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    Human Portrait, Head & Shoulders :: Darius
    Extended Free Study 2019-03 :: Never ending
    Homophonic Pairs :: Pair - Pear
    Celebrating Magnum's 70th Birthday ::  Chris Steele-Perkins
    Emptiness :: untitled
    Preparation :: 5 days a week
    Silhouettes VII :: Hair raising!
    Raking Light ::  A light dress
    Bridges V :: Bridge of Vines
    Free Study 2016-02 :: little miss
    Battle of the Sexes II :: I got it...
    Bread II :: Dusting off
    Fences VI :: Fade away
    A Touch of Yellow :: Just a bike
    Extended Free Study 2018-07 :: Visionary
    The Handshake :: Done deal
    Panorama with People :: Here we walk, in the rain
    Show Us Some Teeth :: little teeth
    Off with their Head III :: Hold my hand
    Sci-Fi Celebration II :: futurism
    Abstract: Black and White IV :: Inside out
    Still Life With Pairs :: Still life
    Portrait of the Elderly II :: You can call me Al
    Black and White Still Life III :: Oliver's bowl
    Abstract in Color II (ARCHIVAL) :: Pop of red
    Clouds III :: 'toy story clouds'
    Stock Photography III :: Family
    Dairy III :: Nostalgic
    Norman Rockwell III :: The Law Student
    Lifestyle Portrait ::  Biker in the rain
    Games III :: Pontoon soccer
    Deep DOF III :: ...as far as the eye can see
    Abstract: Black and White V :: abstrakcyjny
    Off-Centered Subject V :: Stilts
    Recipe (Food or Beverage) III :: The finishing touch
    Stopped Motion VII :: The landing
    Warm Colors III :: The remains of the day
    From Above V :: The fisherman with a yellow hat
    Children's Toy IV :: In the morning sun
    Candid IX :: happy days
    Extended Free Study 2019-07 :: The day it rained forever
    The Unbearable Lightness of Being :: "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"
    Flour Power :: Shake it off
    Composite II (ARCHIVAL) :: Ocean boy
    Silhouettes IX :: This life will keep us young
    Landscape Layering III (ARCHIVAL) :: Winter bliss
    People Sitting :: The ceremony
    Reflections without Mirrors VII :: Warped
    And The Winner Is... :: The faster runner
    Face :: Erica
    Bags :: Early appointment
    Pathways :: Leads you in
    Kitchen Tools ::  Essentials
    Man's Best Friend :: Drama at the beach
    All is Calm :: The silky waters calm me
    Joy to the World! :: His and her joy
    Textiles/Fabric/Cloth :: Delicate fabrics
    Relaxation :: Tranquility
    Thinking Outside the Box :: Light bulb
    Fat Pillow Thin Pillow :: I alternate
    Lens Effects :: One day like this
    Isolation :: Time to reflect
    Still Life with Pure Sadness :: Weep
    Good Grooming ::  Confidence
    Still Life With Motion II :: Taken
    Home Sweet Home III :: Where the light shines through
    We Have a Story to Tell II :: To see what is not to be seen
    Leaks :: ancient
    Extended Free Study 2017-11 :: bedlam
    The Nature of Time :: When time stood still
    Free Study 2017-01 :: A glimmer of hope
    Tracks :: On the wrong side of the tracks
    Playgrounds II :: life is sweet
    In the Style of Streetpigeon :: Openings
    So Bad It's Good :: blowing in the wind
    Tools of the Trade: the Great Outdoors :: bucketing
    Dizzy :: My head is spinning
    WALL :: Horatio's wall
    Fiction :: Delusional
    Double Exposure II :: not all is lost
    Crop it TIGHT! :: Felix
    The Egg III :: A few good eggs
    Shelf/Shelves :: Window shelf
    Foreboding :: Lull before the storm
    Implied Lines II ::  detached simplicity
    Leap of Faith :: leap for two
    Subject Out of Frame :: Fluffed up
    Killing Time :: Dance like no-one's watching
    Random Acts of Kindness :: Hugs cure most things
    Family VI :: A family affair
    Shoes Required :: The wedding
    What Makes Me Happy :: Family
    The Mail :: H E L P!!
