and I will conquer the world!
    Extended Free Study 2016-07 :: Yggdrasill
    Postage Stamp II :: Nederland
    Sun-Something :: Sunrays at Sunrise
    Balloon II :: Take off
    Fan :: Fan-tastic sunrise
    Art of 2013 :: Hell is round the corner
    Minimalist Landscape II :: Sky is the limit
    Science Fiction Novel Cover :: Childhood's End - Arthur C. Clarke
    Self Portrait Without People III :: Sometimes I feel like a Scarecrow in the ocean
    Let's Get Minimal! :: Facing the Ocean
    Photographer Quotations :: Wherever there is light, one can photograph. Alfred Stieglitz
    160 Pixels :: We are so small
    Before :: It's too late Granny!
    Friday the 13th :: Omen
    Free Study 2016-05 :: Eye of the Universe
    The Arts :: The Dancer
    Night Sky II :: So many
    Your Final Entry (December 21, 2012) :: Staring at the sun
    Cubism :: By the Sea
    Window View III :: Blue hour from the sky
    Water Bottle :: Wrapped
    Homage To The Bottom 1000 :: A Portrait of the Sky II
    Feast IV :: Not the same feast for everyone
    Your Corner of the World IV :: My corner of freedom
    Extended Free Study 2017-06 :: Moonchild
    People at their Jobs :: Points of view
    Free Study 2011-05 :: At the end of the world
    Yellow Still Life :: Hypnotic curves in yellow
    Silhouette At Night II :: Oh my God, what have I done!
    Honorable Mentions
    Heavy Metal Song Titles :: Countdown to Extinction (Megadeth)
    Free Study 2017-01 :: You can feel the power of Nature
    Emotive Architecture II :: Our History
    Foreground Bokeh III :: Doomsday Book
    Feast V :: Tasty
    Ugly to Lovely :: Edgar Allan Poe
    Bubble Gum :: French style
    Sci-Fi Celebration II :: Colonization
    Recipe (Food or Beverage) II :: Black Cherry Cake
    The Elton John Effect :: Don't go breaking my heart
    Light & Architecture: the Joy of Structure :: Hail to the King
    Good News/Bad News :: Wrong day to win the lottery!
    Surrealism II :: Eye of the Beholder
    Architectural Detail - Triptych :: Different interpretations of the night sky
    Free Study 2014-05 :: The Tree of life
    In the Style of Peter Lik :: Amanecer
    New Year's Resolution IX :: Go over my limits!
    Halloween VI :: Parental supervision
    Self Portrait With Your Childhood Self :: 32 years later
    I am the Walrus :: Alexkc
    Biblical :: Jesus Walks on the Water - Matthew 14:22-33
    Quotes From The Princess Bride :: People in masks cannot be trusted
    Selfie! :: Where's the water, honey!
    My Drug :: How beer can be the sunset of a rockstar
    Before And After Self Portrait :: I.............win?
    Portrait From Behind II :: Summer freedom
    April Fool :: Time's up Duckie!
    Surrealism III :: CoNnEcTeD/AlOnE
    Image Grain VII :: The Wise Man
    In The Spirit Of: docpjv :: The endless beauty of an amazing heart
    Deja Vu V :: Dreams of Grandeur (ID=1129493)
    Autumn II :: Autumn can be very cold
    Free Study 2017-08 :: The Light of my Dreams
    Automotive Detail II :: Vortex
    Paranoia :: They live among us!
    Zodiac II :: Sagittarius - The Mighty Archer
    Free Study 2014-10 :: Who's Ned Kelly?
    Vintage II :: 49 years ago
    Tall!!! :: The tower is mine!
    Magic & Mystery II :: Roots
    In the Beginning... II :: In the Beginning... there were stars and galaxies
    Back To School III :: Old Memories
    Mirrors III :: Back from the Dead
    You're Doing It Wrong :: I shouldn't drink at work
    Umbrella II :: Contemplating
    Autumn :: Red path
    If I Were an Animal :: Self-sealing
    Fine Arts: Exhibit IV :: Photographer's dream
    User Profile
    Name: Alessandro Petrini Age: 41
    Username: Alexkc
    Gender: M
    Type: Member Location: ITALY
    Cameras: Nikon D750
    GoPro Hero3+
    LG LG G6
    Sony A7S mark 2
    Sony Alpha A6300
    Sony DSC-RX100 V
    Lenses: Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD for Nikon
    Asahi Optical 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar in M42 Mount
    Nikon AF DC Nikkor 105mm f/2.0D
    Nikon AF Zoom-Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED VR
    Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G
    Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR
    Nikon AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 G ED
    Nikon MF 20mm f/2.8 AIS
    Nikon MF 50mm f/1.4
    Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS IF UMC
    Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Aspherical IF MC fish eye
    Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 E-mount
    Sony 50mm f/1.8 e mount
    Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 for Nikon
    Registered: Aug. 15th 2009
    Private Message
    Biography: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1046235.png 4th Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1097568.png Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1138787.png 5th