    Beds & Sofas & Chairs :: Classic
    Indoors/Inside :: A place to sit
    Film Noir II ::  ce qui conclut
    Low Contrast III :: The evening that was
    Inspired by Victoriana ::  Charlotte
    Camera Phone Free Study IV :: Fetch
    Beauty in Overwhelming Numbers II :: Droplets
    The Five Senses II :: sight is light
    When DPC Breaks :: I went fishing
    This Sporting Life :: solo soccer
    Extended Free Study 2020-03 :: If only
    Postcard IV (Archival) :: Lake Wanaka
    Shutter Speed III ::  New territories
    Bridges VI :: Curvy
    Balance III :: Trying to balance
     Motivational/Demotivational Poster II :: COURAGE
    Extended Free Study 2020-05 :: The recurring dream
    Composite :: never seen before
    Foliage V :: On a pale blue sky day
    The Orton Effect :: Neverland
    Shadows IX :: Wedding frenzy
    Puddles, Ponds, or Streams ::  Rasputitsa
    Defining Feature III ::  Hypnotic eyes
    Ray Bradbury :: Tomorrow's child
    It's All About the Light (ARCHIVAL) :: Beam me up!
    Cliche with an edge or twist. :: unusual still life
    Book Cover III (ARCHIVAL) :: The Story Of Two Boys
    Dairy II :: Untitled
    Off-Centered Subject IV :: S P R I N K L E
    Vanishing Point IV :: The points that have vanished
    Youth Culture :: The happy crew
    Back To School III :: I said Norman, I said Norman, do your homework boy
    Playgrounds :: Water park bliss
    Off Color :: Carrots
    Quirky :: A little out of the ordinary
    Mood :: just a bowl
    Extended Free Study 2019-06 :: Freya
    Free Study 2016-07 :: Still waters
    A Photographic Tribute to Bob Dylan :: Series of Dreams - 1989
    Getting to Know You :: chapter 9
    Trees VI :: The ant trail
    White & Blue :: big blue sea
    Transitions III :: OH how the grass has withered
    Subtlety :: sottile
    Free Study 2017-10 :: No ordinary sunset
    Boats IV :: Sitting idle
    Friends II :: high tea
    Solstice :: The Sundial
    Patterns in Nature :: Interconnected
    Wide Angle III :: embrace life
    Architecture VII :: Brooklyn Bridge
    Clean (and/or) Dirty :: Clean and tidy
    Edges II :: Living life on the edge
    Free Study 2016-06 :: disappear
    People in the Street :: Drifter
    Make Mine a Double !!! :: Well hello
    Procrastination II :: 399 pages to go
    Panic :: fight or flight
    Legs (ARCHIVAL) :: My legs are skinnier than yours
    Into or Out Of the Frame II :: The Outsiders
    From Above VI :: Life's but a walking shadow
    Image Grain VII :: bowl of fruit
    Understatement :: Delicate understatement
    Book Cover II :: THE QUEST
    Extended Free Study 2020-04 :: down side up
    Red VI :: Daydreamer
    Silence III :: Silence is golden
    Emotive Landscape :: No ordinary day
    Natural Numbers II :: Just a viney 3
    Eggs :: Untitled
    Hand Made :: Aromatic soaps
    City/Town/Village/Hamlet/scape (ARCHIVAL) :: A quiet day in the village
    The Awwwww Effect :: Contemplating their next move
    We Have A Story To Tell  :: Hunters and collectors
    Potholes, Detours, Obstructions :: potholes
    Umbrella II :: Just for the fun of it
    Pet Portrait V :: Do you hear what I hear
    Free Study 2018-07 :: Opposites
    Art of 2014 :: Forsaken
    Monuments II ::  To the Fishermen  who landed here
    Family V :: So in love
    Pastels III :: fashion
    Make it Square :: Isabella
    Extended Free Study 2017-07 :: Deep in the valley
    Waterscape :: Derwent Water
    Leading Lines IX :: bird chaser
    Extravagant / Immoderate / Over the Top :: A little wild
    Play II :: like back in the summer of '69
    Faceless II :: Into the unknown
    No-Sky Landscape :: Impressions of a  lake
    Candy IV :: Licorice Allsorts
    Light IV ::   Here comes the Sun
    Corners II :: Pages and pages
    Best of 2019 (Extended) :: Not all those who wander are lost
    Honorable Mentions
    Whatever the Weather ::  Rainy Days And Mondays
    DPL Album Cover II :: Deep Penetrating Light
    Out of Character :: Pathway to wonder
    What Makes Me Happy II :: When he's happy
    Snapshot II :: the fish
    High Key IV :: Georgia
    Anatopism :: ....a man called Max
    Lens Effect II :: Soft Wisteria
    Inspired by Edouard Manet :: still life with roses
    Communication II :: Works both ways
    Art in the Incidental :: Concrete squiggle
    Olympian Metallics : Gold, Silver, Bronze :: Silver and Gold
    Suburbia II :: Pleasantville
    Perspective Compression :: Head in the ground
    Outside the Box Still Life :: The box
    Wear & Tear :: Rackets
    Extended Free Study 2017-10 :: Aloft
    Birds IV :: Pond of gold
    The People Next Door :: He stops to smell my roses
    Snapshot III :: and she was...
    Windows :: The long wait
    Extended Free Study 2019-02 :: Bird bath bonaza
    Extended Free Study 2016-07 :: One incredible day
    Googly Eyes :: O
    Coffee III :: First coffee, then the world!
    The Smile III :: Full of life
    Minimalism IV : the Minimal Version :: still life
    Extended Free Study 2018-12 :: rouge
    Male Portrait III :: Ezra
    Wide Open Spaces :: Wide you leave me!!
    DNMC II :: Little red corvette
    Pathways III (ARCHIVAL) :: Hey ewe in the way
    Science Fiction Novel Cover :: Life's Illusions
    Abandoned IV :: Relic from the past
    Myths, Legends, and Fables :: The legend of Malchijah
    Fish :: trans(fished)
    On the Road II :: Eye contact
    Where's Waldo? VII :: Find him
    High Contrast VII :: Move!
    The Imagery of T.S.Eliot  :: "this is the way the world ends" - The Hollow Men
    Weather II :: Catch the fog, then let it go
    Landscape VIII :: Wetlands
    Tall!!! :: Standing tall
    Retro :: The arrival of the birds
    Free Study 2019-06 :: I will go where you go
    Extended Free Study 2016-12 ::  Udaljenosti
    Fall Foliage 2013 :: Full of life
    In The Spirit Of: Bear_Music ::   dogs allowed
    Art of 2019: a Retrospective :: Release
    Looking Up From Underneath :: Welcome
    Celebration III :: School's out for Summer
    Canine POV :: happy as Harry and Larry
    Contre-Jour  VI (DPL4 WK2) :: Catch me if you can
    Daguerreotype :: The arcade
    Allegory :: untitled
    Recipe (Food or Beverage) :: Sunday night is Pizza night
    Breaking the Rules :: Use the rule of thirds
    Concrete :: cheeky
    Where Sea Meets Shore :: Hanging in there
    Clothing ::  The dress she once wore
    Fitness II :: Energetic
    Break the Rules II :: everyone has a story
    Road Signs VI ::  Driving me around the bend
    A Single Tree III :: Into the golden hour
    Allegory II :: Become as a little child
    S-Curve V :: On the Quay
    Missed Focus III :: douce et jolie
    Extended Free Study 2017-08 :: Harvey
    I Just Gotta be Me! :: Just do it!
    Black & White VII :: Passage
    POWER II :: puff puff
    Subject in Another Room :: The morning rush
    Five & Yellow :: lemons
    William Shakespeare II :: "In peace there's nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility"
    Single Light Source Portrait (DPL4 WK6) :: Alana
    Wrap/Wrapped/Wrapping :: Not too rapt!