    Proud member of:
    Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_966244.jpg Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_985428.gif Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_989716.gif Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_993859.gif Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_993868.jpg

    WPL 2011 Champions: 31.gif gg3rd 21.gif Mitalapo 21.gif Alexkc 31.gif RianBotes 21.gif Tommy_Mac 21.gif Dennisheckman 21.gif Dr.Confuser

    2013: Proud member of Team Elysium Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1047814.jpg

    Best image in season one of TPL:

    Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1076877.jpg Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1066725.jpg


    Really appreciated from other members:

    21_F.gif sherpet: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1020981.jpg for Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1019618.jpg

    31_N.gif undieyatch: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_753886.jpg for Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1008432.jpg

    21_F.gif Neat: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1061173.jpg for Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1058173.jpg and Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1073598.jpg

    21.gif NiallOTuama: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1000203.gif for Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1052749.jpg and Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1065378.jpg

    21_N.gif ciaeagle: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1082013.jpg for Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1079243.jpg Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1087831.jpg Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1103322.jpg and Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1096190.jpg

    21.gif Dr.Confuser: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_896464.gif for Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1105883.jpg

    21_N.gif ubique: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_800078.jpg for Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1104027.jpg

    This one in the Posthumous Fantasy Art Gallery: Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1077279.jpg for Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1076908.jpg

    ...and a Bronze Bear Paw!

    I live in the center of Italy, in Abruzzo, a wonderful region with high mountains and 200kms of coastline. I love travelling and taking landscape pictures (but I like every kind of photography). I'm here just to have fun and to improve my skills!

    Goals for 2017:

    I want to have fun on DPC like I did for years until 2014. No pressure, no specific goals, just a place and a way to express my creativity!

    Goals for 2014:

    Never complain of a score. Take all this challenge stuff less seriously and enjoy every moment here.
    To get a Top10 using my GoPro Hero3+

    Goals for 2013:

    Score a personal best (A new one - 8.09!!!)
    Get a 7+ with a landscape
    An average score over 6.30 (6.2598)
    See 31.gif h2 behind me in the Points and Ribbon race on 8th January 2014 (I couldn't say I got it, since Oliver stopped entering challenges during the year)

    Goals for 2012:

    My top 9 photos with an average score over 7 9
    To reach 10 ribbons won 19
    An average score over 6.20 6.24
    Top 5 in the FSM Marathon 2012 5th
    Top 10 in the DPC Points Race 2012 4th

    Goals for 2011:

    - My top 5 with an average score over 6.5
    - A couple of 7 3 seven
    - 3 or 4 ribbons 5 ribbons
    - An average score over 6 6.10
    - Top ten in the FSM Marathon 3rd
    - Enjoy myself shooting for the challenges---
    A new one:
    - Top 25 in the DPC Points Race 2011 (4 months left and I'm around 50th place, so it's gonna be very hard!) - At the end of year I am 28th (without the DQ in the Lego challenge I would be 25th ;-))

    Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_513809.gif Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_996719.jpg

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    Highest Rated Photographs
    Solstice Omen
    1st PlaceSolstice Omen
    Average: 8.0968
    Two sides of the same story
    2nd PlaceTwo sides of the same story
    Day and Night
    Average: 7.8155
    A Tribute to Salvador Dalì
    1st PlaceA Tribute to Salvador Dalì
    Photograph Becomes a Painting
    Average: 7.6838
    The Flying Paintress
    2nd PlaceThe Flying Paintress
    Leap Day: In The Style Of: Natsumi Hayashi
    Average: 7.6364
    Girl with a Pearl Earring
    1st PlaceGirl with a Pearl Earring
    Image Grain V
    Average: 7.6146
    Dawn of the dead
    Dawn of the dead
    Print Available!
    Startrail in Castelluccio
    Startrail in Castelluccio
    Free Study May Outtakes
    Free Study May Outtakes
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