    Human Body Macro (No Eyes) :: He who has an ear
    Rope II ::  Keeping it together
    Regret(s) :: That he lost his teeth before the photo shoot
    Photobomb :: The girl who got in the way
    Extended Free Study 2020-01 :: Big bang
    Norman Rockwell II :: Commuters await
    Summertime Meals II :: Dessert in a glass
    Extended Free Study 2018-11 :: Make it happen
    Defining Moment ::  Curiosity
    B/W Landscape II :: Remnants
    Randomness :: I wandered lonely as a cloud
    Archaeology :: Submarine with barnacles - 1914
    Room Interiors :: Peaceful
    St. Green Saves The Earth! :: Everyday is earth day
    Break the Rules :: Enlightenment
    Bizarrechitecture II (ARCHIVAL) :: Transformers
    f/8 :: lavender and things
    April Foolishness :: untitled
    Square Crop III :: Ripples
    Symmetry V :: Lakeside
    New Year's Resolution V  :: Face my fears
    Extended Free Study 2018-09 :: Towards the wilderness
    Literalisms II :: Don't put all your eggs in one basket
    A Day at the Beach :: Nor earth but boundless sea
    Abstract Black & White II :: Absblawhi
    Extended Free Study 2020-08 :: The Beginning
    Centered Composition VI (Archival) :: The bamboo forrest
    Extended Free Study 2019-09 :: For the reason that
    Free Study 2018-10 :: A boy called Jacob
    Close Your Eyes :: I hope to make an 'Impression'
    Depression :: Untitled
    Weather IV (ARCHIVAL) :: Whatever the weather
    Ladders :: Still life of a ladder
    Low Contrast :: Manhattan transfer
    Light On White VII :: hooked on white
    Wings II :: Evening falls
    Independence IV :: Freedom at last
    Free Study 2017-05 ::  Chasing the big one
    Banana II :: S O F T
    Spring or Fall :: A quaint street
    Silhouette At Night II :: If we could feel this way forever
    Human Faces from/in the Non-Human :: Strange daze
    Clouds Only :: Paint the sky
    Body Language :: Fresh
    Toy Story II :: Feeding Emily
    Shadows VII :: Where the wild things are
    Bikes, Bikes & More Bikes :: Handle me with care
    You Name It! ::  'Where dreams fly'
    nowhere, everywhere, nothing, everything :: everywhere
    User Profile
    Name: Anita
    Username: Neat
    Gender: F
    Type: Member Location: Perth
    Cameras: Canon EOS-5D Mark III
    Canon EOS-550D Rebel T2i
    Canon EOS-5D Mark II
    Canon EOS-7D
    Canon EOS-7D Mark II
    Fujifilm x100
    Google Pixel 3
    Pentax K-x
    Sony Alpha A6000
    Sony RX100 IV
    Lenses: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM
    Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
    Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM
    Canon EF-S 18-135mm IS STM
    Sigma 60mm 1:2.8 DN
    Registered: Feb. 3rd 2010
    Contact: Private Message
    Biography: I’ve always wanted to be a story teller...

    So thankful for this site which has helped me to achieve things I never dreamed of.

    points and ribbon race' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1173386.png', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1173386.png', '/') + 1) . ' ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1192993.png', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1192993.png', '/') + 1) . ' ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1210099.png', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1210099.png', '/') + 1) . ' ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1230598.png', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1230598.png', '/') + 1) . ' and 2019, ' . substr('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1244542.png', strrpos('//images.dpchallenge.com/images_portfolio/65000-69999/69684/120/Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_1244542.png', '/') + 1) . '

    DPC photographers I've met ' . substr('https://www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', strrpos('https://www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21_F.gif', '/') + 1) . ' Mariuca in 2014 In NYC ' . substr('https://www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21.gif', strrpos('https://www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21.gif', '/') + 1) . ' Cuttooth in 2014 In Hawaii ' . substr('https://www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21.gif', strrpos('https://www.dpchallenge.com/images/user_icon/21.gif', '/') + 1) . ' Yo_Spiff in 2019 In Vancouver

    Smile often - it doesn't cost anything :)

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    The Law Student
    1st PlaceThe Law Student
    Norman Rockwell III
    Average: 7.8205
    Ocean boy
    1st PlaceOcean boy
    Composite II (ARCHIVAL)
    Average: 7.6944
    Shake it off
    1st PlaceShake it off
    Flour Power
    Average: 7.5238
    This life will keep us young
    1st PlaceThis life will keep us young
    Silhouettes IX
    Average: 7.4898
    Winter bliss
    1st PlaceWinter bliss
    Landscape Layering III (ARCHIVAL)
    Average: 7.3725
    out take best of extended 2019
    out take best of extended 2019
    out take best of extended 2019
    out take best of extended 2019
    outake fall foliage
    outake fall foliage
    out take foliage
    out take foliage
    out take foliage
    out take foliage
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